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Lulu M.

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Pet Requirements

  • 1-20 lbs
  • 20-40 lbs
  • 40-80 lbs
  • 80+ lbs
All Ages OK

Lulu's Resident Pets

15 yr 0 mo old
Lulu's Fostering and Training
Bichon Frise
5 yr 0 mo old
Other Pets & Animals: Caged birds or Reptiles

Lulu's House

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Children at home (5-12 years old)
Large Yard
100% fenced & locked
Smoke-free home
Pets allowed on furniture
Air-conditioned inside
Great for senior pets

About Lulu

30 Years Experience Caring For Dogs
DISCOUNTED RATE FOR LITTLE DOGS UNDER 25 LBS. $27.45 PER NIGHT!!! **** (Please email me via DogVacay to request this discount)
Lulu is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant (CPDT-KA); CPD/First Aid Certified. She has been involved in Rescue, Training and Behavior Modification since 1998 although her passion for rescuing and training animals started at very young age in the early 70s taking care of small farm animals and injured wild life. At age 12 she already mastered the skills to communicate with dogs in their own language. Her assertive and calm energy were great tools to approach dogs that were fearful of humans due to abuse or injuries. In 2008 Lulu started helping the Malamute Rescue Organization (NCAMA/MUSH) in California until 2015 rehabilitating dogs with aggression issues. in 2010, The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) issued Lulu the CPDT-KA Certification becoming the only dog trainer holding that title in her town and one of the few in the whole state. The CCPDT is the worldwide leader in the development of rigorous exams to demonstrate mastery of humane, science-based dog training practices. Lulu maintains the CCPDT’s certification as a mark of high professional distinction. She currently helps dogs in Washington providing fostering, training and behavior consultation.


Thank You for trusting us with your babies!. Please, take the time to read our profile. For FAQ, please scroll all the way down. We have listed all of the concerns most dog owners have when leaving their pet with us. Keep in mind that every host/home is independently own and what you read in our profile does not apply to other hosts/homes. Also, be aware that other hosts have copied our profile in the past and although it is flattering, plagiarism is an issue that needs to be addressed. Please let us know if you see a similar profile somewhere else.
We are dog rescuers that welcome dogs that need a place to stay while their owners are on Vacation. You might see a total of 5 dogs on busy days. We share our home with our 2 dogs and the dogs that we foster plus one or two extra dogs from Dog Vacay Boarding. We do not use crates but if your pet has one and he loves it, or if you are crate training, then please bring it a long for the stay together with instructions on how and when to use it.
Our home is a large two story house with a large backyard located in a nice and safe neighborhood. All the dogs are always in the company of at least one human. Outdoor activities are always supervised. Indoor activities will be provided if weather is not inviting.

Dog must be potty trained. Additional fees will apply for excessive marking or excessive accidents inside the house. Although potty accidents are expected, anything out of the ordinary will result in an additional charge of $20 for a full week or $5 per night (whichever is less).


* Rabies MUST BE CURRENT (exceptions apply to puppies and dogs older than 8 yrs of age)
* DHLP, 3-in-1 or 5-in-1 (or any other combo) must be current (except for puppies or dogs over 6 yrs of age).
*Bordatella (Kennel Cough): Not necessary, but recommended. Current or must be given 10 days PRIOR to their stay


Highly recommended. Please let us know if you have recently applied the drops or if your dog will be wearing a flea collar. They are both highly toxic to humans and other animals.


Please let us know beforehand if you know of any issues your dog might have so we can work with him from the start and prevent any accidents. Depending on your dog’s temperament he may or may not be admitted.

WE DO NOT ADMIT AGGRESSIVE DOGS WITH A BITE HISTORY. If you pup has aggression issues towards humans, dogs or other animals and is known to have hurt a human or another animal in the past, he will not be admitted. Please contact us for Private Training in Your Home. We no longer offer Rehab Boarding.


If your dog has a medical or behavior condition which requires 100% supervision such as diabetes, seizures, anxiety, aggression, heart issues, etc, please let us know. Depending on availability we may admit your dog. Extra fees may apply. We are trained to administer oral and topical medication and will give any needed topical and/oral meds at no extra charge. Although we are trained to administer injections and anal medication, by law we are not allowed to do so at our home and your dog will have to be taken to a vet's office for this. Extra fees for transportation will apply.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Every Dog Vacay Home is independently owned and services and fees vary from home to home.

The Happy Pack

More About Lu-Lu:

* Certified Pet Dog Trainer, CPDT-KA
* Author of "They Treat Me Like a Dog", by Lu Mendoza
* Volunteer Trainer for Non-Profit Rescue Organization NCAMA/MUSH
* Rehabilitation and Behavior Consultant
* Foster Home for Dogs in Need
* Certified CPR/First Aid
* Animal Welfare Advocate

Things you must know before you book with us:

Every Dog Vacay Home is different and the following may or may not apply to another Dog Vacay Host.

Our home is not a kennel. All dogs free roam the house and the yard under supervision.

We supply elk antlers, rubber chew toys, stuffed toys and bully sticks to all dogs that stay at Lulu’s. These items are shared with all of the dogs and are available on the floor or hidden in the yard for your dog to find. If your dog is allergic to any of these materials/ingredients or cannot have any of these materials/ingredients please let us know.

We may keep people food and medications on the counters. If your dog is known to be a counter thief please let us know so we can clear all counters from potential dangers.

Must get along well with children. If your dog is known to be wary of small children or has not been socialized around small children please let us know. Depending on the case he might not be admitted.

We board all types of temperaments. If your dog is particularly aggressive to a specific animal, dog breed and/or size of dog please let us know.

Outdoor activities are always supervised but we cannot control what your dog picks up to eat. We will do our best but please let us know if your dog has any eating disorders such us rock eating, stick eating or eating plants other than grass.

We don't use pesticides.

Lulu and The Pack



We are a Dog Rescue Group and work in cooperation with other rescue organizations helping dogs in need. All proceeds from Dog Vacay fees go to help dogs in need (spay/neuter surgeries, dentals, microchip, medications, vaccinations, food etc) and your support is highly appreciated.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

Besides boarding your baby with us, there are many other ways you can help.

* We need zippers!. 2 ft, 3 ft long zippers to make doggy beds for the rescue organizations.
* We need your old pet beds and doggy blankets!. We harvest the good parts, sanitize them and turn them into brand new beds.
* Used pillow cases, blankets, comforters and sheets.
* Dog Food, treats and toys.
* Medication...even the ones that are expired (if the vet tech says we can't use them we will properly dispose of them)
* Leashes, collars, training supplies. Used or new.
*Crates, kennels, carriers, cat/raccoon or used.

Thank you for your donations and support. Every time your dog stays with Lulu's Pack he/she is rescuing a dog in need!

Lulu and The Pack

PS: THANK YOU FOR READING OUR PROFILE!!!. Have a wonderful day!



How many dogs do you have under your care?
I have two small dogs, Candy is 15 yrs old and Mona is 8 yrs old. Besides that I might have one or two small dogs that I foster for adoption. In order to provide proper care for all dogs under our care including ours we can only have a total of 5. The total number of dogs per day varies from 2 to 5.

Can you keep other dogs away from my dog?
Yes, we have separate areas which we use when a dog is particularly anxious, fearful or concerned about the presence of other dogs. Or if he/she is older and just needs to rest and nap quietly she will be placed in the quietest area of the house.

Do you keep any dogs outside?
All dogs we have under our care are indoor dogs. Everybody is let out several times a day to potty and play. Always under supervision.

Do you keep any dogs in the garage?
Our garage is not set up for dogs and we only use it to put one or two of our own dogs (that are very vocal) away for 5 minutes during Meet-n-Greets so we can talk. Because of this, if you are doing a Meet-n-Greet we ask you to please be brief and have all your questions ready. Our dogs can't stay inside the garage for too long.

My dog is an Outdoor Dog, will that be an issue?
Yes. We will have to keep him indoors. Most dogs adapt very quick. If you have an outdoor dog, please make sure he gets bathed and gets his nails trimmed before his Vacay.

What would happen to my dog in case of an emergency?
If your dog has an emergency we will apply First Aid right away and we will contact you on our way to the vet who is only 5 mins away. We will next contact Dog Vacay.

Who would care for my dog if you have an emergency?
Only one time we were very close to having an emergency evacuation due to a forest fire. Our home was not affected. But if something like that happens we will put all dogs in the car and drive away to safety. No dogs will ever under any circumstances be left behind. If something happens to me and I am in the hospital or attending a family emergency there will be notes posted on the walls so anybody (police officer, paramedics, neighbor, friend) can take proper care of all dogs and contact you. Dog Vacay will be also contacted so another host/home can take over if needed.

How long will my dog be unattended?
There will always be at least one person in the house with the dogs. This does not necessarily mean that the person will have the dog right next to him the whole time. He/she might be cooking, taking a shower, using the bathroom, attending a doggy emergency, washing dishes, etc. If you dog needs 100% supervision please let us know prior to booking. Extra fees apply so we can hire someone to cover for us when we need to step out of the room. And depending on the case we may not even be able to admit your dog.

Can you watch my dog 24/7?
No. It is impossible. This is just a regular family in a regular home setting. This is not a facility with hired personnel to cover each hour 100%. Although there is always at least one human in the house we cannot have 100% of our eyes 24/7 on one particular dog. We take care of up to 5 dogs and they all need attention. Even when all humans are home we might be sitting watching a movie while the dogs lay around us napping. No dogs are left outside unattended. If your dog has respiratory issues or heart issues that can sneak up on him without signs please let us know. If your dog needs 100% supervision and has special needs he/she might be admitted but extra fees will apply. In some cases we might not admit a dog with serious health issues that requires this much attention.

Do you foster/board aggressive dogs?
No. Although I specialize in dog aggression we do not foster or board dogs with severe aggressive history. If your dog has a biting history and has injured anyone in the past you must let us know and unfortunately we won't admit him/her but we will be happy to give you advice or training at your property. We could also come to your home several times a day to feed, exercise and to let him/her out to potty

My dog has never marked inside my house, what if he starts marking in yours?
It is common for dogs to mark areas that other dogs have marked in the past. We do our best at sanitizing and deodorizing all spots but a dog's nose can smell scents we can't. If your dog starts marking we will potty train him. Most dogs get it right away but if your dog decides to mark everything and everywhere you will be charged an extra fee ($5 per day or $20 per week) and depending on the severity he will not be admitted again.

My dog has severe anxiety problems, would that be an issue?
No. We have experience with dogs that have all kinds of behavior issues and know exactly what to do and what not to do to make his/her stay as comfortable and stress free as possible. If needed he/she will be separated, away from the triggers that cause the stress.

How do you feed the dogs?
They eat in separate areas twice a day, 9am and 5pm. Smalls dogs eat away from the medium/large dogs. Any dogs with guarding issues will be fed separately away from the rest. If your dog is possessive over food or toys or humans, please let us know. They are all asked to sit, wait (and do eye contact) and take it!. If you have different commands that you use at feeding let us know in writing and attach to his food.

Can you keep my dog Off Couches and Beds?
:^) Yes. Although we love to snug and cuddle with all the dogs on the couch, if that is off limits at your home, we will keep it the same here.

Can my dog pick up on good habits while he stays with your pack?
Dogs learn by copying people and other dogs actions, it is called allelomimetic behavior or mimicking where, for example, puppies follow or copy others of their kind. Four necessary conditions for observational learning are: attention, retention, motivation, and production. That is, the dog must pay attention to the dog or person performing the behavior; retain the information gathered about the behavior during the observation; be motivated to reproduce the behavior in a time and place removed from the original; and finally, produce the behavior. I've had clients reporting that their dogs came back home with better manners.

Can my dog come back home with bad habits after staying with your pack?
No. I always check back to make sure there are no behavior issues with the dogs after their stay. I never reinforce any bad behavior (begging, barking, jumping, whining, scratching, growling, demanding attention, submission, dominance, obsessions such as tail chasing, over licking, shadow chasing, etc), and I don't punish them either. Good actions are reinforced and praised (with a smile, a touch, food, treat, verbal praise, a look) and bad behavior is ignored or redirected. But if your dog was never a digger and he spent a lot of time playing with a dog that loves to dig it is very likely that now your dog is a digger too.

We use aversive techniques to train our puppy, can you continue this training?
No. I really dislike using any aversive or unpleasant stimulus to discourage bad behavior but I do use what I call "Life Consequences". Natural consequences to bad actions such as me acting in pain and stopping play if the puppy mouths my hand; leaving the room if the dog starts barking for attention; stopping eye contact the second the dog starts begging for food; and things like that. I've had clients leaving fog horns, spray bottles with irritant spray, prong collars to stop bad behavior on their dogs. I never used them. Once I bond with the dog, they know just by reading my face and body language if I agree, disagree, if I am totally pleased or totally disgusted with their actions. If you really want me to use any aversive punishers to your dog I will not use them and you should just find a different place.

My dog is in training, could you continue the training for us?
Yes, just write all the commands in a piece of paper and tell me when to use them (feeding, door, car etc)

What kind of training will my dog receive during his stay here?
We do things just to reinforce good behavior. Everything we do is just basic doggy manner training to ensure that no issues arise within the pack during the stay. It helps everybody get along better by being on the same page. For instance, if someone has an issue with the vacuum cleaner we will teach him not to react anymore. If someone likes to jump on people we will teach him that sitting calmly gets him more attention than being crazy.

My dog is not spayed/neutered, is that an issue?
No. All our dogs are spayed/neutered. We only board one or two dogs and if your dog is not neutered/spayed we will make sure the other dog we board is not intact as well. If your dog is in heat, let us know. If she is bleeding she might need to wear doggy diapers (please bring doggy diapers).

Can you take care of my epileptic dog? She gets seizures and needs to be monitored the whole time.
No. We are just a regular family in a regular home. We don't have vet technicians covering shifts to watch a dog that needs 100% supervision due to special health issues.

Can you administer medications?
Yes. We can give oral medication, ointment (eye, ears and nose) and topical. Although I am trained to administer injections and anal medication I am not legally allowed to do so and this can only be administered by a licensed veterinary professional. I will have to either request for a tech to come to the house or take your dog to the clinic. Extra charges apply.

Are there dog fights often?
No. The advantage of being a behavior expert is that I can read signs that the normal human eye cannot see and prevent any type of friction within the pack. We are all familiar with dog body language and know exactly what to do and what not to do to avoid a fight. The pack shares toys, beds and water bowls without any issues. Dogs with guarding issues quickly learn to share (but please let us know if your dog has guarding issues so we treat it from the start).

My dog has a crate but your website says no crates. Can I bring it?
Yes. If that is what your dog is used to, please bring it along together with instructions on how and when to use it.

My dog is not potty trained, would that be a problem?
Yes. And we will charge the Excessive Potty Accident Fee, $5 per day or $20 per week for a small/regular size dog. For puppies this fee includes Potty Training. Giant breeds that are not potty trained will not be admitted.

Is there always a human near the dogs you watch?
Yes. But remember this is just a regular home with regular needs and habits. There will always be a human near but if your dog needs attention 24/7 100% of the time due to health issues we might not be able to help. We don't have veterinarian techs covering shifts to attend dogs with special needs that require full supervision.

What did you do to my dog? He came back home with excellent manners!
Thank you!. We are flattered. But most likely is it what YOU did to your own dog before and after their stay here. Although we do some basic good manner training here, some dogs may see their "vacay" as actual abandonment from their owners for something they did wrong right before they left their home to be dropped at someone else's home. When they finally return home they feel grateful and make sure they don't do those bad things they did before you left them. So, if that is the case, make sure you remember to praise your dog each single time you catch him doing something good. Try to ignore bad behavior and only pay attention to the good ones (negative attention is still a good thing in the eyes of a dog).

What type of injuries could happen from dogs playing?
Normal injuries from playtime include, abrasions from tooth or nail contact with the skin on the face and hind legs and ankles (not a bite, but a scratch from accidental contact from tooth and skin), sore muscles, broken nail from the root (please trim your dogs nails prior to their vacay), saliva gland blockage (this can happen if a tooth puts pressure on the gland under the neck during play causing swelling), eye infection, bloating, and other minor scratches. Injuries during play are not common but can happen. Any injury will be reported to you right away. If after the vacay you notice any unusual growth, swelling or soreness, discharge, lack of appetite or any unusual change in behavior and energy level please contact us right away and contact your veterinarian. Although the injuries listed above could happen, your dog might be exhibiting signs of something totally unrelated and will need to be addressed by a vet right away...specially any growth or lumps under the neck (it can be lymphoma cancer which shows up from one day to the next). Lumps on legs and head can be a bone related issue (osteosarcoma cancer and needs to be treated immediately).

My dog doesn't' eat when we board him. Is there anything you can do to help?
No dog is allowed to starve while staying with Lulu's Pack!. If I have to cook for your baby I will do so. It will be rice, sweet potato, chicken breast and broccoli. All organic and in the right proportions.

Could you let my dog sleep on your bed?
Yes! For my own sake, I will let your dog sleep on my bed just so he doesn't keep me up all night with the protesting :^). Some dogs are invited upstairs with full access to other areas. Most of the times they leave to go back downstairs to join the pack on the couch.

Will you be taking my dog on car rides?
If I have to, yes. I am very responsible for the dogs that are under my care. In some occasions when no one is home to watch the dog and I have to go somewhere I have taken the dog with me. I do not leave the dog inside the car on his own. He goes with me. Since I am a certified trainer your baby will be wearing a special vest that will allow him access to areas where dogs are normally not allowed.

Will you be taking my dog anywhere outside of your home?
If I have to, yes. I am very responsible for the dogs that are under my care. In some occasions when no one is home to watch the dog and I have to go somewhere I have taken the dog with me. I do not leave the dog inside the car on his own. He goes with me. Since I am a certified trainer your baby will be wearing a special vest that will allow him access to areas where dogs are normally not allowed.
We treat all dogs as part of our family. If we had a trip to the beach planned and you contacted us at the last minute for boarding...guess what? Your dog will be going to the beach with The Pack!. Other places we might take your dog is to pet stores, vet offices, dog parks, hikes, school, grocery store, hardware stores, and other stores. If you don't want us to take your dog anywhere, please let us know.

Can you exercise my dog?
Yes. Besides the regular exercise they have during playtime we go for runs and short hikes near our home. When weather is not inviting we do indoor activities which involve some fetching, nose work and other activities that drain their energy just from brain work.

Can someone else pick up my dog?
Yes, but this will have to be written on the DogVacay profile and information as an emergency contact and also in a piece of paper. Please provide full name and phone number of the person picking up the dog and your relation with him/her.

If we need to pick him up days later would that be an issue?
No. If something unexpected happens and you need to extend your vacay please let us know right away. We will send you an invoice for any remaining charges.

What will happen to my dog if I can't pick him up and there is no way for me to contact you?
We rescue dogs. At that point we will assume something unexpected happened. We will contact DogVacay and find out if you have an emergency contact on file. Please make sure you always fill up all the information on the website prior to leaving your dog with us. We will keep taking care of your pet until we hear from you.

My dog eats a special diet, can you make sure that he doesn't eat anything else other than his own food?
Yes. My two little dogs also need special diets. I know how dangerous it can be if they get into anything other than their prescription diet. Please provide specific instructions in a written piece of paper and attach to your dog's food. Label all his food. Write the brand and type of food in case I need to buy more.

My dog eats rocks, can you keep him from picking up rocks to eat?
We have a fairly large backyard and we really cannot control what your dog picks up to eat. We can run and try to take it away but he might swallow it as he sees us rushing towards him. If your dog has this habit or any other eating disorder please let us know. We can limit his time outside to the minimum, use a leash to keep him close.

Will my dog have full access to your home?
Yes. Once he gains my trust, all gates will be open for him so he can feel at home and be part of the family. Dogs that are not potty trained and dogs that can't control their marking will be kept off carpeted areas (second floor is carpeted).

What kind of treats can I bring to share with all the dogs?
Since we will be sharing the treats with everybody, please only bring organic treats, all natural. DO NOT BRING RAW HIDES OR BONES!. And please don't bring anything Made in China!. We encourage to bring only Made in the USA dog treats. Home made treats are always loved!. Thank you!

Should I bring his bowls and bed?
If your dog is the typical happy go lucky pooch he will do just fine without them. We provide clean bedding and clean bowls for all the dogs under our care. But if your dog has separation anxiety issues, he/she is nervous in new places and around new people and new dogs then it would be best for your dog to have all his personal items with him to make him feel more at home.

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Can administer oral medicine
Can administer injected medicine
CPR / First-Aid certified
Special Needs Accommodated
  • Pets recovering from surgery
  • Separation anxiety
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Leash Pulling
  • Not yet house-trained
  • Advanced senior issues

Lulu M.

99 Reviews
83 Repeat Guests
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  • Same day bookings are OK
  • Responds within 55 minutes
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Services & Rates

Boarding Overnight At Lulu's Home
$35 /night
  • Watches up to 5 dogs/night
  • Dogs will never be left unattended
  • 5+ potty breaks/day
  • 1 walk/day
  • Pets can sleep wherever they want
Daycare At Lulu's Home
$25 /day
  • Watches up to 5 dogs/day
Home Visits
$20 /visit
  • Willing to travel 10 miles
$45 /hour
$30 /min
$55 /max
$20 /bath
$8 each way
  • Willing to travel 10 miles
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99 Reviews
We were very pleased with Lulu. Not only was she quick to respond, but she kept us updated all the time. She also noticed my dog had an eye infection which I did not notice prior to dropping her off. She asked if she could put some drops in and took care of it. I will definitely be using her again, she is very professional and I felt she took good care of my dog who seemed very happy there.
Lulu and her pack are amazing.. we were in a tight time fram to get our pup in some place over Christmas and he found a second home.. they were so wonderful and definitely put us at ease as Clyde has a hard time with us being gone.. he made a beeline for them and had an amazing time.. he was pooped out when we picked him up. I will recommend them to everyone who asks.. amazing experience and he was sad to come home.. glad to know our little guy is always in good hands. Thank you Lulu for the kindness and love to our little man and the piece of mind we had to enjoy our vacation.
I cannot say how much I appreciate all the wonderful care, attention you gave my giant schnauzer puppy when we were on vacation - plus all the updates & pictures. It was his home away from home! Thank you!!! I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a fabulous dog sitter!!!!
LuLu is awesome! There are no words i can express on how great she was with my 2 puppies. Especially with my 7 month old Bulldog. LuLu always kept me updated and sent pictures. It made me and my family be at ease. from my family and I and my puppies Elle and Koa. We would like to thank you for letting them be a part of your pack for the weekend and THANK YOU for taking such good care of my puppies??
Alex and I had a great experience with Lulu and her pack. She was very flexible with drop off and pick up times, she communicated with me the whole time Alex was there, and she tried hard to make Alex comfortable around her family. We already booked our next dog vacay with her.
There a lot of choices on DogVacay to choose from, but not too many when it comes to 5 stars and excellent glowing reviews, and that's one of the reasons why we chose Lulu to look after our Beagle whilst away.
You can be rest assured that you dog is in good hands with Lulu and family. They love dogs and it shows when you do a meet and greet, they treated our dog like she was part of the family and made her more comfortable than i would have ever imagined while we were gone. Lulu without hesitation sent us updates and photos of our dog whilst we were gone making us feel at ease knowing that she was pampered.
It was our first time using DogVacay and a leaving our Beagle with someone other than a family member who our dog knew. No hesitation using Lulu again on our next trip we go on without our sweetheart, thanks again Lulu and family!
This was our second time leaving our pup with Lulu and again, we were extremely happy with our experience. Lulu is great and so easy to communicate with. Mud was taken care of like he was one of Lulu's own and came home very happy and tired from his weekend of play. Thanks Lulu for being such a great host!
Awesome job, awesome service. She took me on very short notice and adjusted for my early schedule. She went above and beyond with my dog and sent me lots of pictures throughout the day so I knew my dog was safe in a lovely home throughout the day
This review is a little late but wanted to say the LuLu was so good to my pups. She treated them very well and I will always use LuLu.
As I have never left my 11 year old dog with anyone before I was apprehensive to do so. Lulu made the experience reassuring that my girl was in good hands. The daily updates and pictures of my girl basking in the sun, enjoying the outdoors and smiling helped me tremendously to get through my separation from her.

Over the years my girl has had an eye that would tear up regularly. Lulu suggested a remedy to try and it has helped!

I would recommend Lulu with confidence to anyone who needed someone to take good care of there doggie. I know I will use her service again.
Lulu was great. She took good care of Angel(our dog) at her home, and make house visits to feed our two cats as well as give medicine to one of them. She game me frequent updates, shared her concerns, and went out of her way to make sure the animals were cared for while we were gone.
Lulu was wonderful with my pups. She took me on short notice, we had a meet and greet and then my pups stayed with her for a full day. She sent me photos (which was great). Her home and yard are very clean and I got to meet her wonderful family. Lulu will be where I leave my pups at for sure.
Lulu was great, we will absolutely use her again! Lulu was very responsive and friendly and treated our pup like one of their own. We received lots of updates and pictures while we were away and felt at ease knowing our dog was in a safe and happy environment.
Lulu was so wonderful with our dog! She was thoughtful about how to introduce him to her houseful of pets, and after a successful start, she also kept us updated on how he was doing and who he was playing with. She also sent several pictures, and it was reassuring to see our dog and know that he was well taken care of while we were away. Thanks, Lulu!
My Yorkipoo Fia was lovingly welcomed into Lulu's home along with her other little dogs. Lulu was so efficient and immediately responded back to me. She was very engaging and in constant communication with me via text ... Sending me updates and pictures of my pup. I was very pleased and happy with her care of my dog. I will definitely send Fia on a Dogvacay again at Lulu's!
She was very flexible with out last minute booking. They took better than great care of our pup and we look forward to using them again!!
Lulu took great care of my two pups! I an so comfortable leaving my dogs with her, they always come back happy and I know they have been well taken care of. I would totally recommend Lulu to anyone looking for a safe place to board their pets!
Another great experience! Lulu is fabulous my dogs always have a great time over there. She even managed to cut my pits nails not an easy task! She is great I would highly recommend her!
LuLu is great! I never have to worry that my pups are being taken care of!
Lulu was fantastic. She gave regular updates on Yoshi and sent pictures of Yoshi at leisure and at play. Yoshi came home happy and content because he had so much fun. I will definitely use Lulu again and recommend you do to.
Great attention to detail and instructions for our two dogs. Lots of updates and photos which made our time away from them better. It's hard to worry about them when they are well taken care of.
I left my baby girl (poodle dog) Asia with Lulu for daycare last saturday,, when I picked her up she was happy to see me, however I could not believe she ate the food I took with her because she she has never eaten her food when I have left her for the day else where. Lulu sent me pictures of Asia while I was gone.She was playing with other little dogs and she was having a very good time. In one of the pictures Asia was on Lulu's bed. Very happy and actually smiling, it was so preciouse. I WILL DEFINITELY BE LEAVING Asia at Lulu's day care when I need a sitter from now on. Thank you so very much Lulu.
Lulu is an expert at dog care . I felt her home environment was safe and secure and orderly and clean. She has a calm demeanor with her pack and gives great attention to your pet. She is always sending updates and is a very good communicator. She also is very educated with animal behavior and health. My dog absolutely loves going there!!!
Our Family member was well cared for. Like a second home. We will use her again.
We have taken our pup Bo to Lulu's on numerous occasions. He is always happy to be there and enjoys the family atmosphere. I would definitely recommend using Lulu for your fur babies. She really cares about them. Thanks glad we found you!
Lulu took care of our 2 dogs while we were out of town for a few days. We were so nervous about leaving them but Lulu was awesome!! She provided regular updates and photos that put my mind at ease. When we went to pick up our pups they were all set. I got the feeling that while the pups were happy to see us they would have been happy to stay longer. I will definitely board my dogs there again and again. I can't recommend them enough, it was a great experience for both us and our dogs!! Thanks Lulu!!
This was our 2nd visit to Lulu's while we were out of town. Can't recommend them enough, they are always fantastic with our dog!
Lulu is a very nice lady. I have left my dog with her twice. She takes very good care of her. Make sure she eats. Will cook food for her. Lets me know how she is doing. Sends me photos Wendy is very happy being their.
Lu-Lu was awesome! She sent us pictures through out the day and let us know how our puppy was doing. She was also very flexible with pickup and dropoff. Piper had a blast there. I would recommend her to everyone.
Lulu is wonderful, great with the dogs and more than patient. Provides updates as to how they are getting along.
I had the best experience and couldn't recommend enough! I got daily texts with updates about how our Molli girl was doing. This was the first time I've had to leave Molli with someone besides family in many years, and it was so comforting to know she was in such good hands. On a scale of 1-5 I would give a 6!!!!
Wendy was very hapy when I picked her up. LuLu kept me well informed on how she was doing. sent me pictures. I will use her again. Her and her family are really nice.
Lulu is extremely responsive, and obviously loves animals. My dog is not accustomed to being around a lot of other dogs at once, and Lulu was very flexible and responded to his needs.
What a great experience. Our dogs have separation anxiety and Lulu and her family truly helped lessen their anxiety and ours. We had a great time away and the dogs seemed to have a good time as well. Lulu provides updates as to how the dogs are doing and has a great understanding of what their needs might be. By the time we were back, the dogs seemed to be a part of the pack. Thanks Lulu!!
I was extremely nervous not knowing how our dogs would behave, the Beagle has horrible separation anxiety. We met before hand and they seemed to be comfortable with the pack. Dropped them off today for some doggie day care and overall seems to have been a success. So appreciate Lulu and her patience with our little guys. They are family to us and she made the time away a positive experience for all. Thanks!!
We just love Lulu. She is the best! Our pups love her too.

Note: Lulu moved out of state just after this stay - and we MISS HER very much! She is a fantastic host - and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone!

In fact, when we needed to find another host - Lulu went out of her way to help us find another host locally for us here. She is awesome like that! :)
Lulu is a great Pet caretaker! We loved her and so did our pup!
Lulu was awesome (once again). Our pup was very well cared for in our absence.
Such a wonderful experience here! We have a large energetic puppy and we had never left him anywhere before. They were fantastic and gave us plenty of updates, he had a great time and made lots of doggy friends. Great people, excellent care. Our dog was so sad to leave!
Lu-Lu was great. Our dog sometimes takes a while to adjust to people, but she felt confident with Lu-Lu. The environment was clean and welcoming to Missy. I highly recommend Lu-Lu. She's very detail-oriented, and it shows in the care she provides.
Lulu took such great care of our two little dogs. She communicated with us via text and sent pictures of our little guys everyday. Highly recommend.
Lulu was AWESOME! She updated us with pictures and texts everyday. It was obvious that out pup was treated like her own. We highly reccomend Lulu!
This is Chance's third or fourth stay with LuLu and the longest (12) days. As always she kept us up to date with emails and pictures. Chance is my son's dog who he got from a rescue shelter in Modesto. The first couple of months we realized how badly Chance had been abused by her previous owner. It took a couple of years for Chance to be really comfortable and secure with us. LuLu evaluated Chance which has helped us to make her feel safe. LuLu is LEAVING us to move to Washington. Their gain our LOSS. I hope this review moves with her and those in Washington will realize that she is far more then a sitter she is your dogs best friend.
Great hostess! Lulu sent updates everyday on how my pup was doing and made him (and me!) feel extremely comfortable!
This is the second time Lulu has taken care of Hershey while we were on vacation. She really learned Hershey's habits and personality. She has given me tons of suggestions to improve Hershey's well-being (e.g., suggested better food, dental hygiene, etc.). Hershey loves meeting new friends and staying with Lulu and her pack. We know he's in good hands when we leave town. Lulu will send us frequent updates and pictures about Hershey, which we truly appreciate. I would definitely recommend Lulu to my friends.
Lu-Lu was awesome!! She was very patient with my Brody. She sent texts to give updates on a regular basis.
Lulu continues to go far beyond my expectations and is truly passionate about what she does. My dogs LOVE her!
Lulu was great during our time away. She would sent us text updates with pictures and how our dog was doing. She is very good with the animals and knows her business. She treats each animal as if it were her own. We will use her services over and over.

Thanks Lulu
Rugger is always so excited when I say "Wanna go to Lu-Lu's?" because he has a blast playing with the other dogs in the pack. I can see he's happy and healthy, getting in his exercise time in the yard and socializing with other dogs. Lu-Lu always takes a moment to send me pictures or text me an update so I don't worry how he's doing.

Highly recommended!!!
Chance always enjoys her stay with LuLu and she comes home tired from all the fun. As I write this Chance is out cold. We will be BACK!!!!
Lu-Lu was really great with my Yorkie, Hershey. She took care of him like he was one of her own. She gave us plenty of updates and pictures while we were on our trip. She definitely knew Hershey's personalities and habits well. We felt that we could really enjoy our vacation knowing that Hershey is well taken care of. Lu-Lu was very accommodating of when to drop off and pick Hershey up. We would definitely recommend her and would have her take care of Hershey for our next vacation.
Second time we've taken our doggies to Lulu. First time for a vacation & it was awesome to receive picture updates. After a year, she still remembers our pups by name, impressive!! So this time it was an overnight while we renovated our flooring. It helped to know our active doggies we safe & well-cared for, while we felt with fixing, rearranging, and cleaning. Aside from being a great dog sitter, Lulu is a stress-reliever!!!
Lu-Lu provides awesome service. We love receiving daily texts and pictures of how Mack (out dog) is doing. She has a great backyard for all the dogs to play in and it's a great environment for Mack to make new friends.

This is the 4th time we've used Lu-Lu to host Mack and we are extremely pleased with the level of care he receives.

Lu-Lu is awesome and 5 STARS.
Excellent experience. Lulu kept us informed the whole time. It was good to know we left Max in good capable hands. Thank you Lulu and the pack.
We dropped Happy of at 9:30.
Lu Lu showed us the lay out and made Happy comfortable getting comfortable with the other animals.
It was stress free. We were updated throughout the day. If was great having a place Happy could enjoy.

The McLeod Family.
My husband and I left our little shih tzu Coco with Lu lu for two nights and when we picked her up we could tell that she was so happy staying with Lu lu. We could tell that Coco was very well taken care of. Lu lu takes care of our dog like it was her own. We are so blessed to have found a dog sitter like Lu lu. We will continue with Lu lu always for dog sitting. We would refer Lu lu to our friends and family who have any pets.
Once again, Lulu was a complete life-saver! I know my furry babies are in good hands when she checks up on them, even on a last minute notice!
LuLu is amazing! She is kind, knowledgeable, and professional. She took great care of my two pups. They came home happy! Her backyard is a dogs paradise. We highly recommend LuLu!
Bruce had a wonderful stay. Lu-Lu provides frequent updates and were never left wondering how he is doing. We absolutely recommend her to everyone!
What an awesome experience we had with LuLu! It was our first time leaving Queenie with anyone, and I couldn't have been happier with how it all worked out. Within an hour of so of dropping off Queenie, I started receiving texts and pictures from LuLu assuring me that she was doing just fine and meeting all the other dogs.I continued to receive text updates that night, the next day, and the next day! Amazing how such a small thing can set your mind at ease. I never doubted for a moment that Queenie was in great hands. We have another vacation planned in just over a month, and I will definitely be scheduling another vacay for Queenie with LuLu! Thanks LuLu, you went above and beyond and it is truly appreciated.
Lu-Lu is AMAZING! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about how awesome she is. She is the first pet care provider I have used and, as long as she is available and I am residing within Tracy, I will be using her for my four legged babies! We have a gaggle of pups that she has given fabulous care to, and I truly appreciate how much she cares! She goes above and beyond and is always incredibly fast at responding to any questions!
My puppy came home happy and tired:)
Our dog has a very laid-back and easy going nature. Lulu had many dogs at her place that day and she very thoughtfully kept the aggressive ones separate. She also sent us periodic updates. Overall a very satisfying experience!
Lu-Lu and her husband were GREAT! Jacob felt right at home. She sent me many text updates and pictures. They had a great yard for the dogs and a perfect environment for Jake's comfort. He will be going back for every trip I take. Thanks Lu-Lu :)
It is so wonderful to drop Starr off with Lu-Lu and the pack, knowing that our sweet fur-baby is being very well cared for and loved! Starr is SO much happier being with Lu-Lu and the pack than she is anywhere else (other than home, of course!) Starr is a very expressive opinionated pup: She won't hesitate to let us know how she feels about something. She obviously considers Lu-Lu's place to be the preferred place to be!
This is Ripp's first time staying with a sitter when we went out of town (Ripp would have normally stayed with family).

Without a doubt, we are HAPPY and ever so GRATEFUL to find Lu-Lu and her family who showered Ripp with abundant love and care. When we got to Lulu's, Ripp was excited (you can tell by his body language), and within the first hour, I got an update from Lulu via text, on how Ripp was doing. We continued to receive updates and pics from Lulu the entire time, and I LOVEd receiving them (the updates/pictures).

The day after Ripp left Lulu's loving home, I got an email from Lulu with feedback of Ripp's stay with her - this is so AWESOME!!! Along with her feedback, she gave possible solutions (if needed).

Lulu is AWESOME, and we'll definitely bring Ripp back when we need her loving-caring services.
Lulu was very kind and friendly. She and Leo loved each other and Leo had a great time there! We will definitely be coming to Lulu next time we need a dogsitter!
Lu-Lu has been wonderful for my dog Nikita. Not being properly socialized as a puppy, she was very fearful of other dogs. With Lu-Lu's help, she is now much better around other dogs & everyone has commented on how much she has changed. I am very comfortable leaving my girl with Lu-Lu & appreciate the updates & pictures I get while Nikita is there.
LuLu was a marvelous host. We've used her in the past and had a great experience, and this time was no different. We got frequent updates with pictures via text and it put us at ease knowing that the dogs were in good hands while we were out of town. One of our dogs is a bit of a princess and is very particular, but LuLu was wonderful with her. We definitely recommend your pal stay with her.. they will be well taken care of
Our dog Mia, had a great time. Lulu, was a very caring host. She contacted us thoughout our trip to let us know how Mia was doing, and really put our minds at ease. We will be using Lulu anytime our son has travel ball events, and as needed. Would highly recommend. Thanks Lulu. See you soon.
Starr enjoyed such a wonderful vacay with Lu-Lu and the pack! It was obvious immediately upon our arrival that dogs are members of Lu-Lu's family. They share a wonderful living and outdoor environment with lots of space and play. When we picked her up Starr was relaxed, calm, happy, and she'd obviously had a lovely time with Lu-Lu and the pack. You can feel very confident that your fur-kid will be very well cared for at Lu-Lu's place!
Lu-Lu was awesome. My dog loved staying there and he came home happy and tired.
Lu-Lu watched our dog Belle. She was super friendly and did a great job watching Belle. She updated us with photos which was great, and she has a genuine concern for the dogs she watches. She also gave Belle a bath and did a awesome job. We highly recommend her services.
Rye LOVED being at Lu's for the day while I was at work! The pictures I received made me feel better about leaving her. Better yet, when I picked her up she was ready for bed! Lu really cares about the dogs and it shows when I picked up my pup. I will for sure be using Lu's services again. I really feel comfortable leaving my dog with her.
Our dog continues to go to Lu-Lu's for daycare twice a week. It's been eight months now and she's still the best! Lu-Lu and the pack treat our dog like family and it's nice to know he's safe and having a blast while he's there!
I am so happy. Not just us but our dog. She took such good care of her and she even groomed her too. My puppy was so happy with her and we were too I could tell when I picked her up. We will have her take care of our dog again. We are so blessed to have her available to take care of her. She is the best.
I was a little scared to leave my pups, but lulu kept me updated with the good and the bad. She definitely treated Chance & Annabelle like her own. Loved how she took them on a hike, definitely got some energy out of them. Although it seemed like Annabelle (10 months old German shepherd) was a little too much for them to handle.
LuLu was awesome! Our Gracie loved being with was like she was at home. And LuLu sent photos and updates everyday. She truly loves dogs and she loved Gracie like she were her own. We will definitely be using LuLu on our next vacation. Thank you LuLu!

xxoo Sharon
Lulu took such great care of my dog over the Christmas holiday! She gave him plenty of love and attention and was very communicative. I received daily pictures and updates about how he was doing. I could tell she really paid attention to his needs and kept him (a very energetic border collie mix) entertained. I wouldn't hesitate to leave him in her care in the future.
My dogs stay with Lulu provided us peace of mind. Peace of mind is of the utmost importance when you are trying to enjoy a vacation. Lulu was always communicating with us via text messages and pictures of our family pet "Angel". Lulu took the time to ask us questions regarding sleep or eating habits, so that she could ensure Angels comfort while away from home. The genuine interest and care she gives your pet is a great representation of her business and professionalism. If I could afford to, I would "Definitely" use the services more often:) Wishing you continued success!
Our experience was fantastic! Lulu was accommodating and understanding of our 'baby', with this being her first stay with someone other than family. She sent me updates and pictures daily to let me know our girl was acclimating to being away. Sugar enjoyed the other dogs and Lulu's son, and she came home a happy and tired girl! I am excited that Sugar now has a home-away-from-home whenever we need it. Thank you, Lulu, you were FANTASTIC!!
I can't say enough wonderful things about Lulu and The Happy Pack! Our baby Simba was so well taken care of, and so happy, that he almost didn't want to come home with us. :) Lulu and her husband are wonderful with all of the dogs and gave Simba excellent care. Simba had lots of play time, and great socialization with the other dogs. One of the best things about The Happy Pack is that we received regular updates and pictures, so our minds were totally at ease about leaving him for a few days. Thank you Happy Pack for being outstanding care givers for our baby! :)
everything went absolutely great from the moment i reserved a spot for our dog to stay the day with Lu Lu. I heard from her immediatley with confirmation and a short list of what i needed to bring to make our dog's visit a good one. Our dog has been with LuLu on another occaision and he feels comfortable at their home, and she texted me to reassure me that our dog was doing great and happy.
Wonderful experience! Our dog didnt want to leave. Will certainly use again.
Lulu always is so flexible and works with my challenging travel schedule, making sure that I'm updated on Rugger's activities including pictures of him playing with the other dogs. When he comes home, he's like a boy that just came home from an adventure weekend at camp, tired and happy. I recommend her in a heartbeat!
Our dog Brannan loves going to Luana's house for daycare and boarding! She always treats him like her own and goes above and beyond to make sure he's well cared for. We really appreciate her frequent updates, pictures, and training advice and would highly recommend her services to anyone!
We felt extremely comfortable leaving our dog with Lu Lu. She is very good with dogs and completely understands them. We will definitely be using her again in the future!
Our Madi LOVES LuLu & the way she dents us updates & pics of his progress thru his stay! She understands his "needs" & is very accommodating to his needs & healthy & welfare!
Lulu evaluated my son's dog Chance and found that she is submissive and should be with dogs that have the same trait. After spending 7 hours with Lulu she said that she would be happy to have Chance stay with her while we are on vacation. This is the first time we are using a service like this and we feel that Chance will be much happier than staying at a kennel which is what we have done the last two vacations. The price is only slightly higher but the benefits more then double the bang for your buck. Let's hope Chance will remember who we are when the vacation has ended!!!!
I would not take my dog anywhere else except here with Lu-Lu even as she is 40 minutes out of my way. She is very knowledgeable and an expert with dogs. She is tolerant and patient but she really doesn't have to be because the dogs all love her and obey her. Her home is completely dog friendly with no cages and there is always a happy dog around. All the dogs there are relaxed and calm. This is an unbelievable find, a diamond in the rough. You must give this host a try and I will guarantee you be so glad you did.
Lu-Lu treated my 6 month old pup as if he was her own. She was extremely communicative and sent frequent updates on how he was doing. I know he had the time of his life with her pack, because he slept like a log for the rest of the day/night after we picked him up (an he is normally a ball of energy.) I would definitely recommend Lu-Lu to anyone who needs a dog sitter in the east bay!
Excellent care & insights to our dogs care. Friendly & text & pictures helped to confirm their care...& our missing them. Dogs returned better behaved. We're thankful for that...but it's a little shocking. We will need to adjust to such good behavior.
My beagle had a wonderful time, and I received updates with pictures from Lu-Lu regularly. It was obvious to me she was generous with individual attention, and then was so very flexible in drop-off and pick-up times that it was all very stress free for me and my pup.
Lu-Lu was absolutely great with Bentley. She took great care of him. She sent pictures periodically throughout the day to ensure that Bentley was in good hands. Two thumbs up for Lu-Lu.
very nice and welcoming household, to our family pet. Our chocolate Lab is very large and we were reassured he would be fine and not to worry. Lu Lu has a very calm personality and we felt very safe leaving our dog at her home. She texted me pictures and updates during the day, which i thought was very thoughtful so we wouldnt worry about our dog. Wonderful home environment to doggy sit, will use again!
They took great care of my two dogs. I plan to use them in the future. I would recommend them highly.
Couldn't of asked for more personalized care!!! We planned a last minute vacation and were scrambling for a place to leave our 8 month old pit bull. I came across DogVacay and found Lu-Lu and her Pack...what a Blessing! She accepted Plex with only a day notice! We got frequent updated pictures of him and texts letting us know how he's doing...mind you, had we left him at a kennel we wouldn't of gotten anything! Honestly speaking, we will never need to look at another kennel/boarding facility again...Plex has found a home away from home when we travel!!! Thank You Lu-Lu & The Pack!!!
We needed a doggie sitter last minute- LuLu was quick to respond to my inquiry and was able to take them in with short notice. From the beginning, it was such a pleasant experience and we knew our dogs were safe and happy throughout their stay. LuLu sent us text updates and pictures while we were away, which we much appreciated and loved! I highly recommend you board with LuLu, your pawd pals will be in good hands and well taken care of =]
LuLu & the pack were the BEST out there!!!! I searched about (6) different dog homes & found an immediate "like & drawn" to LuLu!!!! I know my Madigan loved her home because not only did he "tell me" but he showed his happiness & sadness to be with LuLu & the pack!!! I know we will use LuLu again & soon!!!!
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