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Lulu M.

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Pet Requirements

  • 1-20 lbs
  • 20-40 lbs
  • 40-80 lbs
  • 80+ lbs
All Ages OK

Lulu's Resident Pets

Lulu's Fostering and Training
Bichon Frise
5 yr 4 mo old
Rat Terrier
8 yr 2 mo old
Other Pets & Animals: Caged birds or Reptiles

Lulu's House

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Children at home (5-12 years old)
Large Yard
100% fenced & locked
Pets allowed on furniture
Great for senior pets
Air-conditioned inside
Smoke-free home

About Lulu

30 Years Experience Caring For Dogs
DISCOUNTED RATE FOR LITTLE DOGS UNDER 25 LBS. $27.45 PER NIGHT!!! **** (Please email me via DogVacay to request this discount)
Lulu is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant (CPDT-KA); CPD/First Aid Certified. She has been involved in Rescue, Training and Behavior Modification since 1998 although her passion for rescuing and training animals started at very young age in the early 70s taking care of small farm animals and injured wild life. At age 12 she already mastered the skills to communicate with dogs in their own language. Her assertive and calm energy were great tools to approach dogs that were fearful of humans due to abuse or injuries. In 2008 Lulu started helping the Malamute Rescue Organization (NCAMA/MUSH) in California until 2015 rehabilitating dogs with aggression issues. in 2010, The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) issued Lulu the CPDT-KA Certification becoming the only dog trainer holding that title in her town and one of the few in the whole state. The CCPDT is the worldwide leader in the development of rigorous exams to demonstrate mastery of humane, science-based dog training practices. Lulu maintains the CCPDT’s certification as a mark of high professional distinction. She currently helps dogs in Washington providing fostering, training and behavior consultation.


Thank You for trusting us with your babies!. Please, take the time to read our profile. For FAQ, please scroll all the way down. We have listed all of the concerns most dog owners have when leaving their pet with us. Keep in mind that every host/home is independently own and what you read in our profile does not apply to other hosts/homes. Also, be aware that other hosts have copied our profile in the past and although it is flattering, plagiarism is an issue that needs to be addressed. Please let us know if you see a similar profile somewhere else.
We are dog rescuers that welcome dogs that need a place to stay while their owners are on Vacation. You might see a total of 5 dogs on busy days. We share our home with our 2 dogs and the dogs that we foster plus one or two extra dogs from Dog Vacay Boarding. We do not use crates but if your pet has one and he loves it, or if you are crate training, then please bring it a long for the stay together with instructions on how and when to use it.
Our home is a large two story house with a large backyard located in a nice and safe neighborhood. Outdoor activities are always supervised. Indoor activities will be provided if weather is not inviting.

Dog must be potty trained. Additional fees will apply for excessive marking or excessive accidents inside the house. Although potty accidents are expected, anything out of the ordinary will result in an additional charge of $20 for a full week or $5 per night (whichever is less).

Dog must be house broken and trained. Any damages to our personal property* due to lack of training or behavior issues are the dog owner's responsibility. Charges for damages will be sent out as a quote for your review and approval. If your dog has destructive behavior issues, please let us know. Depending on severity your dog may or may not be admitted. If your dog can not be left unattended he/she might not be admitted. Although there is always a human in the company of the dog we might step out briefly for no more than 15 mins.

* Personal property damages EXCLUDE dog toys and dirt on floors, walls and couches; and yard damage such us grass ripping, hole digging or veggie garden/flower bed damage. For more info about personal property damages scroll down to FAQ.


* Rabies MUST BE CURRENT (exceptions apply to puppies and dogs older than 8 yrs of age)
* DHLP, 3-in-1 or 5-in-1 (or any other combo) must be current (except for puppies or dogs over 6 yrs of age).
*Bordatella (Kennel Cough): Not necessary, but recommended. Current or must be given 10 days PRIOR to their stay


Highly recommended. Please let us know if you have recently applied the drops or if your dog will be wearing a flea collar. They are both highly toxic to humans and other animals.


Please let us know beforehand if you know of any issues your dog might have so we can work with him from the start and prevent any accidents. Depending on your dog’s temperament he may or may not be admitted.

WE DO NOT ADMIT AGGRESSIVE DOGS WITH A BITE HISTORY. If you pup has aggression issues towards humans, dogs or other animals and is known to have hurt a human or another animal in the past, he will not be admitted. Please contact us for Private Training in Your Home. We no longer offer Rehab Boarding.


If your dog has a medical or behavior condition which requires 100% supervision such as diabetes, seizures, anxiety, aggression, heart issues, etc, please let us know. Depending on availability we may admit your dog. Extra fees may apply. We are trained to administer oral and topical medication and will give any needed topical and/oral meds at no extra charge. Although we are trained to administer injections and anal medication, by law we are not allowed to do so at our home and your dog will have to be taken to a vet's office for this. Extra fees for transportation will apply.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Every Dog Vacay Home is independently owned and services and fees vary from home to home.

The Happy Pack

More About Lu-Lu:

* Certified Pet Dog Trainer, CPDT-KA
* Author of "They Treat Me Like a Dog", by Lu Mendoza
* Volunteer Trainer for Non-Profit Rescue Organization NCAMA/MUSH
* Rehabilitation and Behavior Consultant
* Foster Home for Dogs in Need
* Certified CPR/First Aid
* Animal Welfare Advocate

Things you must know before you book with us:

Every Dog Vacay Home is different and the following may or may not apply to another Dog Vacay Host.

Our home is not a kennel. All dogs free roam the house and the yard under supervision.

We supply elk antlers, rubber chew toys, stuffed toys and bully sticks to all dogs that stay at Lulu’s. These items are shared with all of the dogs and are available on the floor or hidden in the yard for your dog to find. If your dog is allergic to any of these materials/ingredients or cannot have any of these materials/ingredients please let us know.

We may keep people food and medications on the counters. If your dog is known to be a counter thief please let us know so we can clear all counters from potential dangers.

Must get along well with children. If your dog is known to be wary of small children or has not been socialized around small children please let us know. Depending on the case he might not be admitted.

We board all types of temperaments. If your dog is particularly aggressive to a specific animal, dog breed and/or size of dog please let us know.

Outdoor activities are always supervised but we cannot control what your dog picks up to eat. We will do our best but please let us know if your dog has any eating disorders such us rock eating, stick eating or eating plants other than grass.

We don't use pesticides.

Lulu and The Pack



We are a Dog Rescue Group and work in cooperation with other rescue organizations helping dogs in need. All proceeds from Dog Vacay fees go to help dogs in need (spay/neuter surgeries, dentals, microchip, medications, vaccinations, food etc) and your support is highly appreciated.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

Besides boarding your baby with us, there are many other ways you can help.

* We need zippers!. 2 ft, 3 ft long zippers to make doggy beds for the rescue organizations.
* We need your old pet beds and doggy blankets!. We harvest the good parts, sanitize them and turn them into brand new beds.
* Used pillow cases, blankets, comforters and sheets.
* Dog Food, treats and toys.
* Medication...even the ones that are expired (if the vet tech says we can't use them we will properly dispose of them)
* Leashes, collars, training supplies. Used or new.
*Crates, kennels, carriers, cat/raccoon or used.

Thank you for your donations and support. Every time your dog stays with Lulu's Pack he/she is rescuing a dog in need!

Lulu and The Pack

PS: THANK YOU FOR READING OUR PROFILE!!!. Have a wonderful day!



How many dogs do you have under your care?
I have two small dogs, Candy is 15 yrs old and Mona is 8 yrs old. Besides that I might have one or two small dogs that I foster for adoption. In order to provide proper care for all dogs including ours we can only have a total of 5. The total number of dogs per day varies from 2 to 5.

Can you keep other dogs away from my dog?
Yes, we have separate areas which we use when a dog is particularly anxious, fearful or concerned about the presence of other dogs. Or if he/she is older and just needs to rest and nap quietly she will be placed in the quietest area of the house.

Do you keep any dogs outside?
All dogs we have under our care are indoor dogs. Everybody is let out several times a day to potty and play. Always under supervision. If your dog needs to be kept indoors due to age or health issues please let us know. We have potty trays that she can use if she needs to be kept indoors at all times.

Do you keep any dogs locked up in any room?
No. We don't have any special rooms set up for dogs. This is not a kennel or boarding facility with cages piled up anywhere. This is just a regular home with lots of dog beds and lots of water bowls and lots of dog toys everywhere!. All dogs roam freely inside the house. We keep gates up to keep dogs that are not potty trained away from carpeted areas.

My dog is an Outdoor Dog, will that be an issue?
Yes. We will have to keep him indoors. Most dogs adapt very quick. If you have an outdoor dog, please make sure he gets bathed and gets his nails trimmed before his Vacay.

What would happen to my dog in case of an emergency?
We are dog rescuers. The life and well being of a dog is important to us. If your dog has an emergency we will apply First Aid right away and we will contact you on our way to the vet who is only 5 mins away. We will next contact Dog Vacay.

How long will my dog be unattended?
There will always be at least one person in the house with the dogs. This does not necessarily mean that the person will have the dog right next to him the whole time. He/she might be cooking, taking a shower, using the bathroom, attending a doggy emergency, washing dishes, etc. If you dog needs 100% supervision please let us know prior to booking.

Can you watch my dog 24/7?
No. It is impossible. This is just a regular family in a regular home setting. This is not a facility with hired personnel to cover each hour 100%. Although there is always at least one human in the house we cannot have 100% of our eyes 24/7 on one particular dog. If your dog has respiratory issues or heart issues that can sneak up on him without signs please let us know. If your dog needs 100% supervision and has special needs he/she might be admitted but extra fees will apply. In some cases we might not admit a dog with serious health issues that requires this much attention.

Do you foster/board aggressive dogs?
No. Although I specialize in dog aggression we do not foster or board dogs with severe aggressive history. If your dog has a biting history and has injured anyone (human or animal) in the past you must let us know and unfortunately we won't admit him/her but we will be happy to give you advice or training at your property. We could also come to your home several times a day to feed, exercise and to let him/her out to potty

My dog has never marked inside my house, what if he starts marking in yours?
It is common for dogs to mark areas that other dogs have marked in the past. We do our best at sanitizing and deodorizing all spots but a dog's nose can smell scents we can't. If your dog starts marking we will potty train him. Most dogs get it right away but if your dog decides to mark everything and everywhere you will be charged an extra fee ($5 per day or $20 per week) and depending on the severity he will not be admitted again.

My dog has severe anxiety problems, would that be an issue?
No. We have experience with dogs that have all kinds of behavior issues and know exactly what to do and what not to do to make his/her stay as comfortable and stress free as possible. If needed he/she will be separated, away from the triggers that cause the stress.

How do you feed the dogs?
They eat in separate areas twice a day, 9am and 5pm. Small dogs eat away from the medium/large dogs. Any dogs with guarding issues will be fed separately away from the rest. If your dog is possessive over food or toys or humans, please let us know. They are all asked to sit, wait (and do eye contact) and take it!. If you have different commands that you use at feeding let us know in writing and attach to his food.

Do you board large dogs?
Yes, but only one large dog at a time.

Can you keep my dog Off Couches and Beds?
:^) Yes. Although we love to snug and cuddle with all the dogs on the couch, if that is off limits at your home, we will keep it the same here.

Can you use this shock collar on my dog?
No. I really dislike using any aversive or unpleasant stimulus to discourage bad behavior but I do use what I call "Life Consequences". Natural consequences to bad actions such as me acting in pain and stopping play if the puppy mouths my hand. If you leave fog horns, spray bottles with irritant spray, prong collars, shock collars, etc to be used for bad behavior I will not use them. There is no need!. Once I bond with the dog, they know just by reading my face and body language if I agree, disagree, if I am totally pleased or totally disgusted with their actions.

My dog is in training, could you continue the training for us?
Yes, just write all the commands in a piece of paper and tell me when to use them (feeding, door, car etc)

Will any type of training be included if we board our dog with you?
Yes. We do things that reinforce good behavior. Everything we do is just basic doggy manner training to ensure that no issues arise within the pack during the stay. It helps everybody get along better by being on the same page. For instance, if someone has an issue with the vacuum cleaner we will teach him not to react anymore. If someone likes to jump on people we will teach him that sitting calmly is the best option.

Can you do Basic Obedience Training during my dog's stay?
Yes. For puppies, basic obedience training is included at no extra charge. For behavior modification training extra charges apply. You will receive a paper with all the details so you can continue practicing and reinforce what your pet learned. Basic Manner Training is also included for free for all dogs. If there is anything in particular that we worked on and that needs to be addressed we will let you know. If you have a concern with any behavior issue let us know. We will be happy to work with him and let you know what you can do to help.

My dog is not spayed/neutered, is that an issue?
No. All our dogs are spayed/neutered. We only board one or two dogs and if your dog is not neutered/spayed we will make sure the other dog we board is not intact as well. If your dog is in heat, let us know. If she is bleeding she might need to wear doggy diapers (please bring doggy diapers).

Can you take care of my epileptic dog? She gets seizures and needs to be monitored the whole time, it is life threatening and medication needs to be administered right away.
No. We are just a regular family in a regular home. We don't have vet technicians covering shifts to watch a dog that needs 100% supervision due to special health issues.

Can you administer medications?
Yes. We can give oral medication, ointment (eye, ears and nose) and topical. Although I am trained to administer injections and anal medication I am not legally allowed to do so and this can only be administered by a licensed veterinary professional. I will have to either request for a tech to come to the house or take your dog to the clinic. Extra charges apply.

Are there dog fights often?
No. The advantage of being a behavior expert is that I can read signs that the normal human eye cannot see and prevent any type of friction within the pack. We are all familiar with dog body language and know exactly what to do and what not to do to avoid a fight. The pack shares toys, beds and water bowls without any issues. Dogs with guarding issues quickly learn to share (but please let us know if your dog has guarding issues so we treat it from the start).

My dog has a crate but your website says no crates. Can I bring it?
Yes. If that is what your dog is used to, please bring it along together with instructions on how and when to use it.

My dog is not potty trained, would that be a problem?
Yes. And we will charge the Excessive Potty Accident Fee, $5 per day or $20 per week for a small/regular size dog. For puppies this fee includes Potty Training. Giant breeds that are not potty trained will not be admitted.

Is there always a human near the dogs you watch?
Yes. But remember this is just a regular home with regular needs and habits. There will always be a human near but if your dog needs attention 24/7 100% of the time due to health issues we might not be able to help. We don't have veterinarian techs covering shifts to attend dogs with special needs that require full supervision.

What type of injuries could happen from dogs playing?
Normal injuries from playtime include, abrasions from tooth or nail contact with the skin on the face and hind legs and ankles (not a bite, but a scratch from accidental contact from tooth and skin), sore muscles, broken nail from the root (please trim your dogs nails prior to their vacay), saliva gland blockage (this can happen if a tooth puts pressure on the gland under the neck during play causing swelling), eye infection, bloating, and other minor scratches. Injuries during play are not common but can happen. Any injury will be reported to you right away. If after the vacay you notice any unusual growth, swelling or soreness, discharge, lack of appetite or any unusual change in behavior and energy level please contact us right away and contact your veterinarian. Although the injuries listed above could happen, your dog might be exhibiting signs of something totally unrelated and will need to be addressed by a vet right away...specially any growth or lumps under the neck (it can be lymphoma cancer which shows up from one day to the next). Lumps on legs and head can be a bone related issue (osteosarcoma cancer and needs to be treated immediately).

My dog doesn't' eat when we board him. Is there anything you can do to help?
No dog is allowed to starve while staying with Lulu's Pack!. If I have to cook for your baby I will do so. It will be rice, sweet potato, chicken breast and broccoli. All organic and in the right proportions.

Will you be taking my dog on car rides?
If I have to, yes. I am very responsible for the dogs that are under my care. If no one is home to watch the dog and I have to go somewhere I will take her with me. I do not leave the dog inside the car on her own. She goes with me. Since I am a certified trainer your baby will be wearing a special vest that will allow her access to areas where dogs are normally not allowed.

Will you be taking my dog anywhere outside of your home?
If I have to, yes. If there is not one else at home to watch your pooch and I have to go somewhere I will take him/her with me. I do not leave the dog inside the car on its own. He/she goes with me. Your baby will be wearing a special Dog Training Vest so he can go anywhere with me.
We treat all dogs as part of our family. If we have a trip to the beach planned and you contact us at the last minute for boarding...guess what? Your dog will be going to the beach with The Pack!. Other places we might take your dog is to pet stores, vet offices, dog parks, hikes, school, grocery store, hardware stores, and other stores. If you don't want us to take your dog anywhere, please let us know. If you need a last minute reservation and we have family plans for that day we will inform you so you can decide if you still want to book with us. We will inform you about the activities we will be sharing with your dog if he comes along (usually beach, hikes in the forest, visits to stores, window shopping,outdoor dinner/lunch. All dogs will always be on leash and with us)

Can you exercise my dog?
Yes. Besides the regular exercise they have during playtime we go for runs and short hikes near our home. When weather is not inviting we do indoor activities which involve some fetching, nose work and other activities that drain their energy just from brain work.

Can someone else pick up my dog?
Yes, but this will have to be written on the DogVacay profile and information as an emergency contact and also in a piece of paper. Please provide full name and phone number of the person picking up the dog and your relation with him/her. If any one knocks on our door to pick up your dog we will not release him/her if we don't have your authorization.

If we need to pick him up days later would that be an issue?
No. If something unexpected happens and you need to extend your vacay please let us know right away. We will send you an invoice for any remaining charges.

What will happen to my dog if I can't pick him up and there is no way for me to contact you?
We rescue dogs. At that point we will assume something unexpected happened. We will contact DogVacay and get a hold of your emergency contact on file. Please make sure you always fill up all the information on the website prior to leaving your dog with us. We will keep taking care of your pet until we hear from you.

My dog eats a special diet, can you make sure that he doesn't eat anything else other than his own food?
Yes. My two little dogs also need special diets. I know how dangerous it can be if they get into anything other than their prescription diet. Please provide specific instructions in a written piece of paper and attach to your dog's food. Label all his food. Write the brand and type of food in case I need to buy more.

My dog eats rocks, can you keep him from picking up rocks to eat?
We have a fairly large backyard and we really cannot control what your dog picks up to eat. We can run and try to take it away but he might swallow it as he sees us rushing towards him. If your dog has this habit or any other eating disorder please let us know. We can limit his time outside to the minimum, use a leash to keep him close.

Will my dog have full access to your home?
Yes. Once he gains my trust, all gates will be open for him so he can feel at home and be part of the family. Dogs that are not potty trained and dogs that can't control their marking will be kept off carpeted areas (second floor is carpeted).

What kind of treats can I bring to share with all the dogs?
Since we will be sharing the treats with everybody, please only bring organic treats, all natural. DO NOT BRING RAW HIDES OR BONES!. And please don't bring anything Made in China!. We encourage to bring only Made in the USA dog treats. Home made treats are always loved!. Thank you!

Should I bring his bowls and bed?
If your dog is the typical happy go lucky pooch he will do just fine without them. We provide clean bedding and clean bowls for all the dogs under our care. But if your dog has separation anxiety issues, he/she is nervous in new places and around new people and new dogs then it would be best for your dog to have all his personal items with him to make him feel more at home.

Can you provide examples of property damage caused by dogs?
Some damage is expected but damage to our personal property is not acceptable and you will be responsible. Your dog can chew and destroy dog toys and even get a little dirt on our couches, walls and flooring. Your dog can rip grass out of the yard, damage plants and dig holes in the yard. These are expected damages and you won't be responsible for them. But if your dog damages or destroys our belongings or parts of the house then you will be liable for replacement parts, labor to fix it or total replacement of the item/s your dog damaged. Here are some things dogs have damaged in the past, they mostly happen during the night or when the dog was left unattended for no longer than 15 mins: 2 feet of baseboard chewed and pulled; wood panel on stair case chewed up; carpet torn and pulled; deep scratches on french doors; breaking of collectibles that were high up on a mantel; shoes; dog beds, blankets and pads; dog furniture; window screens; leather couch soiled with pee from great dane; drapes soiled with pee; corner of wood table chewed up; electrical wires to hot tub pulled and broken; wall stucco damaged; etc. These are just some of the damages some of the dogs have caused and that the dog owners were responsible for at time of pick up. Damages to property are not covered by the DogVacay Insurance and each owner is solely responsible for any damages caused by his/her dog during the stay.


Have a Wonderful Day!
Lulu and The Pack

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Can administer oral medicine
CPR / First-Aid certified
Can administer injected medicine
Post-surgical pets
Special Needs Accommodated
  • Pets that require medicine
  • Pets recovering from surgery
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Advanced senior issues
  • Not yet house-trained
  • Separation anxiety
  • Leash Pulling

Lulu M.

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113 Reviews
92 Repeat Guests
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  • Same day bookings are OK
  • Responds within 12 mins
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Services & Rates

Boarding Overnight At Lulu's Home
$35 /night
  • Watches up to 3 dogs/night
  • Dogs will never be left unattended
  • 5+ potty breaks/day
  • 1 walk/day
  • Pets can sleep wherever they want
Daycare At Lulu's Home
$27 /day
  • Watches up to 1 dog /day
$20 /visit
  • Willing to travel 10 miles
$45 /hour
$30 /min
$55 /max
$20 /bath
$8 each way
  • Willing to travel 10 miles
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113 Reviews
Sami had a great time at Lulu's! I had great confidence and peace of mind while Sami stayed at Lulu's. She is a caring and capable doggie caregiver and made Sami feel like one of the family. I would definitely recommend Lulu to any of my friends and family and I'm sure Sami will be visiting again! Thank you Lulu!!!
My dog was very well cared for. He had plenty of outside play time. There were other good-natured dogs for him to play with. There was someone with him pretty much 24/7 so, he did was able to be less anxious. Lulu was very attentive to his/our personal rules. Very accommodating of our schedule. The daily texts and photos helped us feel at ease while we were enjoying our vacation. We would definitely bring Jágr back next time we are out of town. Highly recommended.
Lulu took very good care of Shadow, our 9 month old Lab mix while we were on vacation for 5 days. I think the first day or two were an adjustment being away from mom and dad and no other dogs her age/ size to play with but then they had 2 other puppy friends join them for the weekend and the fun began! Lulu had her hands full but she was very good at sending updates and pictures to us throughout the vacation. Lulu also gave me a few pointers on training areas we could work on with Shadow which I appreciated.

Lulu has a nice home and yard and neighborhood. Her family was very nice as well.
Read All 113 Reviews
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