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Chrystal H.

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Pet Requirements

  • 1-20 lbs
  • 20-40 lbs
  • 40-80 lbs
  • 80+ lbs
All Ages OK
Must Be Spayed or Neutered
Must Be Vaccinated

Chrystal 's Resident Pets

CAT: Hogan
6 yr 3 mo old
CAT: Ginger Pie
3 yr 7 mo old
2 yr 5 mo old
Leo, an Akbash mix
Mixed Breed
0 yr 8 mo old
Other Pets & Animals: Cats

Chrystal 's House

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Large Yard
100% fenced & locked
Smoke-free home
Air-conditioned inside
Great for senior pets

About Chrystal

35 Years Experience Caring For Dogs
Professional care, portraits, and room to play indoors and out! I have a great place for huge dogs here in beautiful Oak Cliff, Please, read on: it's a long description, but will answer many important questions.

Look us up on a map if you do not know where Oak Cliff is before scheduling a meet. Thanks.

I'm a professional; this is what I do. I have 30+ years' worth of the skills to make sure your dog is happy and safe, from professional work with animals to having my own pets in my smoke-free home. I have experience fostering rescues for over 30 years, although I cannot do that now.

Scout is my helper dog, medium sized and of dubious origin, his job is to play with other dogs. He is very good at this. He's energetic, but learns to play with dogs who are smaller than himself (and my cats) carefully, and knows to leave older dogs who do not want to play alone. He can be more enthusiastic on a meet than he is day to day. If your dog is large or extra-large, it won't be a problem. We love a Mastiff, Saint, or a Dane...and especially sight-hounds...but are happy to see guests of all sizes.

Leo is my new "anchor" dog, a very large adopted Akbash mix, under one year old and still learning. He is very easy going and loves everyone. He will be mild-mannered all his life, and tends to defer to others now, as a pup. He will finish growing at 3-4 years old.

Ravenhill has two resident cats. One is Hogan, who is under the impression that he is a dog. If your dog has a history of severe cat-aggression, this may not be a good fit. However, most dogs can learn relatively quickly that the indoor-only cat is not a toy, and many make friends with Hogan. Hogan passed an informal "racing greyhound" test, and tries to get dogs to lick him on his head. He is also very high-ranking, status-wise.

Ginger Pie is the other cat. She likes meeting new dogs, but does not boss them around or steal their beds. She solicits attention from ones she trusts. Especially boxers.

The wooded OAK CLIFF lot is almost 2 acres and securely fenced with a 6-foot MIX of chain-link, iron, and wood. It is not landscaped, so digging is okay! Built in the 1950's, this house is a FLW knock-off that has been made very pet-friendly. Wood floors and tile throughout (no carpet), The tile is rough and no-slip. Most windows go down to floor so dogs can look out easily, and there are ceiling fans and cool floors for napping in summer.

Huge dog beds are all over the place...I don't have a couch. The big, fenced back yard is wooded, well-drained, and on a hill, with sandy areas for digging and wrestling. The deck is a work in progress, but has 2 flights of stairs, one specially designed to be less steep and shorter, with broader steps for dogs who have stair issues. Dogs who cannot do any steps at all may be leash-walked in the front, which is flat.

I'm not a professional photographer, but I will try to give you some quality portraits of your pet - it's fun for me to see if I can capture their personalities, as you can see from the pictures I have posted here (click through to see them all).

I have a page on Facebook (Ravenhill) where I post pictures, as well, and you are invited to go visit the page to get a much better idea of the day-to-day life your dog can lead in my home. Each guest has his or her own photo album on the Ravenhill page, too! This means you can get to know a dog who may be scheduled to be a "roomie" with your dog. You can also easily share your pet's pictures with family and friends. It's a fun page to follow if you are sick of serious things.

I try to avoid overbooking...your friend won't be overwhelmed with a pack of 20 dogs! Usually 5 or less, except on major holidays. No cages or kennels - unless you want to bring one that your dog likes - dog beds in most rooms. No dog runs; everyone is family. Dogs make friends with other guests, so if there is a small group, they will be dogs who have met before --- in most cases, many times, and they all get along well. I have regular guests who come so often that they may as well be my dogs. When I have more than 3 dogs booked, it usually means regulars are involved.

Dogs are divided up at mealtimes..... and bedtime. This is for safety and also because I learned quickly that some dogs think it is hilarious to start a wild game of chase at 3am. This means dogs may be at liberty in the den, kitchen, or library, or in their "houses" if they bring one and are used to that. During the day, kennels are left open and dogs come and go freely as they like. In the event of an emergency, if I have to leave the house, dogs will be divided for safety. If I will be gone for a longer time, I have an adult family member or a trusted friend with dog experience come in. I disclose things at the time of reservation if it is known (like a doctor's appointment).

I have fostered many pets over many years, as well as working professionally in animal care in the past. Although not certified, I have successfully administered CPR on a dog. Vacay covers your pet on a visit with excellent insurance (more about that on their webpage). I'm very careful with pets who have food allergies, part of why separate feeding is a must. I will contact you with questions if I have a concern about your pet. You may tell me it is nothing, but I am going to make sure.

In 2010, I lost almost everything in a house fire at this house; everything is now new. It is also in disarray, because I have not completely finished restoring the house. It takes a long time...so a few boxes are still here and there, but the dogs don't seem to mind.

I love being a Vacay host. It's not a job...it is more a lifestyle, and allows me to give 100% to the pets.

I'm doing some of the work on the house myself (tile, stone, woodwork etc), and hosting dogs allows me to be here 24/7. We (myself and the dogs) go out in the yard several times a day, and I weed or work in my greenhouse or weedeat the yard while they romp, dig holes, chase birds, or eat grass. The deck is always in progress, it seems!

When we are indoors, we have "CAT TV" to entertain...which means birds and squirrels on the deck..and sometimes a raccoon or opossum at night! No one is left outside unattended unless they really want to stay out there; I'm usually there with the camera, taking pictures for you.

Since I am not a vet keeping dogs in cages, the size of a pet makes no difference in the cost of a visit: $30 per night, per dog. They will all be treated equally.

I'm unable to offer discounts for multiple dogs; I often have to turn clients away when the house is full, and I have tried to keep my rate below that at a decent vet or boarding kennel.

My property taxes keep going up, and for good reason, but I do not want to price good owners out of my services. I sometimes accommodate more than 5 guest dogs at once, but it depends on pack dynamics. Often, your dog may get to know other frequent guests and will make friends. If you have four, just ask!

I require a Meet and Greet. I'm flexible on times for meeting and greeting, so feel free to come check us out. To request one, use the link under "Make a Reservation".

It is like a play date for your dog, and takes 30-45 minutes. Longer if you really like to talk about dogs and pets. It also builds confidence in your dog if they come back for a stay, because they have come before. If you cannot locate the Meet and Greet request link, call the concierge to help you out. Apparently, and somewhat inconveniently, it moves around based on the platform you are using.

I think it is crucial for us to meet and greet the dogs first, for safety's sake. I do not mind doing meet and greets with dogs even if you have no trip planned at all. It means if there is something that comes up, we know your dog will fit in. It is good to have a plan in case of some emergency, also. I may decline a meet and greet time if there are many guests here, or guests with special issues who might make your dog feel stressed on a first visit, and ask for another time. I want your dog's first impression to be a positive one.

I'm unwilling to accept adult intact dogs here, male or female.

The dogs know the difference, and I have seen the behavior of my own dogs become markedly negative around them at dog parks. I have to put everyone's safety first. Dogs can be altered at 4 pounds of weight or 4 months of age, whichever comes first, (later for giant breed dogs who develop more slowly.) It's a health issue for the dog, a legal issue in Dallas, and usually tied to multiple behavior issues because of the hormones. If you have been putting it off, I'm glad to advise on good options/vets/clinics for getting it done or discuss more reasons if you are interested.

I also ask that all dogs be on a flea and tick prevention from your vet. The over-the-counter stuff is not effective, especially here in the woods, during warm months. Ticks live around here. Being vaccinated against leptospirosis is not a bad idea, but I don't require it.

Since we are in Texas, heartworm prevention is just a given part of pet care.

If your dog has never left your side, and your trip will be a long one, it is okay to have more than one "meet and greet", so your dog has been here with you a couple of times and may adjust more easily.

Crate training a dog can give him or her a sense of security and routine in a strange place. If your dog is crate trained, I encourage you to bring his or her "house". Some dogs seek this out in thunderstorms as well as bedtime. Some like to hang out in them with favorite toys of for naps. The transition is often made easier with a blanket or bedding from home. Dogs who are used to sleeping with owners have a very hard time adjusting, and this can help.

If your dog has never been away, and always sleeps with you, you can help prepare your dog for his or her Vacay by disallowing sleeping in the bed from time to time. Once they learn that even when this happens, you still love and value them the next day, it will be easier for them to sleep and adjust when you are gone. (In dog society, where one sleeps is a much bigger deal than with humans, so this really can help the dog be more confident in general)

If your dog has special needs or problems, just let me know and we can discuss how best to accommodate them. Issues like poor bladder control, food aggression, or separation anxiety can all be handled, but it helps when I know up front and can be prepared.

In some cases, such as a recent surgery where a bandage needs changing, a dog requires diapers, special walking, or other medical care, there might be a surcharge. Just discuss things with me. Bringing up medical and extreme care conditions is only going to help the dog.

If your vet has told you your dog needs to lose or gain weight, or you just know this, I am good helping with this, and can help you get a dog on a program while she or he is visiting. I am glad to share tips and tricks for helping get a dog of any age to a fit weight. I end up loving dogs who stay here, and I want to keep seeing them for a long time! I'm very proud of several of my clients and their dogs who have gotten in great shape over time!

Another note: the Calendar feature here on Vacay does not show when I have only 1 guest, or if I have booked using a custom quote, so feel free to ask if I'm available, even if it appears I am not.

First, PLEASE, schedule the essential Meet and Greet, and let me know the dates you are considering, and I will check my home calendar to work with you. Regarding Meet and Greets, I'm very flexible with my schedule and will try to work with whatever time is best for you. The system suggests days, but also let me know time of day.

Also, I don't have a "staff", so please, let me know if you change your plans. I don't mind, but knowing allows me to schedule other things, like a run to the pharmacy, or even a shower, etc without missing you.

Pick up and drop off:

Morning hours are AFTER 8:30 am out of consideration to neighbors, and so dogs here can eat breakfast.

Evening hours can be as late as 11:00 pm for pick ups, which have less barking.

I am not going to charge you for every hour over 24 hours, etc. But be considerate in your planning.

Meet and greets are best after 10 am and during daylight hours.

Details the system won't let me put in:

I can do last minute bookings for repeat guests in many cases. New guests are going to need a meet and greet, and also I will be taking into consideration any dogs already booked for that time period.

DogVacay defines "puppies" as under 2 years old. True for labs...but I have to draw the line at 6 months. NO dogs under 6 months, and all should be spayed or neutered, unless they are a giant breed pup.

I cannot accept totally blind dogs right now while work on the deck is in progress.

I'm no longer accepting new clients under 20 pounds. If your dog's size is in a grey area, we can discuss. Small dogs need to be actually house trained - potty pads or peeing in your shower is not house trained.

If your adult dog is not actually house trained, I can tell you how to do it and start a dog while he or she is here. There will be a charge for training, because it can be very labor-intensive. But if you keep it up at home, strictly, it will work and an adult can learn very quickly. You may be asked to bring a few things. Never puppy pads, though. Just discuss with me.

At no charge, I do light training while a dog is in my care. I am glad to work with you on your dog's needs and what you can do. I am a bit more strict with dogs than many owners, but the dogs manage to have a good time and are safe. Some kinds of training I cannot do here, because I have guest dogs here. When you pick up your pet, I may tell you a bit about what we worked on and how to reinforce at home.

I hope to meet your and your dog soon. Thanks for deciding to give your dog the gift of a Vacay! Take a few minutes to see the pictures of my beautiful and fun guests enjoying themselves at Ravenhill; your dog may fit right in!

You may want to meet with more than one host to be sure you get the right fit for your dog. Of course, I hope every dogs works out, but I also want what is best for the dogs.

I know that boarding your dog is a very important decision, and I welcome questions and concerns. Thank you for taking the time to read this and research for your dog.

This pet care professional brought to you in part by the Affordable Care Act. =)
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Special Needs Accommodated
  • Pets recovering from surgery
  • Separation anxiety
  • Leash Pulling

Chrystal H.

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174 Reviews
83 Repeat Guests
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Services & Rates

Boarding Overnight At Chrystal 's Home
$30 /night
  • Watches up to 3 dogs/night
  • Dogs may be unsupervised for no more than 1 hour/day
  • 5+ potty breaks/day
  • 0 walk/day
  • Pets will sleep in their own beds
Daycare At Chrystal 's Home
$15 /day
  • Watches up to 2 dogs/day
174 Reviews
Chrystal loves dogs. This is a gift to us while Bennie and Bella stay with her and the other dogs she cares for. Also, her space is extremely dog friendly in and out. There is a large backyard, I'm talking large...fenced yet large enough for standard poodles who love to romp and play to do so with great delight. Love that there are other pups for Bennie, in particular, to socialize among. Other than Chrystal having a brief moment of forgetting she had our dog beds, her place is excellent! She is clear, honest, forthright, loving, caring, thoughtful, and her place is perfect for dogs who won't be obsessed with the cats. Bennie, just has a hard time responding kindly to a polite or assertive and clear NO. Oh well. I highly recommend Chrystal!!! 5 stars!
My dogs LOVE coming here! Chrystal at Ravenhill is amazing, and treats our pups like her own. Highly recommend her!
Excellent environment for my doggies. Her backyard is a wonderland of exploration. I appreciate all the individual attention they receive. Perfect setup for me being close by and flexible. Dogs had their own room to sleep in. Crystal is awesome.
Hank LOVES staying with Chrystal! He comes home worn out from all the playing he does. It is such a piece of mind knowing that he is being so well taken care of. I'm so thankful that we found Chrystal!
Chrystal really knows her stuff. She's a great pack leader!
Bella had a great time with Chrystal. She ran around and played all weekend with her dog Scout. She came home a tired pup.
This was the first time we used Chrystal. Things went great, she was very accommodating and flexible. We received updates and pics too. My dog came home with some extra treats and poop bags too! Highly recommend.
A wonderful experience. Chrystal is GREAT with both the dogs and her own cats. It's an excellent environment for dogs, and our pet was really well cared for. Highly recommended.
Chrystal truly cares and has a passion for animals! She keeps my dogs safe and happy ! I've tried a few Dogsvacay sitters, and she is hands down the best around!!
To say I was overwhelmed by Chrystal's kindness is a true understatement. She is an amazingly kind and patient host who provided our sweet Fiona a one-of-a-kind experience. She had such an awesome time that she is frankly a little depressed to be back home. I cannot recommend Chrystal enough. She is truly an animal person and went so above and beyond with the care of our precious dog that I am blown away.
Chrystal is a patient, caring, professional pet sitter. She has a wealth of knowledge about dog's health and well-being (and just about anything with four legs and fur). I enthusiastically recommend her.

In her home, she has an area for the dogs to rest and socialize. Outdoors she has an amazing wooded area for the dogs to run and play. Best of all the dogs are allowed to be dogs.

Also, I appreciate that she was able to integrate my neurotic and hyper German shepherd into her pack of guests and without incident.
Chrystal has an amazing space! Rudy absolutely loved his stay! She is very knowledgeable about dogs and you can tell she has a true passion for animals.
My dog had a wonderful time! I was very comfortable leaving my pet with Crystal. She is a great caretaker and updated us each day with pics and notes. I highly recommend Crystal!
Our two babies stayed with Chrystal over the holiday weekend and the verdict was strong when we picked them up - they LOVED it! Chrystal was extremely attentive to each of them. They were both incredible and comfortable there and they really enjoyed their stay. The backyard is outstanding as it allows them to really get their smells in and socialize with other dogs. Chrystal also provided great feedback around improvements we can take with regards to training and at-home behavior. I would highly recommend Chrystal to anyone who is looking for someone responsible, attentive and dedicated to caring for your babies!!!
Chrystal is incredible. Very good with our boys.
Chrystal was great! Very knowledgeable about dogs and made my pup feel right at home. She has a great dog-friendly place and keeps the dogs on a routine while still allowing them the space to be their doggy-selves. I will be booking her again and recommending her to friends!
Before finding Ravenhill, I boarded my rescued dog at the dog lofts associated with my vet. He would get so anxious he would be shaking when I dropped him off and would, inevitably, have lost a significant amount of weight or made himself sick by the time I picked him up. Chrystal at Ravenhill takes such good care of Riley he literally runs up to her when she walks out her front door. She is excellent with dogs and does a great job of sending pics of your guy/girl while you are gone; not to mention she has a wonderful backyard for dogs to play in. I always pick Riley up healthy and well-groomed. I have recommended Ravenhill to multiple friends....all of whom are now regular clients as well.
Chrystal was fabulous, taking great care of Louie and sending frequent photo updates of his escapades with the other dogs. Super highly recommended.
I took a shy dog there for a week and she came back so much more confident. Chrystal is great at reading dog signals and helping them become the best doggie they can be. I will be using her again and again and again and will recommend her to everyone. Even if they don't ask my opinion!
We love leaving our dog with Chrystal. She takes such good care of him and always keeps us updated on his new friends and adventures. Her home is very safe and dog friendly, and she is a delight to work with.
Wow. I don't know where to start. I have nothing but good things to say about Chrystal and how she's so passionate about her sitting. I was a bit skeptical of using dogvacay again after my first run in with a different sitter. But, Chrystal went above and beyond. She's so knowledgable about everything as well. Not only my dog left happy and missing Finnegan and Scotlut, but I also left happy knowing so much more in making sure my pet gets all she needs in terms of behavior, diet, and socialization. I will be coming again. And I would leave Venice with her for proper socialization and excercise once a week. This is the best decision I made for my gal.
I am sooo happy to have found Chrystal! We have two large (100+ lbs) rescued pyrs that have "unique" personalities to say the least. Our boy suffers from storm anxiety, our youngest can have issues if not properly introduced to new dogs and both can be territorial when it comes to their food. Finding someone who can handle dogs that size, keep them active, happy and that doesn't cost a small fortune - has not been easy. In the past, we've always boarded them with our vet when we've had to travel. Not only has this been costly, but our oldest generally doesn't eat and both dogs come back stressed and restless.

Having stumbled on DogVacay at random and finding Chrystal is such a relief. The other reviews don't lie, she's legit. Our pyrs just finished their first 2 day stay and came back happy and worn out. Chrystal sent tons of pictures and updates everyday, which I was so appreciative of. Wynnie, our youngest, made friends and Wilson survived a thunderstorm/rain as good as we could have hoped for. We have some longer trips in the coming months and I feel so relieved to know we've found someone who will love them - almost - as much as we do while we're away :) Thank you so much, Chrystal!
Chrystal is always amazing!
Chrystal is a great sitter and Shadow had a great time. She loved running in the big fenced-in back yard! Thank you Chrystal for a great experience.
Chrystal is the best! We got so many awesome pictures of the dogs having a blast daily which was great knowing they were well taken care of. They were all three excited to be home but tuckered out from their adventures at Chrystal's. We even got a few surprise gifts when we got home, some bones!

We will definitely be using Chrystal again when we go out of town. I highly recommend!
This was the first time that we use dogvacay and we have only great things to say about it.
Before the meet-n-greet with Chrystal, we were so skeptical and nervous because Shoupi is an adopted puppy who still feels unsafe and uncomfortable with the people. When we met Chrystal, our concerns were dissolved. Chrystal is a PROFESSIONAL and animal lover. She knows how to manage a dog. While we were away, she was sending emails and fotos with Shoupi playing in the yard with the other dogs. This daily communication didn't let us to feel worried about her. When we came back, Shoupi didn't want to leave Chrystal and her new friends. Undoubtedly, she enjoyed her stay there. We highly recommend Crystal!! Thank you for everything!
My dog Margie has stayed with Chrystal twice-- and she's come back better behaved than when I dropped her off! Crystal has the perfect home and yard for big dogs with plenty for them to do. Also, my dog loves to chew, so I always appreciate Chrystal's tips on the best affordable chew options for her! Thank you Chrystal for all you do!
Chrystal is a dog whisperer! She has an incredible facility for the pups, but more than that she is is a true pack leader. We were more than impressed with the way she handled our young rambunctious pup. the photos she shared put our minds and hearts at ease while we were gon. Chrystal was SUPER helpful and gave us great tips on exercising, fencing and training.

Also her dogs are amazing and really helped settle the pups. So great!
Awesome as always! Thanks for caring for our Pup!
Dogs had a great time and came back tired and happy
She was able to take Cora in again on a short notice. Responded quickly to all of my messages. She showed Cora a Great time! And updated pictures regularly. Cora had really good time and made friends. I'm very happy with Chrystal's services and knowledge with the dogs. She also has a lot of land for the dogs to run around and sniff the ground. Obviously I love my dog and want to keep her with me at all times, but when I can't. Chrystal is the trustworthy source for my dog vacay.
Truman was so tired (in a good way) when I picked him up - he clearly had had a lot of fun! He was also brushed and came home with a new bone. Chrystal is the absolute best!
Chrystal was amazing with our puppy. We left her in her care when she was about 4 mos old, and when we came back she was even better behaved then when we left her. We felt so comfortable leaving her with Chrystal, as she was totally in control of the fun group of dogs that were staying that week. The dogs have a huge outdoor area to run and play in, so they get tons of exercise. We got to see pictures everyday on Dog Vacay and the Facebook page, so we knew our girl was having a good time. Definitely recommend Ravenhill!
Another wonderful stay with Chrystal. Our dogs are always happy with her. She sees that they are well cared for. Chelsea really loves to run and play with other dogs that are there along with her dogs. I can't say enough about the best caretaker of my dogs. We will always use her. Chrystal please don't leave. She stays busy with other people that have discovered how wonderful she is. We love her.
We needed a break from the puppy energy while our grandson & kids were visiting. Chrystal took a last-minute reservation to help us out, despite being very busy with lots of guests and our girl being pretty high-maintenance. She went above and beyond just to accommodate us. As always, she was wonderful with Abi. She's one of the most kind and generous people you'll ever meet. We appreciate her soooo much!
Chrystal took outstanding care of our baby while we were away with the rest of our family. We loved all of the updates she sent & returned to a better behaved dog than we had left.
Chrystal is a tremendous resource and always full of helpful tips for our high-energy girl.
I can only type with one finger of my left hand at this point, but Chrystal is just a fantastic person with dogs of all sizes. My dog Piper loves to go there. I trust Chrystal completely to care for ALL of Piper'/s needs.
We have always used a typical pet boarding facility during our vacations and found them to be very impersonal. We didn't want our furbabies locked in a 'room' for most of the day with several bathroom breaks and a little playtime. We decided to look into DogVacay for an alternative and found Ravenhill that is managed by Crystal. What a great decision it was to leave our girls with Crystal as we went on vacation. We appreciated getting daily email updates and pictures while we were half a world away, knowing that Cassie and Cordy were being well taken care of. We highly recommend Ravenhill and Crystal to anyone looking for a better place to house your dogs while you are away on vacation. From the pictures we received our babies were having a great time playing with Crystal's dogs and the other boarders. We will definitely use Ravenhill for all of our future vacation plans as the dogs were cared for as if they were hers. Thank you Crystal.
I have 3 Boston Terrier/Pug mixes and they had such a great time with Chrystal! I got daily pictures of them exploring the yard and interacting with other dogs and cats! These pictures made my day. My dogs were very well cared for! This was the most important thing to me because my dogs are my children. When I picked them up I felt they were happy to see me but not "over" happy. They enjoyed their stay and they will be back!!!
Wonderful as always!
Extremely happy with the overall experience with Chrystal... she truly is about taking care of our baby when we are away.
Truman was spectacularly cared for! Thanks!
Chrystal provided photos of Piper throughout her week-long stay. Piper seemed very happy to be there and was somewhat reluctant to leave. I am more than pleased with the care that Chrystal provided, including training Piper not to jump up on me when she wants affection, but to stand quietly beside me to be petted. A great improvement. I highly recommend Chrystal to anyone who wants a safe and happy place for their dog to stay away from home.
Chrystal watched our very active puppy for a few days while I was recovering from major surgery. It was such a blessing to know she was well cared for and having a blast while I rested.
But the BEST part was, she came home with such better manners!!! Not only did she get love and care but she got a TON of training. Chrystal worked hard on her habit of jumping up in order to keep me safe once she sent her home. We always get so much more than what we pay for with Chrystal. She is a true animal lover and pack leader!
At this point, I don't know what we would do without her. She's become an extension of our family, and our advisor on all things pet related!
Chrystal is awesome and so calm with the dogs. She gave me some great advice about Rocky's behaviors and things she worked on with him, like not jumping up and being in his kennel at night. She sent me many pictures during his 3 day stay and it looked like he had a great time with the other dogs. I would recommend her to anyone needing a fun and safe home for their fur baby while they're out of town.
Another wonderful stay with Chrystal!! She kept Mila for 8 nights in a row while we were on vacation. It's so great having a dog-sitter we trust completely with our pup! Chrystal always sends us multiple pictures, and there are always a few other fun dogs around for Mila to play with - we love it! Thanks, Chrystal!
We have to go out of town for a little while - what shall we do with Shytan? To the kennel? To the vet? No thanks. Wouldn't it be great if there was a home he could stay at while we are away from home....

We found a home for him - it's called Ravenhill!

Chrystal is firm but compassionate with our dog (Shytan) and we feel completely confident that he will be taken care of when we leave him. It was a good idea for Shytan to transition to a full overnight stay from a half day 'play date'. Chrystal has a big outdoor area for him to run around and play with the other dogs - which we prefer to being caged up all day.

Chrystal takes the time to make sure her hand-picked selection of pups will get along and are capable of working through their differences (if any). In Chrystal's house - she is the alpha dog!

On our first visit, dogs looked like they were having so much fun with each other, we wanted to pull up a bean bag and join them for an afternoon nap!

If you're looking for a carer who will care for your best friend - like you do, we recommend Chrystal.
Truman is always so happy and looks beautiful whenever I pick him up. Chrystal is absolutely amazing!
We think Chrystal is the best person to ever leave our dogs with. This time we just left Chelsea. We had a family emergency and contacted Chrystal and she worked us in. I don't think Chelsea wanted to leave. She loves to run and play with all the other dogs there. She loves her big backyard. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful place to leave their dogs.
Awesome as always!
Chrystal was amazing!
Truman came back so happy and looked better than when I left him! Chrystal is amazing!
A wonderful stay as always! Chrystal is the best!
Awesome as always. Repeat customer over and over again
Chrystal is a wonderful host to work with. She truly loves all dogs! She was flexible with her schedule and worked with us to meet the date and times we needed. Highly recommend!
Once again Chrystal was fantastic! She took our Abi extra early to help us get ready for a big event, worked with her on her annoying jumping habit while she had her, gave us more training tips when we picked her up, and sent her home exhausted and calm with a hoof treat to enjoy later. What a blessing and joy it's been to find such great care for Abi and us!
Yet another wonderful vacation, knowing Mila is under the best care with Chrystal! We received adorable photo email updates every day that made us smile, and Chrystal even offered to keep Mila an extra night when our plane got delayed due to bad weather. We are so grateful to have found Chrystal!
This is the third or fourth time our lab has been with Chrystal. She always has been creative in dealing with his energy and he comes home exhausted from having so much fun. She makes great suggestions for handling him and has taken him on short notice and under special circumstances. Highly recommended!!!
Awesome as always! Bo loves it here!
What a piece of mind it was knowing that Boomer and Roscoe where well taken care of.
Chrystal is wonderful and my pet really enjoys his stay.
Chrystal's house is the ideal home away from home for Piper. She has other dog friends to play with, squirrels in the trees to watch, plenty of bones to gnaw on, and lots of comfy dog beds to try out. Chrystal provided plenty of pics during the visit so that I could see how content Piper was there. I highly recommend.
We added on an additional day at the last minute because our move was dragging on a bit. Chrystal was so warm, understanding, and perfectly accommodating! She even added in a bath on the last day so Abi was clean to come to her new home. Finding Chrystal was a huge direct answer to our prayers. So thankful!!!
Abi's stay at Ravenhill was amazing! It gave us so much peace knowing she was not only safe and sound, but having an absolute blast while we were busy moving into our new home. Chrystal's expert touch kept her feeling calm and secure through a time of great change (and this is a typically anxious dog). She took a ton of pics that just earned our hearts and encouraged us to keep preparing the new house. All this, and Abi was learning new obedience and stress management tricks while there too!
Chrystal was amazing! So patient and kind to us first-time dog owners. Helped coach us through how to train and prepare our dog for boarding. It was just an awesome experience. Abi (our Golden mix) had a blast and was immediately comfortable, which gave us great peace. Love that she does a play date meet/greet before boarding. Perfection!
We absolutely LOVE Chrystal. She has a keen understanding of dogs, their behaviors and needs.

During our initial meet and greet Chrystal immediately was attuned to the individual aspects of my dogs personalities and level of comfortableness with the environment. I felt so lucky to have found her to take care of my pups. She provides excellent communication and quick replies. She sent photos of our dogs every day while we were gone.

She gave us some insightful observations about our dogs and how they interacted with each other during their stay as well as how they interacted with the new doggie friends they met. Her home and yard space is spectacular and provides lots of play areas and beautiful land for the dogs to explore. My dogs had a blast staying with her. I've already recommended Chrystal to a friend who has made a reservation and we will definitely schedule a stay with her again.

Chrystal is not just a dog baby sitter. She's a strong pack leader that understands the dynamics of the doggie world. Highly recommended!! It is so hard to leave my dogs and feel super fortunate to have Chrystal as a trusted and reliable resource. I know Jackson and Theo are in the best possible care when they are with Chrystal.
Chrystal is the best person ever that I would let watch my dogs. Her knowledge and kind sole really helps the my dogs adjust to us being away. I have peace of mind overtime we have left our dogs with her. She will go the extra mile to help you and your animals. My youngest dog Chelsea was worn out, which is a good thing for her. I think she would have slept through dinner if Sheba didn't want to eat. Chrystal is always sending photos to show how your dogs are doing. This is plus in my book. I would highly recommend Chrystal to watch their dogs to all my friends and family. We all love Chrystal.
Another wonderful stay with Chrystal!! We have already booked two more stays :)
Amazing as always! Chrystal takes excellent care of my dog and he always comes back looking great and happy!
Chrystal is a very caring dog host. She certainly went the extra mile in looking out after our dogs and keeping us posted on how things were going. This was our first time leaving dogs with someone vs having sitters come to the home. Our dogs are large and needed more activity and attention than one can get from a "drop by" sitter/walker.
We received pics of the dogs everyday and message updates as needed.
Chrystal has a large and interesting yard for play and lots of deck for the dogs to lounge and watch from. She was there to give them the attention they needed, yet allow them to socialize and have plenty of dog play time.
This was our first time using Dog Vacay and Chrystal, we hope to continue with both for all our pet sitting needs.
wonderful job as expected!
Chrystal is an excellent host and we completely trust leaving our dog with her. She is very knowledgeable about dogs and we are 100% worry free when she takes care of our pup. We highly recommend Chrystal!
Wonderful as always!
We love Chrystal. She's the only one I would trust completely to watch my dogs. It was obvious they were having a great time with all the pictures she sent me. I would highly recommend her (and I have) to my friends and family. I always call her the Dog Whisperer of Dallas. Chelsea and Pooh slept all the way home. That is a sure sign how much they love being with Chrystal and all her furry friends. I am sure my dogs will look forward to next month when they will be staying with her again.
Another great stay!
I have used Chrystal at least 5 times in the past 5 months. From the meet and greet to the last time I dropped and picked up my pup, Rio, I have felt at ease and happy with the entire experience. Rio gets so excited when we pull up at Chrystal's and sleeps for hours (maybe even an entire day) when he comes home b/c of all the playtime he gets. She sends A TON of great pics, updates and even a quick text to let me know things are going well. This is by far the best experience we've had with a dog sitter in the 6 years that Rio has been with us. I feel so lucky to have found Chrystal and we already have 2 upcoming reservations with her. Thank you, Chrystal for being an amazing caregiver, protector and friend to Rio. I apprecitate you from the bottom of my heart!
Chrystal took great care of our dog, Onyx. He had a great time running around the expansive backyard and he made tons of new friends. We will definitely use Chrystal again when we're out of town.
Chrystal is awesome!
My foster pup, Wags, had a great time staying with her and her dogs and it was fun to get so many pictures and updates during the weekend.
Wags is a bit "high-maintenance" and has some special issues -- Chrystal did a wonderful job looking after him, working with him, and making sure he had a great time.
I also know that Wags had an grand time exploring and playing in Chrystal's HUGE backyard -- she has the perfect set-up for taking care of dogs.
Would definitely recommend.
My absolute favorite place to take Louis. He is always SO excited to go and Always exhausted when I pick him up. Chrystal loves dogs and she treats all of the babies like her own. When I'm away, I absolutely love receiving pictures of my Louis having so much fun and socializing with all the dogs. Thanks Chrystal for providing this amazing service, at a cost I can afford! It allows me to bring louis back as often as I need to!!
Awesome as always!
Had to run to the hospital because my wife was having a baby. I had previously did a meet and greet w/ Chrystal and felt 100% confident that my dog was in good hands. I highly recommend her. Chrystal has extensive knowledge on how to handle dogs, which is obvious when you meet her.
Another great stay
I left Truman (5 yr old collie) with Chrystal for the first time for an entire week and she took excellent care of him! One of the most wonderful things about Chrystal is that she sends photo updates of your dog to you and in every picture, Truman was as happy as could be. She has a wonderful home and yard for the dogs and clearly loves animals - I felt very comfortable leaving Truman with her after first meeting her and even more so after picking him up. Truman was happy and healthy and even acted like he didn't want to leave! I'll definitely be going back to Chrystal the next time I need someone to watch Truman!
Another great stay with Chrystal! She sends us multiple pictures a day of Mila, and we love it!
I was so pleased with everything using Chrystal as Cora's Host. I received Frequent Email's and Facebook updates with Pictures showing Cora was having a good time. Chrystal does a meet and greet with all the dog's and their owners and with her expertise all the dog's got along fine. Cora is normally a very hyper dog full of energy. She was Whooped for a couple of days after her stay. A much needed treat. I am glad I chose Chrystal as the Host and definitely will always use her (if I ever have to leave Cora) I would recommend Chrystal With Raven Hill to anyone in the Dallas Fort Worth area.
Another fantastic stay with Chrystal!
Another great visit to Ravenhill! Murphy loves getting to spend lots of time out doors and with other large dogs. Chrystal's flexibility with check in/out times and knowledge of dog dynamics make this spot a no-brainer for us. Thanks!
My dogs love Chrystal. She is so good with them. She helped put them on a diet that my vet had suggested which has helped me since we have been home. Chrystal is so hands on with them and in tune with them that she noticed a lump under Pooh's bottom jaw. We took her to the vet the next day. If she had not been watching our dog's behavior then we might not have known about it until it was too late. I hope Chrystal never leaves where she is because I don't think I could trust anyone else with my dogs. She was constantly sending daily updates along with pictures to let us see how they were doing. Chrystal takes excellent photos. We can leave with peace of mind that our girls are in very good hands. I would recommend her to anyone and I have to my friends and family. Chrystal is like family to us now we have used her every time we go on vacation.
Jameson has stayed with Chrystal a couple of times now, and has loved every minute of his visits with her! We live in an apartment, so her huge backyard is like a four star resort for him!
Our Sugar loves to go on vacay with Chrystal. She comes home happy and healthy. She loves the backyard and the unlimited play options there. We will always use Chrystal.
I'll keep this short and simple. She's probably the best host on dogvacay.com.
Amazing care!!!
Piper LOVES staying at Ravenhill with Chrystal and other visiting dogs!!! I received photos every day of her playing, chasing, sleeping, relaxing. She was there for a solid week and seemed reluctant to leave! SOOOOOOOoooo much better than leaving her at a vet's in a cage! I will always use Chrystal to take care of Piper because I know I can trust her to look after her physical and emotional and social needs.
If you live anywhere in the DFW Metroplex and want to be sure that your pup is well-loved and taken care of, you have to set up a meet and greet with Chrystal to see if everyone is compatible. We are so thankful we found Dog Vacay, and most importantly, Chrystal. We have used her numerous times and will continue to do so in the future!
As always, our boxer, Juno, had a wonderful time with Miss Chrystal and her gang. We won't board our Junie unless she can stay with Chrystal. Juno eats better when we're gone with Chrystal, and she's always better behaved when she comes home! Chrystal is amazing!
RavenHill always takes great care of our dog. Even when the photo site isn't working, Crystal sends pics via email and facebook. She takes great care of our older dog and really does a great job with big dogs. Absolutely recommend this place for dog vacays!
We have used Chrystal for over a year now and for multiple occasions. She provides photo updates and is really great to work with. We are very fortunate and Caesar loves his vacations with Chrystal.
Our hero!
Chrystal is great, she is knowledgeable and caring. We are lucky to have found her.
Awesome as always!
Repeat customer yet again and already signed up for the next stay. Love it!
My cocker spaniel Bubba is getting older and has skin tags constantly no matter how often we get them removed so grooming has become some what of a pain. My last switch was to my vet thinking they would definitely be careful of them when grooming...wrong! So we gave Crystal a try...she was so awesome and very aware of his skin tags...not one knick! Bubba also gets very anxious away from home and Crystal took as much time and compassion with him as he needed. She comforted him the whole time and knew when he needed a break, that was probably the most enjoyable haircut he has ever had! Oh, and of course, he looks super handsome now! :)

We will definitely be using Crystal again for grooming and since he did so well while there we will be looking into setting up a play day too!
Chrystal always takes the best care of our pup, Mila. We are always excited for the pictures she sends, and Mila has such a fun time playing in the big backyard! Chrystal is always our #1 go-to sitter - she's wonderful.
My dog absolutely LOVES Chrystal and being at Ravenhill with other dogs. She actually put her paws on Chrystal, as though she were asking her to save her from going into the car when I came to get her. Chrystal sent photos throughout the weekend so I could see Piper having a good time, sleeping, playing, chewing on bones. I have recommended Dog Vacay - and Chrystal! - to several people this weekend while I was away. There aren't words enough to say how comforting it is to have Piper in a safe and happy place - and not caged up in a kennel - while I am gone.
Chrystal took great care of my baby boy and sent a TON of photos. Rio had such a great time with all his friends. He has been catching up on his sleep for the past day and a half but is dreaming of his next visit.
What can we say? Sugar loves it at Chrystal's place. We love Sugar being so happy and the great care that Chrystal gives......and the pictures. We won't go anywhere else.
Ravenhill was the perfect vacation for Murphey, my large, 2 year-old germen sheperd mix. There was a giant backyard, bones for guest dogs to chew on, and several other large dogs to keep him company. On top of that, Chrystal was easy to get ahold of, responsive, and friendly. I recommend it highly to any dog owner, especially if you have a large pet.
Sterling always has the best time - and Chrystal is a wonderful host and mentor. Love that Sterling is now gentle with cats and sleeping on his dog bed at home!
Chrystal is the best of the best. I know Lebowski is in good hands and I never worry.
my dog loves it here!
best experience! never changing!
This is the fourth time we have used Crystal, we will never change!
Mila had yet another great stay with Chrystal!! She has so much fun with the other dogs, and Chrystal is wonderful! We love getting all the photos she takes, and always look forward to the next stay.
Another fantastic stay. Rhonin loves spending time with Chrystal. She takes such good care of him. I would not trust anyone else more with him.
Chrystal is the absolute best. My pup used to start shaking the second we pulled up to the boarding facility, and now she practically jumps out of the car when pull into Chrystal's driveway! It is so nice to see pictures of them having fun and knowing that they will be well cared for while we're away. Can't say enough good things!
Chrystal is my #1 choice in pet sitting. I know they'll be well cared for and will get lots of attention and stimulation. Plus, I love that she regularly sends photos of my babies enjoying themselves while I'm gone. I've used Chrystal twice and will continue to go to her first as long as I live in the Dallas area.
Sterling had the best time with old and new friends. He is always excited and happy to left with Chrystal for short visit or extended stay. He comes home happy and usually learns a new command (and lesson in manners!). Chrystal is wonderful with getting the dogs to interact nicely and her own dogs (and cats) are welcoming and gracious to the visitors - human and furry.
This was my first experience using Dog Vacay and I have not left my 12 1/2 yr old springer with anyone other than family in over 7-8 years. I was initially very reticent to board my pooch in a stranger's home. However, my angst was eased in our first telephone consultation. And following the Meet & Greet, I felt completely assured that Henry was in the best hands possible. Words cannot express how wonderful, knowledgable, patient and caring Chystal is. My sweet Henry is a handful-not only does he have special needs but he is pretty high on the neurotic scale. Chrystal was not only effective in managing Hank through implementation of behavior strategies but she also taught me a great deal, sending me away with some super tools and suggestions. Chrystal kept me updated throughout the days with emails as well as posts on Ravenhill's own Facebook page. She puts 150% into her care for animals (& their humans). Without a doubt this was the most amazing experience-for both Henry and me. Kudos and sincere gratitude!
Chrystal was great! Our boxer, Juno, had a wonderful time staying with her, her dogs, and the other dogs she was sitting. Chrystal only sits three dogs at a time (in addition to her two own) and it's nice to know that Juno got plenty of attention. Chrystal sent tons of pictures of Juno while we were gone, and it was awesome to see what she was up to and that she was having a great time. We will definitely use Chrystal again when we go out of town because she's great with dogs and even spent some time training Juno (who can be stubborn and is a little spoiled). Chrystal has a huge, shady back yard with lots of space for the dogs to run and play, and inside she also has plenty of places for the dogs to rest and bones and chews to keep them entertained. Also, Juno doesn't eat very well when we are out of town, and her stay with Chrystal was the first time that she seemed to eat fairly regularly; normally Juno is quite thin even if we board her for two days. But after her four day stay with Chrystal, she looked healthier than she ever has before when we have to leave her. We were very pleased with our experience and will recommend Chrystal to anyone who wants their dog to stay somewhere that feels as much like home as possible.
Chrystal was wonderful! She was flexible about our Meet and Greet time, as well as drop off and pick up times. She has tons of experience with all kinds of dogs and made our dog Tex feel at ease very quickly. It was great to get so many photo updates while we were gone so we knew he was having fun and being well taken care of. I know he is looking forward to his next visit!
Our dog Gigi had a wonderful stay with Chrystal at Ravenhill while we were out of the country for a week. We are new to the DFW area and this was our first time leaving our baby for any length of time. We felt Ravenhill was an ideal place for Gigi to stay as it was a safe, home environment (as opposed to a kennel environment) with plenty of space and a wonderful person to look after her.

Ravenhill was perfect for Gigi for the following reasons:

1) Cozy and comfy home that she settled right into.
2) Beautiful property with plenty of land for her to explore.
3) Lots of bird and squirrel watching.
4) Always friendly and happy companions for her to socialize with.
5) Very loving and caring host who made an outstanding effort to make her feel safe and at ease.

Ravenhill was perfect for us humans for the following reasons:

1) Chrystal kept us updated daily with lots of pics via email and updates to the Ravenhill Facebook page. She was also very, very quick to respond to any messages we sent her.
2) Gigi was able to work on learning how to socialize with other dogs while at Ravenhill. This was a big deal for us as she spends a lot of time in our tiny apartment and hasn't really learned how to be at ease around other dogs. We've already seen a significant difference in her social skills since the stay.
3) Gigi has some behaviors that we've been working on improving at home like begging, jumping on people, and inhaling her food at meal time. Chrystal made an effort to work with her on these things without us even asking her to. That really was an extra bonus for us.
4) We were able to conveniently set up a meet and greet/play date a few weeks before Gigi's stay. This allowed us to meet Chrystal and see the place before deciding on booking with her.
5) The drop off and pick up were very easy as Chrystal is quite flexible and accommodating with the times.

We live about a 1/2 hour away from Ravenhill, but this place is well worth every minute of the drive. Gigi has been in great spirits since her visit and we felt at peace the entire time. We will definitely look to have Gigi stay at Ravenhill again in the future. I cannot recommend this place enough to anyone looking for a safe, fun, healthy, and peaceful environment for their beloved pup.
Chrystal took such great care of Mila! This was our first experience with DogVacay, and it was a great one. Chrystal posted multiple photos of Mila each day and we could tell she was very happy and having a blast. We will definitely have Chrystal take care of Mila next time we need a sitter. She's the best :)
As always Chrystal provides an awesome boarding experience. Sugar knows where she is going from several blocks away and starts doing her happy dance. Chrystal is our first choice. Her own two dogs are just excellent playmates.
Awesome as always! Bo loves it at Ravenhill
Chrystal is a fantastic host and our dog has a blast playing and running in her huge back yard!
Another great stay with Crystal!
So glad we found Chrystal! She sent us tons of pictures of our sweet pup having tons of fun on his vacay!
Chrystal is the most amazing and awesome person on earth. Sterling loves his visits to Ravenhill and has become a much happier dog, learned new commands and being a good pack member. Think he is somewhat disappointed and let down when he has to come home!
Chrystal is awesome! She knows so much about dogs and took such great care of my pups. She sent a ton of pictures every day, and it was obvious that my pups were having the best time. We will keep coming back over and over again!
Chrystal is wonderful! This was my first time leaving Miles and I was very nervous. Chrystal allowed us to come over for a couple of meet and greets and made me (and Miles) feel very comfortable. The day I went to drop him off, he was so excited that he ran straight in and started playing. I knew right then that I had found the right place for him. During his stay Chrystal sent me pictures and updates throughout the day and I could see how much fun he was having. I have now been recommending Chrystal to everyone I know! She is knowledgeable, kind and caring. I will definitely be leaving Miles with her again. In fact, I’m actually booking his next stay right now.
Dexter had a great time with Chrystal and her pups! She did a great job of sending me pictures and updates on how he was doing during his entire stay. When I picked Dex up he was so tired that he fell asleep on the car ride home. I'd definitely recommend Chrystal, and we'll be back for sure.
Chrystal is just a wonderful person and her dogs and cats absolute sweethearts. Sterling had the best overnight and we are looking forward to boarding him next week. It looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship! We loved the photo posts and updates especially.
Chrystal is superb! Five stars all the way. Our Ginger had a great time and was excited to return the second day.

Chrystal also provided some good training tips to me and those were greatly appreciated.

Ginger will be a repeat guest at Ravenhill! I highly recommed Chrystal to anyone!
Another fantastic stay with Chrystal. My dog so loves going to see her. He even cried when it was time to leave.
Our doggie had another great vacay with crystal and her pets. Crystal does a great job with our senior dog and always sends adorable pics. Our dog has some hip arthritis and usually has a limp a couple of days after staying at traditional boarding facilities, but she always seems perky and walks normally after staying with Crystal. We really appreciate Crystal opening her home up to our doggie.
Chrystal was awesome! She sent me periodic updates, very detailed updates which I loved, accompanied with pics. I could tell my dogs were not only well taken care of but having a blast in her huge yard. Her place is truly a puppy paradise, I will definitely take my pups to her again.
Chrystal is awesome. I don't know what else to really say. Her demeanor, her calm, serene nature just relaxes every being in the room both four legged and two. We feel completely at ease and have total peace of mind leaving our furkid in Chrystal's hands. It's a great relief we found her and will be continuing to bring our baby girl to her time and time again. We are now going onto our fifth stay with her and can't imagine our pup staying with anyone else.
This the first time we used dog vacay and our doggie had a great time with Crystal! I love the daily pics and updates. She is very quick to respond to emails and texts. Our dog was able to sleep in dog beds as she does at home and keep to her usual feeding schedule. Crystal has a great backyard for exploring and running around. Crystal took good care of our senior dog.
Our dogs have never stayed somewhere new without us before, but after a meet and greet we knew they would be in good hands! I really enjoyed getting updates everyday while we were away and I did not worry one bit about our boys like I thought I would. Plenty of places for them to roam outside and nice comfy beds inside to lounge around and chew bones on. We will definitely be using Chrystal again if we go out of town and I highly recommend her home to anyone who has dogs, especially of the larger breed.
Another fantastic Stay with Chrystal. My Pet always enjoys his stay with her. She takes such good care of him. She is extremely accomodating of how fearful he is.
Wonderful as always. We have the next sleepover already planned. Thanks Chrystal!
This is our 2nd time to use her. She was very accommodating in a last minute situation and always good about sending pics of our fur babies while we're away. Our dogs didn't want to leave and when they got home they were wiped out from playing. We will definitely use Crystal in the future.
Our Weimaraner Stella has now stayed with Chrystal twice and we are scheduled for a 3rd visit in a few weeks. Both visits have been great experiences. I was very nervous prior to Stella's first visit. We are new to the area and our pooch has always stayed with family while we were out of town. Family is now 900+ miles away but I did not like the idea of leaving Stella in a traditional boarding facility for several days. With her being a bigger dog I was worried that she would not get enough exercise or have enough space in one of these facilities...and honestly didn't know what type of care and attention she would get. Dogvacy and Chrystal is the answer!

Chrystal is wonderful and very knowledgeable about dogs and obviously cares for her pets. She has 2 super sweet big dogs of her own that Stella enjoys playing with. She has an open, pet friendly home (including lots of very large bones to chew on) and a large, fenced-in, wooded back yard where the dogs love to play. Chrystal sent updates and pictures each day during Stella's vacays. She was gracious to accommodate last minute bookings as well as bookings made way in advance for vacations. I am very comfortable leaving my fur-child in Chrystal's care while I am away and plan to use her services again and again in the future.
Chrystal yet again exceeded our expectations. She is great with dogs and Bo loves coming to her place. He came home exhausted and loved. Already booked for another trip to Ravenhill!
Chrystal is an awesome vacay hostess. I swear Sugar understands when you ask her if she wants to go on vacay. She plays well with the resident dogs and loves the always available bones. The backyard is a dog paradise. Sugar has gone to Chrystal's three or four times now and always comes home happy and bouncy.
Crystal took fantastic care of my pup while I was away. He has never taken so well to someone else in such a short time. Crystal was even able to convince him to be part of the pack.
My dog is very shy and anxious, which makes me nervous about anxious about him staying else where. He has only stayed away from me a few times and usually takes time to warm up to others.

Chrystal made him so comfortable during our meet and greet that I felt much more at ease leaving him with her, especially since he was frozen in the corner and she was able to convince him that he would enjoy exploring her amazing yard.

The photos that Chrystal took were also amazing. It put my mind at ease to see him being part of the pack and also doing some exploring of his own without me there.

All in all I can't express how happy I am with Chrystal. When I travel in the future my dog will definitely be staying with Chrystal.
Chrystal is so great with dogs! We are repeat customers time and time again. I never feel guilty leaving town for a few days because I know our pup is having such a great time at her house with her awesome yard and other puppy friends. See you soon Chrystal!
Our dog stayed with Chrystal for over two weeks, and we didn't have to worry about him one bit. She calmed him during any storms, gave him meds, and sent a ton of great photos while we were away so we could see what he was up to. I could tell he really loved being there and I will definitely not hesitate to use her in the future. I highly recommend Chrystal, she is great!!
Like always Bo had a great time at Chrystal's. She sent us daily pictures of him playing with his fur friends in her huge back yard oasis. Leaving our dog is so much easier knowing he's well taken care of with Chrystal. See you next time!
Chrystal is awesome! We have a great dane, Caesar, who is usually anxious in new places. With Chrystal he was right at home and fit in with Jake and Fennigan right away. I left feeling Caesar was going to have a great time.

Of course, we love our boy and worried anyway but before we could even call to check, Chrystal had already posted pictures and an update that night. Then the updates continued twice a day and we got to see Caesar having a great time. Chrystal is Caesar's new home away from home and we will be back the next we need to leave town. Thank you, Chrystal, Jake, and Fennigan!
This was our first time using this service. We needed to find someone to watch our dog Cooper for about two weeks while we are out of town. He is used to getting boarded at a daycare/overnight facility, but I haven't been thrilled with them lately. A friend recommended this site to us. We were so lucky to have found Chrystal!! I live near downtown and her place is only about 20 minutes away, and totally worth it. There is a HUGE wooded yard for the dogs to run and play in, giant windows in the house for the dogs to look out, her own dogs are very sweet, and she is available to be with them 24/7. I took Cooper for an overnight trial run before the extended boarding time, as he is very attached to me, and Chrystal took care of him like he was part of her family. She sends multiple picture updates to let you know how they are doing, and very quick to respond with any questions you may have. She is very knowledgeable and will care for your pets like they are her own. I was worried about leaving my dog for such a long time before we met Chrystal, now I am just worried my dog will never want to leave her house! I will always use Chrystal for any future boarding, and would highly recommend her!
We've used Chrystal a few times and everything has been great! She is great with dogs and provides a safe fun environment for our dog. We love the daily updates and pictures she sends to us. When we go out of town we no longer worry about leaving our dog. It is such a relief knowing he is being well taken care of. We will continue to use Chrystal for future boarding!
Chrystal was gracious enough to take our dog last minute for 5 nights. She was great about sending pictures and giving updates. She's very knowledgeable about dogs and their behaviors and gave me great tips on some of our (fairly new) dog's undesirable habits. I feel like our dog got better about some things in his short time there. She has a lot of love for the dogs and it shows. I felt very comfortable leaving him with her and would consider it again in the future.
Chrystal is wonderful with our Sugar. She goes over and above to provide the best possible care. To the point even of having family come stay with Sugar when Chrystal fell and needed ER treatment. And she sends the cutest pictures to let us know how Sugar is spending her time.
Everything was great. I couldn't have asked for a better experience! Chrystal took pictures of them and emailed to me on a regular basis while I was gone, with little updates on how they were adjusting and coping. It was very comforting to be able to see my babies and read about how they were doing, as I'd never left them for so long before! I knew they were in good hands.
I wish there were more than 5 stars because the kind of wonderful care Chrystal gives deserves more than 5 stars. My dogs just love her, her dogs and even her cat. She provides such excellent care I think my 3 dogs were a little bit depressed after they got home, especially our new 6 month old, Chelsea. She has this calming demeanor that reflects on to all the dogs. I would highly recommend Chrystal to anyone. She kept us updated everyday with pictures and how their day went. It gives me peace of mind. I no longer worry when my husband and I want to go somewhere. Chrystal is like the female version of the dog whisperer. We have used her several times now that my husband calls her Aunt Chrystal when he talks to our girls.
This was our first time using this service and we were a little apprehensive to leave our baby, with someone we didn't know, for a whole week.. However, Chrystal kept us updated daily on how Sookie was doing, which made us very comfortable. Chrystal seems to have a great understanding of dogs and was able to help Sookie through her initial separation anxiety issues. Additionally, her big backyard was an ideal playground for our energetic pit bull. I would definitely use Chrystal again and would recommend her to others.
We won't leave our dogs with anyone else. She is understanding, caring, sends pics and updates. I never worry about them, which is a HUGE plus. Chrystal has such a loving spirit about her and it shows with how she opens her home to other dogs.
Chrystal was very accommodating to our needs. She was very patient with us,( since this was our first dog sitting experience ). She was very
kind with lots of positiveness. Our dog had a great time and seemed to be very happy there. We will definitely be using her again.
I cannot even express how great Chrystal has been as a host for my puppy Bowser. I was a little apprehensive to leave him for the first time at 4 months, and visited quite a few places on dogvacay, but knew Chrystal was the perfect fit for Bowser immediately. She is so great with dogs and I love how calm she is because the dogs definitely pick up on that energy.

I have now left Bowser with Chrystal 3 different times, the longest being for a week, and can confidently say that I was able to enjoy all my vacations without having to worry about Bowser being happy because I could tell from the pictures Chrystal would send that he was having the time of his life!

I feel blessed that I found Chrystal so early in Bowser's life and highly recommend her!!!
We chose wisely when we connected with Chrystal. We needed more than just a place to keep Buddy, our active English Pointer. We needed a person who understands dogs and could attend to all Buddy's quirks while we were gone for two weeks. The updates immediately relaxed us and we knew Buddy was having a great time. Chrystal really worked with him, and even gave us some tips on how to work with him going forward. He's a rescue that was abandoned at an early age, and has some issues around food. Chrystal recognized all this without us even telling her. If you have a larger dog, or a rescue, Chrystal is your answer so you and your best friend enjoys the time while away. We hope to continue some of the good habits Chrystal developed with Buddy in our own home. I highly recommend her.
Chrystal responded to my request to set up a “Meet and Greet” very quickly. She has a very calm presence that made it very easy for my dog Max to relax when we arrived to meet Chrystal’s dogs Jake and Finnegan. I have had rather unpleasant experiences with commercial places even the higher end ones; therefore, I was very worried to leave for an out of the country trip for nearly a month. My dog was relaxed and played nicely with Chrystal’s dogs. I was comfortable to leave Max with Chrystal after our “Meet and Greet”. She sent plenty of updates and pictures of Max while I was gone. She also replied to emails very quickly and didn’t even mind my friend visiting Max to check on him. Max was happy and relaxed when I picked him up. He used to be very confused when I boarded him at commercial places (e.g. mood swings, submissive peeing, etc...). He didn’t have any of such weird behaviors even after I was gone for nearly a month. I would highly recommend Chrystal to anyone who is searching for someone to watch their 4-legged child(ren). She provides a ‘home away from home’. I will use her again in the future whenever I am traveling for pleasure and/or business because I know my dog will be well cared for while I can’t be with him.
This was the second week-long visit for our dog. He cheerfully went into the house with Chrystal and didn't even look back. That says it all, he felt at home there. We are very happy and will schedule another visit when we go out of town again.
Very trustworthy host. Great with all animals. Our dogs love it over at her home :-)
Chrystal has a calm presence that helps the dogs quickly adjust to one another and their surroundings. My 20 pound dog was safe and comfortable with her bigger dogs and visitor dogs. I got regular updates and photos of my dog. He was never alone. We are so pleased that we have scheduled another week long visit soon.
Our dogs bk & koa had a great time at Chrystal's! She has a great backyard where dogs can sniff and play (and go do their business) She really cares for dogs and we are super happy about our dogs' stay
Chrystal responded quickly to our request of when we would like her to watch our dogs. It was over the Christmas holiday and we did not know if she would be available. She responded back saying she would love to watch them. This is our second time to leave our girls with her. They love Ms. Chrystal and her dogs Jake and Flanagan. One of our girls needed extra attention because she had hurt herself prior to her visit, but we contacted Chrystal and she didn't have a problem giving medication. She provided plenty of updates along with pictures of them nice and cozy while it snowed outside. The first white Christmas in Dallas. I would highly recommend Chrystal to anyone who is looking for someone to watch their dog(s). She gives them all the love and attention you would if they were home. I know we will be using her again if the need arises. Sincerely, Kim
Great host, my dog just loves going over and getting social time with the other dogs! When I picked my pup up she was very relaxed and obedient so I think she had a great time!
Great host, my dog just loves going over and getting social time with the other dogs!
Chrystral was wonderful with our dogs. This was our first time that we have used this service so we all were a little nevous. After our greet and meet I was not quite as nervous. I did not want them staying in a cage and they had plenty of room to run at her house. She went the extra mile in caring for Pooh and Sheba. She was working with Sheba and her not knowing how to climb stairs. Also, Pooh is extremely afraid of thunderstorms so she gave me suggestions to help her with that and also how to keep her from pulling on the leash. Needless to say Chrystal is very knowledgeable when it comes with dogs. It would trust her with mine anytime. I would highly recommend Chrystal to anyone who is looking for a place for their dog/s to have a DogVacay.

Kim S.
Chrystal was great and my dogs loved being there.
My younger dog is still sulking around because she misses being over there.

Will def use Chrystal again.

You can go on vacation and have peace of mind knowing that she will take care of your dogs as her own.
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