Need a pet sitter? We know plenty.

Our screened pet sitters can come to your home to care for your pet.

How does pet sitting with DogVacay work? Check out this video.

Is pet sitting right for your dog or cat?
First off, pet sitting is a great alternative to the kennel. Many dogs (and cats) don’t enjoy a stay in a strange place with a limited ability to move around as they normally would. Even with kind caregivers, a kennel is still a facility. We think pets do better in homes.
Many of you might rely on friends and family to take care of your pets. Sure, a friend might agree to stop by and check on your pet, but human companionship for just a few minutes a day might leave your pet feeling stressed or lonely. Or maybe you drop off your pet with relatives. Technically it might be free, but you end up owing them one. Perhaps you just feel bad about continually asking for the “pet sitting” favor.
Every pet does well in a home. Senior pets in particular feel more comfortable their own environment. Animals with behavioral, territorial or medical issues may also do better in familiar environment. In-home pet sitting also makes sense for households with multiple pets. Why bring the animals to the sitter when the sitter can come to you?
Lastly, a word about cats: Getting a cat in a crate can often be an hours-long endeavor that can stress out felines and humans alike. If you manage to avoid getting scratched, you’re lucky or very skilled. In-home pet sitting lets everyone avoid the drama of transferring the cat to an unfamiliar location. Everybody gets to enjoy home sweet home.

Why choose DogVacay for pet sitting?

Forget the kennel
Your pet gets to stay in a real home instead of a kennel. Even better it’s a familiar environment — the pet’s own home. Everybody like to sleep in their own bed, right?
Trusted by thousands
We have more than 250,000 customers who have used DogVacay. Over 97% of our customer reviews have 5 stars.
24/7 support
Our in-house Customer Care team is available 24/7 for customer and pet sitters, alike. Many of them are pet sitters themselves and are experts in solving common problems like separation anxiety (for dogs as well as people).
Meet before you book
We offer a free Meet-n-Greet with potential pet sitters. Introduce your pet to a potential caregiver and see if it’s a good fit. There’s no obligation to book.

What people say about DogVacay Pet Sitting

Michael A.
Fullerton, CA
As always, Groucho is a happy pup when he spends time with Christina.
Nadine N.
McKinney, TX
Thanks to Emma we were able to take a two week vacation with no worries, knowing our dog was being well taken care of.
Blaine Z.
Los Angeles, CA
Jenny was awesome. The pups would love to have her back.