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Selena B.

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1 Repeat Guest
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  • Requires Meet-n-Greet to book
  • 3 days notice required for bookings
  • Responds within 1.1 hrs
  • Cancellation Policy:

Pet Requirements

  • 1-20 lbs
  • 20-40 lbs
  • 40-80 lbs
  • 80+ lbs
No Puppies
Must Be Spayed or Neutered
Must Be Vaccinated

Selena's Resident Pets

Miss P
Shih Tzu
3 yr 3 mo old
Shih Tzu
2 yr 9 mo old
Shih Tzu
5 yr 4 mo old
Other Pets & Animals: Rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, or pet rodents

Selena's House

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Large Yard
100% fenced & locked
Pets allowed on furniture
Great for senior pets
Air-conditioned inside
Smoke-free home

About Selena

15 Years Experience Caring For Dogs
Your dog will truly be on a Dogvacay in every sense of the word !
Our Motto is, "" A Happy Dog Makes For A Happy Home.""
""And a Happy Home Makes For A Happy Dog !!!""

My husband and I have decided to open up our home, for boarding. We will happily take in 1 Vacay Doggy Guest at a time.
"" One Very Well behaved, Small Breed Dog ""at a time.
We say Small Breeds, due to the fact that our dogs are also small Breeds.
We are opening are home, as a gift to other doggy parents,. We know too well, that the thought of going on a vacation, having to leave your furry loved one behind is seriously the worst thought that occurs, before any vacation can even start !!! Many times we have decided to not go away or have gone for less time as we are so stressed at the thought of leaving our little guys behind.
I grew up in BC,which instilled in me my love for nature, and life. Being apart of DogVacay means becoming apart of a connection to other people who also share the same love for their dogs.
I say all this, as we truly want to discourage those who may want to just disassociate themselves from their boarding stay. We need to be just as in communication with you, as we are with your dog.
So, please if you are a Non-Communicator look on..... As we are not your typical CITY Cyborgs. It will be most fortunate for your should you consider a home environment for your furry one. You can be more certain that they are well cared for....Every animal deserves the right for proper love and care in their gaurded absence.
We have thankfully, been blessed to have relatives step up in times of need, when we have had to leave our little pooches behind. We can never show enough gratitude and appreciation towards those who have provided the same love and care to our dogs, that they are accustomed too. This is why we wanted and feel the need to pay it forward, by opening our home to others who find themselves in the same situation.

We will only ever take in 1 dog at a time, to ensure the best care for your dog and our and to keep the fun factor alive for our dogs and yours.

( Due to the calm nature of our dogs, we are not accepting Herding Breeds, or dogs with incontinence issues, please,no hyper active dogs, and please, no dogs or with any behavioral issues.) We are opening up our home for boarding 1 small Dog at a time for some fun and socializing for our dogs too.
This is truly a gift we are offering to anyone who feels torn and who may otherwise, have had to choose a kennel Facility.
We signed up with Dogvacay strictly because we have been in the same situation and did not want to leave our dogs in a kennel, yet had 2 times when my husband got called for his job to go away internationally for a month. Bring young I opted to reluctantly go with him being that we found a reputable "dog resort" left out to play..No kennels. Yeah, maybe so but, there 20 other dogs on this doggy resort left to themselves. It was not a good experience for our 2 Shih Tzu at the tim. We came back to an eye infection on one from a supposite playfight and impacted anal glands with fecies all over their behind..
This was by the way a highly reputable "Pet Resort" of which we paid "Top" dollar for.......which made our dogs anxious and afraid when we tried to bring them back they freaked out. We decided then and there to cancel our trip.
Thus the pause in our many years of travel. The last year's that we did any international travel was in 2010. Ongoing travel with my husband's work. Ever since then we stopped going abroad, as we saw the kind of care our dogs had been given in a top notch care facility. We sympathize with those who may be in the same situation.

Please, know we are very selective when taking in taking on new clients, meaning we want to reserve bookings for those who truly need and appreciate the time and care we actually do truly offer.

We hope for a great working relationship between our clients. We are a very calm and centred people, as is our home.
Our dogs also reflect our relaxed home environment. Please, only response if this add speaks to you,

We require a meet and greet before any booking,
For insurance and safety reasons The Meet And Greet does have to be arranged and accepted first through the DogVacay Site.

Long term bookings, we kindly suggest an overnight trail, to iron out any issues that could arise.
Of benefit to your dog before any extended holiday.

Much Like children, issues often do not come up until there has been a night away from home.

It breaks our heart to see any dog in distress.
If you are going away for over a week, it is truly in your dogs best interest to have a one night stay before your leave.

It has so far been a fun experience for our dogs and our doggy vacay clients too. We want do want this to continue being a positive experience for both parties concerned.

We do hope that should you choose to board your dog in our loving doggy sanctuary that their will be complete honesty in regards to your dogs temperament.
Our 3 dogs play well together and are well behaved. Please, we hope for your consideration and full respect. Opening up our home is a gift that we want to provide for you and your dog. Please, be completely upfront about any behavioral, medical or incontinence issues.
This is also in the best interest of your dog so that we may serve your dogs needs in every way possible.
We will consider only well behaved, calm dogs who play well with others.

Our rates reflect the time,love and energy we put into our dogs and yours. We do not have children. We are home bodies and love to be with our furry family members. We can't help but to dote and love on our furry family members. We would be adopting your dog as our additional family member.
We say all of this to rule out those who are not serious about finding the perfect ongoing Vacay home.

It's just Important for us as it is for you to have the right clients. We want this to be an positive ongoing relationship.

The whole point of us doing this service is to provide a safe and loving home for a dog in need and to connect with others who feel the same way about their dogs. We want your dog to get to that point, that all the effort and love we haved poured into them, that they will hopefully feel no stress coming back to Vacay with us again. Our goal is that your dog will feel apart of our home life, that in future stays they will truly feel like they are coming back to be with family.

We have no problem saying no to a potential wrong match. Money is not why we are doing this so, please, if your looking for cheaper boarding there are plenty out there in the internet world.
We take in only one dog for a reason.
Quality care.
And for a bit fun for us and our dogs too.
We want to keep it that way.
If it's not fun we won't do it anymore.
We do it for the joy of gifting our care for a dog in need of a loving home environment.
We also have lives and most certainly need a break and vacation lest we loose our minds. We can provide the care when you need it so you too may vacation without the guilt of taking your much needed holiday. Trust me we know ! Sometimes a vacation is just what the doctor ordered. And we wait too long !!! As we don't want to leave our babies behind. Our bookings are based solely on mutual respect, a good connection between both human and dog. There need to be complete compatibility.
We are very personable, easy going people. Life is stressful enough ...We need to choose the right people to surround ourselves, with Dogs it's easy. Sometimes with people it can be a different story.
We want to make sure there is a good connection and good communication with our clients before booking a reservation, as there needs to be a good working relationship in place first for everything to go smoothly.

Our dogs and yours will always be our upmost priority.
Your dog will also be the only Vacay guest in our home and will most certainly become a member quick member of the family.
We choose our family members carefully as they are in our opinion most often for life.
We are selective for a reason as we want good repeat Vacay clients. Even if it means only a few.
Otherwise, it's not worth it for any party concerned.

So please, know that a meet and greet is required to see if it is a match.
We are hoping only those who are serious about wanting their dogs to be treated as our own family with the goal of becoming ongoing clients will apply.
We are not in this to be a boarding home. We are just a husband and wife who are looking to help out anyone who might need a loving home to intrust their dogs too.
We are not a boarding kennel, we are in it for the care and love of dogs....and for and of our human clients too. Please, only personable, compassionate People aplly. I'm sure you dog is all that, we will never discriminate against any dog. It is however unfortunate, that their are a many dig breeds who are I'll matched with their owners, it is most unfortunate that their are no laws to protect such dogs from such much needed seperation. If I could take every animal being in I would.....It's up to you to make the right decision. If not our home then, at least do your home work. We were young once too. I would not make the same mistake twice

It takes extra time, love care and energy to spend with your dog, especially over the first few days. Too be honest, it's usually about a 5 day turnaround, after much love and fussing over our Doggy CLients have come around....It takes a bit as they need to earn our trust. And earn it we do ! We have 3 dogs already...So honestly we do not need anyone who may not recognize and appreciate this fact.
We have a heart for animals and our doggy animal parents...Should they earn our trust. Our Doggy clients are our first priority. We are hoping for a good Dog-Client relationship. Based on love and respect. If this is something you are not accustomed too. Then you may want to continue looking. Most unfortunate, for your dog. But, understandable, not everyone plays well in a sandbox with others. We hope to build anongoing lasting relationship with our doggy clients and their parents. We say all this to rule out the rifrafe. Hoping for only the very serious, engaged and engaged marsupials to apply. Honestly, haven't we all had enough of being disengaged. Seriously, one of the reasons I signed onto Dogvacay. One was my fear of the public through a general add....As I have a huge imagination, the thought of, well, let's not go there, but, my hope that it's still possible to connect with others who have the same love for their animals.
Let it be said...I live all animals, birds, cats and dogs ! Horses, if we could house one. Why, can't all human beings be as loveable and reliable and innocent as our untrusted animal beings.

Anyway, enough gibber jabber..... we are signed onto Dogvacay, and have opened up our home for that veeerrry select crowd,. who"""" honestly""'" care to board their dog in a nice, loving calm environment.
For us its for the fun and socializing for our dogs and us ! As we want to get to know our Vacay Dog friendly clients too. . We want to gift those who are in need of finding dog boarding,the gift of a loving home environment.
For really real !!!!

Should you be a nice, kind person who "communicates well " not the kind of sweet and communicitve being your mom thinks you are, but, the kind of human that has gone through HR resources and been deemed an active, respective, communicitve person of society. If this meets your criteria, then please respond ! I'm sure your dog is lovely and amazing. Many times, sadely, many dogs do not deserve our human companionship. They give their all for us. If you feel you would like an ongoing working relationship with someone who cares more and has an an actual heart. Than please proceed in requesting our services ! Your dog will thank you.
Even if you have half a heart, there always time to redden yourself and Start now.

Tmif you are of the sort that would like to see pics and updates, we can send you a handful of pics and emails/ texts throughout the day. This is a curticy that is offered to you as a bonus.

This service, is done out of the respect we have when we had to leave our dogs when we were called to go abroa .We know hiw this can bring a certain peace of mind and a sense of connection with your most loved compannion.
The taking of these photos are often out of our doggy adoration .. wanting to capture the cuteness factor of your little one in action. We have seriously, over 30000 of our own dogd in our computer

As a side note , extra cuddles, belly rubs and kisses they are always a big part of our day.

It's all about our dogs and now yours too !
You will come to understand , when you see for yourself our home. It's a Doggy Palace just as much as it is ours.

You will see that in our home it truly is a Tzu's / doggies life in every sense of the word. !

Come and see for yourself.
The proof is truly in the pudding !

We so strive to make this a good match for your dog and ours. We are not looking at this as a boarding experience, Our hope is that your dog has so much fun that they are thrilled to come back again. We want it to be a fun and interactive experience for all the dogs. Our goal is that it's the best Dog Gone Vacay experience that your dog has ever had ! We really mean that !!!
We hope that by the time your dog has to go home he/ she will feel they have found an extended family.

Our repeat Vacay guests have been super excited to come back and visit their friends.
We hope that you dog feels that they have come back home too.

It is also important that we have Meet And Greet first.
This is a great way for the dogs to get to know each other. For as we know dogs are much like people they don't always take to each other.
We need to be respectful of this fact. And not force an unnatural relationship.

The DogVacay boarding experience needs to be a great Vacation for your dog too. Having a Meet And Greet will confirm if it is the right match.

We want to welcome your dog into our Doggy Sanctuary and so look forward to your pooch becoming apart of our little tribe.

We can chat on the phone about booking the Meet And Greet through the DogVacay Site at your earliest convenience.
The Meet And Greet is free of charge. And has to be booked through this site.
We can chat first about times of the Meet And Greet.
It does however have to be officially booked through this site.
You can see for yourself pics of our dogs and our doggy clients on this site, as well as pics of our happy and cozy abode.

**Please, check my availability on my Calendar.
All my available dates are listed in my calendar on the Dogvacay Site.
(Please note that all Dogvacay overnight stays are based on a 24hr clock.
After that 24hr clock, going into the next day a daycare rate would apply. ) This would be a custom quote sent to you.
(A late charge of $10.00 for every hour past scheduled pickup time for late pickup will be charged, after a one hour grace period.) We are flexible and will accommodate another boarding stay, as we know delays in travel can and do happen.
Do keep in mind that Dogvacay does take 20 % off the total rate that we as hosts charge. This is for the benefit of the client and the Hosts, as it covers all the Pet Insurance. ( We also have to account for paying taxes on all our earnings at the end of the year, as Dogvavay does not take the taxes off for us.) Going through Dogvacay, also means that all its Hosts have gone thorough Security checks and complete screening, giving you peace of mind.
In todays day and age, finding someone that may be cheaper through the paper is risky. Our dogs are innocent and much like children, they can not speak for themselves.
Do keep in mind that going through a reputable company, such as Dogvacay, this also holds its hosts accountable. Please, consider leaving your loved one with a professional dog sitter. The saying " You do get what you pay for.". When it comes to dog boarding this most certainly holds true. I'm sure your dog will most certainly agree that going through a company, where it's hosts have had Security Checks, have been interviewed and had a home check is the safer, more responsible boarding route to take. It will also be a happier and more fun place to be as those of us on Dogvacay are big-time dog lovers. Many of us have dogs of are own and love to introduce another playmate into the fold for more doggy fun and socializing. You will be providing the greatest gift to your dog by gifting them into a loving and safe home.
Providing comfort for every dog in our care, is truly our biggest prerogative,
Once you visit our doggy sanctuary I'm sure you will certainly agree.
We are very attentive and loving doggy parents. Our dogs are our family. Your dog will meet new friends and have some fun too. It will be a Doggvacay for your pooch in the truest sense of the word.

Your furry ones will be treated as a loving member of our little pack. They will be pampered, loved on and attended to just as our own.

Our Home:
Our home will be your fur baby's "home away from home" Our home is a very clean, non-cluttered, a calm and peaceful environment (instrumental music is always on in our house.) Truly, a great environment for any senior dog or dog who has anxieties/medical issues. We clean our dog toys, dog beds, and doggy blankets weekly. Our home is thouroughly cleaned from top to bottom weekly. Should your dog have allergies our home would be the perfect environment. We use only environmently friendly cleaning products that are chemical free.

We are Kennel Free,
We do not crate or kennel our Doggy Vacay guests.
They are free to cuddle up on any couch, doggy beds and many doggy cushions sprawled about.
There are no restrictions in our home. It is truly a doggy retreat !!!!

We have taken great care to doggy-proof our home for our own dogs, as well as yours, so you can be sure all the best measures have been taken for utmost safety.
°We have safety proofed banister - thinner than plexi glass, meant for pet proofing banisters. (If interested....ordered off Amazon!)
°There is also a baby gate on the top floor to avoid any stairs being used. To prevent any falls for the toy breeds and senior dogs.

°Dog ramps - dog ramps placed in front of our couches and bed for easy mobility to help preserve our dogs joints well into their senior years.

°Custom-made doggy benchs for full viewing out all top floor windows!
They can sit and have full view of the activity outside through front windows.

Our Neighborhood & Yard:
°We own our own home and have lived in Lake Bonavista here in SE Calgary for 15 yrs. (We do not have any children.)
°Our backyard is artificially turfed, has a large 7 foot high fence, it is completely secured ( meaning the fence goes all the way down to the ground, no gaps in the bottom of the fence.) It is a very wide open unobstructed lot. Tons of space to run and play.

Take comfort in knowing that whilst you are on vacation, your Pup will truly be on a Playcation!
We have more doggy toys than we can count !
Play time is a must in our home. We go to great lengths to make it the most fun and memorable time for your furry one and customize every playtime to the unique personality traits and desires of each one.

° We love to walk, so we can go on as many or few walks a day that suit your precious pooch!
°When needed I can carry your senior dogs and can also make use of our Pet Zip, taking them on walks with us in the Zip! (See picture in my photo gallery.)

Your dog will always be left out free roam the house on the top floor and curl up on the couches, snuggle up into the fuzzy blankets scattered about.
Climb on my lap or lay on the floor together for a good belly rub!

°I am a certified Dog groomer, after a first time visit, should your dog be in need of a very basic groom, nail trim/bath, this could be of great benefit for your pooch during their boarding stay.
°I have had many years of pet care employment experience.
°I am in-tune with all breeds of dogs,their many different personalities.and gear my care towards their unique characteristics.

About Me:
I currently work PT with a Non-Profit company,. My role is as a Community Support Worker, with children and adults who have disabilities. My workload is light and is flexible. In previous years I worked as a Support Worker with Alzheimer's patients in long Term Care facilities. Having found that many seniors were in need of dog grooming services, I had decided to start up a mobile grooming for their small dogs. ( Just basic shave downs and nail care for a small price.)

Most evenings in our house are spent going for a long walk, making dinner at home, then winding down watching a movie, whilst our dogs curl up next to us on our extra large comfy sectional.

We will accept only Well behaved pooches,. That know how to play respectfully with other dogs
We prefer to take in smaller breeds,due to the small size of our own dogs.
We love all dogs and have a soft spot for the senior doggies, Should your dog have medical or special needs, we welcome them and will be sure to give them the extra love and care that they so deserve and need.
We will consider young dogs, only if they are fully and completely potty trained, not too hyper active, have reached the point of being able to listen to basic commands.
(Please, no dogs with any incontinence issues or behavior issues, to discourage any disclosure, there will be an extra small fee of
$ 10.00 a night added ontop of base price in the event that this fact be revealed after a booking. Our home is very clean and sanitary.)
A $30.00 per night charge for unruly digs with behavioral issues that were not disclosed upon booking. Trust me we would not book any dog with aggressive or behavior issues as it puts our dogs at risk. That said, there are issues that come up when Mom is not the rand the mouse are at play. We do not want to do not want to find this out after the fact.
Again, our home is our sanctuary and our dogs, we welcome your dog into our fold.
It is not a given, it is a respectful relationship that needs to start from the beginning for any ongoing relationship to continue. We as humans to often than not make it about ourselves, it should be about our dogs, "most often than not.". Make it about your dog. Take the time even if you have to drive to our location. Actually, all you have to do is ask, as I can drive to you for pick up. It makes me sad as I've heard many say they are so concerned about their dog...Are happy we have it small dogs and love what they see . Yet, they don't want to drive the 20 min to our home. Honestly,bring close is not always the solution. It's should not be out of convenience, it is that gut feeling that you should have that says, you know what that 20/30 min drive for my furry family member who spends his life doting on me is worth it.

We actually will spend the extra time caring for your dog and tending to any senior or special needs.
. We understand that in senior years it is difficult to go up and down the stairs. We have special ramps we have in place of our couch's from when our last Tzu's were in senior years.
Should your dog need extra medical or senior assistance such as being lifted to the outside or into the bed or couch. We understand as we have been there with our last senior dogs.
There will be a small fee of $10.00 a night fee added to the standard booking rate per day/night.

Also on all holiday weekends there will be a $10.00 per night extra charge ontop of base rate. We do spend our holiday weekends happily hanging out with yours truly and ours too !
If we choose to book a reservation over a holiday weekend, this means that we choosen to have our holiday time be spent at home instead of going away or being out and about.
As we do want it to be all about your dog, for their most memorable Vacay Stay. ...For it is all about them and their Vacay !
Please, note that when it comes to the senior doggies, we do know a thing or two about giving that extra love and care that is needed in the late stage of life. Our very first beloved Shih Tzu who past a few years past she had heart issues and in turn had seizures concerns. We know all to well the extra time and care that is needed and will stand by that. That last year of her life we gave her the best care and life that we could in every sense of the word. Our dogs are our kids.
We will most certainly apply all the needed care and attention that your little one needs.
Come and see our little pooch palace today !
Arrange your free Meet And Greet for your peace of mind.
We look forward to meeting with you and your furry sidekick !

Our Motto is "A happy dog makes for a happy home."
And "A happy home makes for a happy dog."

Come and see for yourself,
I think your dog will agree,
Our home is truly the place to be !

Book your free Meet And Greet today.
Our dogs can't wait to meet your dogs and play !!

We would love to meet you and your precious one too .
We can arrange a get together to see if it is a fit for both parties.

Chances are you will agree, our home is the best place too be !

Please note that all Dogvacay overnight stays are based on a 24hr clock.
After the overnight stay, under the 24hr clock, it would be considered a day rate. (There will also be a late charge of $10.00 per hr for late pickup, after a one hour grace period.) (,Also $10.00 fee will be added for each daily rate for incontinence issues that arise for the extra time and care needed for cleaning washing and bathing. Should a bath be required due to dysentery issues, there will also be an additional bathing fee added. Should late pickup be needed due to delayed flights, a grace period of an hour would be happily honored. Past this time, we would happily accommodate another overnight stay, The Dogvacay service is a gift from those of us who love dogs and know how it feels to have to leave your loved ones behind. We do it for the love of dogs, We definitely do not do it solely for the money. Providing all the extra love and care, it does take more effort and energy than it would in your standard kennel situation. It's a Blessings to be able to drop your loved one off in a loving home, where they will be doted on and be treated as one of the family . We want to be able to give you the Peace of mind that comes by knowing your dog will be given the same attention and love that they accustomed too at home. There's a reason you looked at this add searching for an alternative to booking at a kennel. Any of us Dogvacay Hosts we do it for our love of dogs. The fact is many of us have also been in the same situation , not wanting to travel as the thought of leaving our loved ones in a kennel is a hard pill to swallow.
My husband and I love to travel too. It has been a gift to us, when we have had someone we trust care and love on our dogs while we are away. This same gift we also want to pay forward by opening up our home to you. We hope that those who use this service appreciate all the love and attention that goes into this service. Your dog becomes part of our family and will recieve the same love and attention.

We do understand that traffic, flight delays do happen, we are more than happy to accommodate late pickup within a reasonable hours time frame. We are flexible and will be willing to add on another overnight stay, to give you the peace of mind, especially if you are traveling internationally, flights are often delayed. There is nothing worse than arriving jet lagged and feeling you have to rush over tired and an extra night, extending another night to avoid the stress. We will understand !
We also need our sleep and would hope you would understand, that it would be in the best interest of all concerned to just add on another nights stay.

We hope to meet you and your precious pooch for a free Meet and greet soon.
We encourage a sleep over for all long term vacay bookings. We want to be sure that we know all we can about your precious dogs needs before you go on your own vacay.

***Please, we can not stress this enough...
We do not take in dogs with incontinence issues or behavioral problems.
A penalty of $ 30.00 a night would be added after a reservation booking should there be issues of aggressive behavior that were not revealed before booking. This is in hopes of detouring anyone who might not be forthright about any aggressive or domenince issues. You may think it's cute that your only dog has dominance issues, as they are small. We have 3 dogs. Trust me it's not cute once your only dog child is suddenly put into a home with 3 other dogs.
Especially, for the first time. It's important that you let me know of any social issues that could be an issue as they will become a small PAC. Your dog needs to play well in its sand box. We are not a group home helping to socialize and introduce dogs into Society.
Please, only respond to this add if you get it.
There are plenty of other Vacay sites to be considered.
We will also not be accepting Herding Breeds, due to the calm nature of our dogs.
Please, only Non- Shedding Dogs, due to allergies in the home. ( Our own dogs are all non - shedding.)

Thank you for your kind consideration.

We do hope to hear from you soon.

If your the kind of person who loves there dog more than life.
You will be gifting them into the very best home.

From the bottom of my heart I can honestly say that
I'm sure you and your dog will both agree our home is truly a happy, loving and fun place to be !!

Warmest Regards,

And the 3 Furry Amigos,

Poshy, Molly and Miss P.

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Can administer oral medicine
CPR / First-Aid certified
Can administer injected medicine
Post-surgical pets
Special Needs Accommodated
  • Pets that require medicine
  • Separation anxiety
  • Leash Pulling

Selena B.

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1 Repeat Guest
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  • Requires Meet-n-Greet to book
  • 3 days notice required for bookings
  • Responds within 1.1 hrs
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Services & Rates

Boarding Overnight At Selena's Home
$50 /night
  • Watches up to 1 dog /night
  • Dogs may be unsupervised for 1 - 2 hours/day
  • 5+ potty breaks/day
  • 3+ walks/day
  • Pets can sleep wherever they want
Daycare At Selena's Home
$50 /day
  • Watches up to 1 dog /day
Dog Walking
$25 /half-hour
$35 /hour
  • Willing to travel 2 miles
$40 /visit
  • Willing to travel 4 miles
$25 /bath
$20 each way
  • Willing to travel 4 miles
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8 Reviews
It's our first time to go on a vacation without our furrykids and as I was browsing the net for a place where to leave our furrykids and treat them as their own I saw the dogvacay site. We made the right decision of choosing Selena, she's the best! She and her husband Rob, uncluding her 3 doggie babies were very accomodating. Even in our first meet and greet my 2 furrykids gets along with Selena's family and they felt comfortable in their home. She keeps sending us updates and pictures throughout our vacation which is really a plus! I recommend her and we are now looking forward to our next vacation!
Another wonderful visit for Kinjo at Selena's. He came home tuckered out and was sleeping the rest of the evening. They played all day and take a couple walks. We always love the days when Kinjo visits Selena and can see his friends Poshy, Miss P and Molly. Thanks you Selena!
We dropped Kinjo off for a 5 day, 4 night vacay with Selena & Rob as we were travelling out of country and this was a true vacation for kinjo! We are sure he didn't miss us a bit! :) he got to play with his three friends for 5 straight days. We feel so confident leaving Kinjo in Selena's hands and we didn't worry for one second. We received so many wonderful photos over the days and updates. With Kinjo being a busy JRT, they adjusted their schedules and took him out for not one but two walks daily! Selena's has become Kinjo's favorite place to visit! And he has become a regular visitor. In fact we have drop in for daycare weekly. So thankful for Selena!
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