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Kelly C.

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Pet Requirements

  • 1-20 lbs
  • 20-40 lbs
  • 40-80 lbs
  • 80+ lbs
All Ages OK

Kelly's Resident Pets

8 yr 10 mo old
Funny Face
19 yr 8 mo old
4 yr 8 mo old
Redbone Coonhound
5 yr 11 mo old
Other Pets & Animals: Cats

Kelly's House

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Children at home (13-18 years old)
Medium Yard
Partially fenced
Smoke-free home
Pets allowed on furniture
Air-conditioned inside
Great for senior pets
Dog door access

About Kelly

45 Years Experience Caring For Dogs
I currently offer doggy daycare (in addition to overnight boarding)! We would be happy to keep your pup entertained while you’re away for the day.

We live in a modest 4 bedroom, single family home with pool (surrounded by baby gate) on a lake with a decent sized,unfenced back yard. It is a quiet neighborhood for the most part... nestled away from any major highways. Our vet is two streets over from our home and we recommend them highly.

All critters who come to stay or visit adhere to pack rules easily. They stay in the backyard without transgressing boundaries. By all means, when needed (and for most guests) we can put on a tethered leash while outside and or walk with them in the yard.

Unless you state otherwise, they are allowed on furniture here... microfiber was made for pet lovers. Your pet can sleep wherever he or she wants. If you don't want them on the furniture, please let us know. Feel free to bring their dog beds (&/or crates, if necessary) as well for their comfort, familiarity and security sake. All beds need to be washable as on occasion, we have a pup that likes to make things smell like his or her own. LOL

July 4th of 2012, we lost the matriarch of the pack, our beloved 16 & 3/4 year old terrier mix, Khodee. She's on on social media under Khodee Carter. She has always been a blessing in our lives and now looks after us as our true Angel. Her Doxie sister, Nxyx (social media, Nyxy Carter), passed 6 months prior and too watches over things now from afar.

We were babysitting an 11+ year old, male American Eskimo named Skylar (on social media, Skylar Erickson). His parents were out of the country on an extended visit. Unfortunately he passed mid 2014 due to bladder cancer. He is sorely missed.

And we were also watching a 9+ year old lab mix named Hayley (on social media, Hayley Hayle) whose parents moved into a place they could not have her. She stayed with us hoping her parents would find new digs. We lost her in April of 2015 due to bloat and an emergency vet that did not operate in time. :( Over her stay here she had become the new matriarch and supported me in keeping everyone in line. How I miss her being the first to greet new guests outside. She had become a great friend and I would say, even business partner.

There are 2 female cats as well:
Funny Face-born 5/1997

WysPurr-born 3/2008

And now one male cat:
PepPurr-born 5/31/2014

Funny Face keeps her distance from most guests. WysPurr thinks she's an aloof and agile dog keeping everything on her terms. PepPurr is an absolute love and either thinks he is a dog or possibly a human. They have their own room and can be kept separated if necessary.

Each dog has their own specific food, so please bring your food (and food bowl) for your pet and let us know if there's a challenge with any treats as we do have a few from time to time. Everyone will eat separately so that we can insure they are eating, not stealing or having food stolen and for safety to insure that there is not any unexpected food aggression.

Our water is hydrogen-enriched for health benefits and bowls are kept full all over the house on a regular basis. No need to bring a water bowl specifically.

We are flea and tick FREE and Only treat the yard with a mild insecticide every other month. It is imperative, that your kids be free from these pests. We understand the less chemicals and poisons they are exposed to, the better and everyone gets to be kept safe and healthy. Up-to-date vaccinations and worming is also a must.
Interestingly enough... this is now a part of the terms of service out here. Pasting here for your perusal.
"For Flea Situations Involving a Member's Dog:
Members acknowledge and agree that, to the extent any situation arises where the Member's Dog introduces fleas [or ticks] into a Host's home, the Member's credit card may be billed for any amount to reimburse costs incurred attendant thereto. These costs may include, but are not limited to, costs associated with treating a Host's resident animals and/or home for fleas or flea prevention. It is the responsibility of all Members to disclose any knowledge of flea issues associated with their pets to all Hosts before any Service is rendered."

Unruly and or aggression prone dogs may be welcome upon a meet and greet to decide if this is the best option for all concerned. Poor behavior is not tolerated. This household generates a peaceful, loving, fun and copacetic environment. All creatures adapt and are treated fairly always. We context for all creatures and our home exudes a certain canine tranquility that makes everything go smoothly.

I have always had pets since I was a child. I love sitting because if I were to go out of town, I would want ME to watch my pets. No breed preferences. They are not walked as much as they are let out in the back yard and monitored. We run tethers to the fence from the patio so those that have a tendency to wander can stay in the yard with the others who do not.

If medication is needed, let's talk. Oral is one thing, shots are another.

We have a full toy box of ropes, balls, and other chew toys. We no longer buy stuffed toys for safety reasons. There really is no need to bring any toys unless your pet is just really attached and of course, Not aggressive about it.

I work from home for the most part. And... that's not to say things do not get in the way of me being home from time to time. Meetings and errands play a part of regular life as well.

I currently have a roommate, named Shane, that helps me with the pups when he is home or those times my schedule does not accommodate yours. I also have a team of people: dog trainers, vet techs, pet psychologists, my family, friends, neighbors and/or other sitters who are also available to support at any given time and could even be staying with me during any stay. I always make sure all fur kids can be accommodated, be immensely loved and have excellent care regardless of my schedule. I do not like them going for longer than 4 hours without human attention. :)

Any further questions, please ask!

Please if you make a request and then make other arrangements, Please... let me know as well. I do my best to support people on a first come, first serve basis... when you inquire, I hold a space if applicable.

I am often scheduling meet and greets or staggering drop offs and pick ups. Please note the time of drop off and pick up when you book your stay and be timely or be in communication so that I can accommodate you accordingly. It's greatly appreciated and allows me to handle your furry loved one with dedicated focus and attention. PLEASE... Only knock as a last resort.

Oh... we have 2 great groomers within a short distance of the home... TnT and Fur Crazy. Happy to drop off and pick up if you want to make an appointment for the days we have them. Just add a $5 round trip charge to the visit and let us know in advance to ensure we are available for those times. :)

We send regular photos and/or videos. We love catching all of the cuteness we can while your kids are here. I also will give your fur baby(s) a special album on our social media profile.

Why I love dog sitting:
I've always had pets since I was a child. I've fostered two sets of Mama dogs with their pups. 1 with 5 pups and 1 with 9 puppies from the day after they opened their eyes. All were named and easily identified (much to everyone else's amazement) and adopted out. The first Mama dog lived out her golden years across the street from me with my neighbor who now works in rescue.

Growing up, there was rarely a time when we had less than 5 dogs. All were cared for into their golden years.

I have watched dogs, cats, birds, bunny rabbits, hamsters, and gerbils to date. I am open to any well behaved creature.

Here's where we'll take our walks:
We watch them in the back yard. The yard is unfenced although they are either walked on the leash or on a tether with me walking others or watching them. The tether goes from under the back patio to wander in a large area on either side of the house. They only stay out long enough to do their business or if they just want to linger in the sun a bit. :)

Your dog's sleeping arrangement:
Where ever he wants. If you don't want them on the furniture, please let us know. Feel free to bring their dog bed as well for their comfort, familiarity and security sake. If they use or need a crate, please bring that too.

Time spent with your dog:
We work from home for the most part. That is not to say that regular employment may not come into play. The dogs go out usually about 7x a day, no less than 5x and often more than that. They generally hang out in the living room, if and when I leave, depending on personalities and temperaments, I separate them into different areas. When I cannot be here or will be out for a long length of time, either my Mother, my roommate or another reliable member of my fur-loving crew comes and stays so that everyone can be taken care of and have company.

Behavior correction methods:
For potty training issues, we use wee wee pads, diapers and belly bands if is out of control.
For other behavior challenges, a water squirt bottle curtails almost anything. My girlfriend created a clicker of sorts called the "Doggie Don't Device". We have begun incorporating that as well. It has shown signs of success, although some breeds seem to care less.

Often folks don't complete everything on their profiles. I have a standard list of questions I like to ask. Each question comes from a lesson learned. I promise... they aren't difficult questions and not having the answers has and can cost us both dearly... both is safety and finances.

If the questions are not answered in the initial correspondence or by the profile, I generally will respond with the list.

Speaking on the phone is great and I am speaking to several pet owners a month with multiple pets. I need to get this information in a localized place where I can refer back if needed. I don't like to rely merely on my (superb... lol) memory when other people's loved ones are concerned.

1) Is he/she up to date on vaccinations? (I’ve never had a challenge and I’ve had other pet owners with concerns about it so, for everyone’s safety, I like to know what the story is.)
2)What kind of flea and tick prevention is he/she on and how often?
3) Is he/she on heartworm prevention?
4) How is he/she with other dogs?
5) How about cats?
6) Is he/she allowed on furniture &/or bed? (I'm good either way, I just like to keep the same rules he/she would have at home.)
7) Does he/she use, sleep in or does he need a crate? (If so, please bring when he/she comes to stay.)
8) Does he/she mind well to commands or does he/she need to be leashed at all times outside? (Do I need to be concerned that he/she'll take off running if he/she were to make it past the front door?)
9) Is he/she fixed?
10) Is he/she a chewer or a nervous chewer? How is he/she with stuffed toys? Is there any concern with him/her chewing or scratching up things he/she shouldn't?
11) Is he/she potty trained? (I have tile throughout and microfiber... I just like to know.)
12) Did you mention his/her age? How old is he/she?
13) How is he/she around children? I don’t have children and I occasionally have friends stop by with theirs. (Again... I can manage. I just like to know what I'm expecting.)
14) Is there any food or treats he/she cannot have? I often use fresh chicken broth to entice everyone to eat in a timely fashion. Would that be ok? (Side note… I don’t give rawhides as a rule… generally even when they are brought as a treat. They can be too dangerous on the digestive tract.
15) This will probably sound like a silly question and rest assured… it has come from a lesson as all of the above questions… Can he/she open doors? (I do have french door handles throughout.)
16) How is he/she with frogs/toads? Will he/she chase them or leave them alone?

All that is needed for a stay is:
1) When you book… please list times for drop off and pick up. I do my best to keep a very up-to-date calendar. :) (If you provide your email address, I’d be happy to copy you on the calendar reminders if you would like.)
2) Leash
3) Collar &/or harness (preferably with ID)
4) Food (exact or ample amount) and Food Bowl (with feeding instructions… even when you rebook :) ) It would be preferable not to have a ceramic or porcelain bowl only due to the enhanced possibility of breakage. A travel bowl will suffice.
5) Any medications if needed with appropriate instructions.
6) Toys, only if he/she is very attached and is not aggressive with them.
7) Bed, only if you desire (I have a few) and it must be washable.
I often suggest bringing them because it's a comfort from home that helps put them at easy with something familiar.
8) Crate if necessary.
9) Side note: If your baby has incontinence issues or a profound desire to mark territory. Please look at picking up a diaper with disposable pads. I’m good with accidents and sometimes (especially some boys) it gets excessive.
10) Make sure I have your contact information &/or other emergency contact. (I've never needed it although having his/her vet info, even if posted here, is a good idea.) And, be sure you have mine.
11) Your mental note, if not a list, of what you brought so that everything can be appropriately returned to you.
12) Any special care or instructions (which are always best to be posted out here if possible).
13) An updated/completed profile out here including photos of your fur child is so very helpful. When I'm dealing with so many animals, a picture helps me remember who they are. Also care and vet info are on here and available for update.
14) This site is very diligent about making sure we stay in communication. When you add your cell number to your profile, they will forward you the messages from within the site to your cell phone. Longer messages will be truncated but you can view on the site. They do also email you as well and there is a free app for your smartphone.
While Only One cell number can receive the texts, you can have more than one person be logged into your account on the app. That way they can send and receive messages there, stay on top of communication and even see the pictures I’ll send you during the stay. :)
The initial number that shows up on your phone for me is Not my number, but the number that the site assigns to me in order for you to be able to communicate via text through their service. We can exchange contact info as we go forward and… for the most part I prefer to communicate through the site so we have a record to reflect back upon.
15) We are very family oriented here. I don’t know if you have (human) children or not. If you do and you plan on bringing them to either the meet and greet, drop off or pick up, please know that my house is much more dog friendly than child friendly. We often have other dogs here and although they will probably all be behind gates for newbies to arrive, it is not a good idea to have kids treat it like a petting zoo. Some pups “can” be skittish about squealy, excited voices and hands coming at them. Safety is a primary concern for ALL creatures in my environment. Children… ONE) are, by All means, Always welcome, TWO) get to be properly prepared before entering the house and THREE) should know that house rules are in effect to keep everyone safe and happy. :)
16) Much of my world revolves around being home. I like to say I am very flexible in working with your schedule as needed… in turn, on occasion I too may have some schedule shifting that is needed for me to be available. It is not often and it does occur from time to time. I like to say flexibility creates a win / win for all parties.
Regardless, if we have an agreement for a meeting time, please adhere to that time frame. If you are going to be early or late, please advise. I may be on any number of calls with my clients or employers and early or late appointments can compromise those. Also, I like to be sure that the pups here are all put away safely behind gates (especially for meet and greets, where, for safety reasons, they will generally stay for the entire meeting). I do prefer not to have them sequestered any longer than necessary. There are also many times that I stagger appointments to be able to give each of you my full undivided attention. Timeliness is so very appreciated. :)
Lastly, knocking on the door of a pet sitter turns the whole house upside down. I have a sign out front to remind folks of this and it would be so very appreciated that you text when nearby or parked outside. If for some reason I do not respond, feel free to call. Please ONLY knock as a last resort. It really does both keep the peace and the peace of mind for all those inside.

I am looking forward to meeting you and him/her and assisting in his/her care.

Believe it or not, people sometimes make inquiries and then never get back to me. I get a lot of business through this site and I like to help people as much as I can on a first come, first serve basis. If your plans change or you make other arrangements, please let me know. I'm often holding space waiting to hear back and it can all become quite confusing. Let's stay in communication, regardless of the circumstances.
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Can administer oral medicine
Special Needs Accommodated
  • Pets recovering from surgery
  • Separation anxiety
  • Leash Pulling
  • Not yet house-trained
  • Advanced senior issues

Kelly C.

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80 Reviews
36 Repeat Guests
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Services & Rates

Boarding Overnight At Kelly's Home
$35 /night
  • Watches up to 5+ dogs/night
  • Dogs may be unsupervised for 2 - 4 hours/day
  • 5+ potty breaks/day
  • 3+ walks/day
  • Pets can sleep wherever they want
Daycare At Kelly's Home
$23 /day
  • Watches up to 5 dogs/day
Dog Walking
$23 /half-hour
$35 /hour
  • Willing to travel 5 miles
Home Visits
$23 /visit
  • Willing to travel 5 miles
$15 each way
  • Willing to travel 15 miles
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80 Reviews
Kelly is hands down the best. From her first communications and understanding our dog's needs/habits. She lets the dogs thrive and interact and treats them like family. She gave photo updates on a regular basis and messages over the holidays so we knew how he was doing.
She is great and will definitely book again.
5 stars!! Highly recommend
Kelly you are the BEST! Thank you
Kelly you are the BEST! Thank you
Kelly you are the BEST! Thank you
Kelly you are the BEST! Thank you
Kelly was outstanding and Lucky had a blast staying with her. She kept sending us pictures of our dog and he was clearly happy as can be in her house. Every time we communicated she responded quickly, put our minds to ease and made us always feel that Lucky was in good hands and being well cared for.
Kelly is great and I would definitely recommend her!
Overall very good, walked dogs a great distance and took care of their needs.
Kelly was great! She is very organized, and an obvious pet lover. Chloe had a great time, and we had peace of mind! Would definitely recommend, and we will use Kelly to watch our pup again!
100% positive experience with Kelly C! Response time to reservation was within 30 minutes. Lots of pictures of my happy pup playing with other guests!
The mini vacay went great! Our dogs usually have anxiety when they are away from us but they had a wonderful time. Kelly is a professional. She asked all the right questions and had all the right answers. We're so grateful she was able to watch our babies while we were away. Thanks again Kelly!
Kelly was great! She got all of the necessary to ensure he and the other pets would all be alright. He had a great time from the photos Kelly sent! Would definitely recommend to others.
Kelly took great care of Toto while I was gone for the weekend. I was updated frequently with photos along my vacation which I loved! I definitely recommend her to anyone who wants their pet in a safe and comfortable home. We'll be seeing you soon :-)
Kelly is AWESOME!!!!
Thank you Kelly! Max misses you!!
We take our dog to Kelly any time we go out of town and have had nothing but great experiences. Cooper knows when we're getting close to her house and cries with excitement. He loves it there and we love knowing he's being taken care of so well!
Kelly is the best! My dog gets great care when I'm away and he always comes back home happy and healthy. Thanks Kelly.
Gunther came home Sunday evening from his Dogvacay and was very low energy and just laying on the sofa. We thought he must be worn out from playing all weekend and didn't think much of it until that night he started to vomit toys. He must have not been supervised and ate a bunch of toys. He continued to vomit 3 more times that night and has been vomiting at least daily since. His appetite is down. At this point we are getting very concerned that he may have an intestinal/stomach blockage. This was our first time using DogVacay and are upset that our puppy has come home not himself.
Kelly is the absolute best!!! I trust with my pup wholeheartedly and so glad to have met her through DogVacay.com!
Kelly was great. I have never boarded my girls before until now. She answered my questions prior to me leaving them. I liked that I was able to check in with her while we were away. Thank you for taking good care of them while I was in transition of moving. It made it a lot easier knowing they were well taken care of.
Kelly was great! Sadie had an amazing time! The picture updates were great! Great communication and she was very accommodating since our flight was delayed a few hours. Highly recommend her!!
Kelly is very friendly and love dogs. We brought our Hope for the second time and we will be back again. Thank you Kelly
You know you have a good dog sitter when your dog forgets you are even there and runs up to the front door to go in.
The most competent person I would trust and feel comfortable leaving my furbaby with.
I was so pleased with Kelly's care of my dog, that I just sent a request for her to take care of him again!!!!
Kelly has been great with my pup and very available for my crazy schedule this week. She couldn't be easier to work with!
Loco is a very needy dog and Kelly gives him plenty of contact time and takes care of his special diet. I've been very happy with Kelly (we're repeat customers).
Kelly was great with my doggy. She was flexible with the schedule and kept me updated with photos and messages. I would recommend her to anyone.
What can I say about my pup experience with Kelly? Just a word: Perfect! She is VERY caring, careful, with her 'guests' :) Our puppy had a great experience and actually felt very sad after he returned home, which is a GREAT thing because it tells us how wonderfully he was treated and how much he missed staying with Kelly and his new dog friends. Thank you so much for everything and I strongly and highly recommend Kelly for your pet sitting needs!
Thank you Kelly!!! My dog misses you...
Thank you Kelly!!! My dog loves you maybe more than he loves me :) A+++++
Regan came home happy from her visit. Kelly was very flexible with drop off/pickup times. We will book again.
For months I've been trying to find someone trustable to care for my puppy during holidays. Kelly is definitely the best choice. When you reserve a spot for you dog (which you should totally do right now), Kelly sends you a carefully thought out and written questionnaire of exactly how you would like her to treat your loved one. This shows how concerned and caring she really is as each person prefers to treat their dog differently.

She also sends you pictures and videos throughout your pup's stay!

Kelly is awesome and my puppy gets along with her perfectly!

What are you waiting for? If you're not convinced that Kelly is the best choice then I will personally write you a 10 page essay on why you are wrong.

Looking forward to reserving with her again :D
Kelly is the best!!! Highly recommended
Excellent! Caring. Responsible!
Kelly is the best - aways!! Can't go wrong
Kelly is the best - aways!! Can't go wrong
Kelly is the best - aways!! Can't go wrong
Kelly C. is the best sitter I have found on DogVacay! She is EXCELLENT!! Will hire again!! :)
Amazing experience as always! Thanks a lot Kelly.
Kelly is amazing as always!! She is my #1 dog sitter that I rely on!!! Incredible!!
I was extremely pleased w/ Baylee's stay w/ Kelly. She kept me posted w/ messages and photos . Baylee had a great time and will defiantly be going back!!
Kelly is very pleasant and warm w/ the dogs. I felt comfortable from the moment I met her. I knew Baylee was in good hands!
Kelly was very kind and patient with our dog. She kept us posted on how he was doing and he came home happy. No complaints here.
Kelly was wonderful with my dogs, always sending me updates and pictures, she's a very sweet person! Willow and Benicio loved her!!!
Kelly was as pleasant and accommodating as always. Ginger always comes home happy.
Another perfect stay for Simba. He had a great time with Kelly and her dogs. Thank you Kelly!
Top 5 rating for Kelly who is accommodating and kind and who always takes great care of Ginger.
It's my third time using Kelly's services and I couldn't be happier. Simba had another great time with her. Thanks again for your dedication Kelly.
My dog Niko had a great time at Kelly's house. He came home tired & happy :)
It was our first time using this service and we had a great experience. We have a hyper Labrador and Ms Kelly took good care of him. I think he was very happy there. It's very nice knowing we can leave our dog in a place we can trust. Definitely recommend.
Kelly is Flexible and cooperative and takes great care of Ginger, who always comes home happy. Also, she thoughtfully shares some photos by text/email to help us feel connected to Ginger while we are away.
Kelly always does a great job with our lab mixed breed dog. Ginger always goes there enthusiastically and comes come happy. Kelly is flexible and welcoming.
Our dog (Cheyenne) a German Shepherd totally loved being w/Kelly. Kelly kept us posted on her stay which eased our minds, especially since she had never been apart from us. I will definitely use her service again!
Awesome as always!! My pups love going to Kelly's for their did vacay!! :)
Kelly is the absolute best when it comes to watching my pups!! I highly recommend her! I have my pups stay with her very often with my busy travel schedule because I trust her so much! 5 stars!!
Kelly is so knowledgeable about dogs and treats my babies with such loving care! I never have to worry when I am traveling since I trust Kelly with my pups! Excellent! Highly recommend!
Kelly is the best when it comes to pet sitting! My babies love staying with her!!
Another great visit - much better than having to use a kennel or a doggie daycare since Loco needs lots of human attention!!
My babies adore Kelly! They love staying with her when I have to be gone and I feel so comfortable having them with her! They will be staying with her again soon! :)
As always, my pups loved their stay with Kelly! 5 star pet sitter!!!
A level above - amazing !!
Kelly was responsive and took good care of our dog.
So happy about my experience with Kelly! Excellent pet sitter and my pups absolutely love her!
Kelly is absolutely awesome! I trust her entirely with my pups. She is so loving and caring and knows so much about pets. I am so lucky to have found her on DogVacay.com! Very happy! Will hire her again! Excellent!
Another amazing stay with Kelly. We can not thank her enough for taking care of Simba. Thank you so much!
Another amazing stay with Kelly! My dog is so happy there, he actually starts whining when I pick him up. Thank you so much Kelly, you're the best!
This was the first time we used Dogvcay. We were very pleased with how well Kelly cared for our dog, Olive. She was clean and smelled great when we picked her up. We will be using Kelly again in the future!
They had a fantastic time with Kelly!
Our dogs stayed with Kelly for a week and they must have had a great time because they are pooped!
I dropped them off as sweet and lovable dogs and when I picked them up they were the same...except they smell a lot better. Kelly did a great job and I will use her again!
Awesome host for my two babies! Booking with her again much more in the future! :)
Kelly was awesome and took great care of Crosby. She kept me updated and well informed about the other dogs in her home. I will definitely use her again to watch Crosby.
Kelly is the BEST. She welcomed my dog into her home and treated him just like FAMILY. She took the time to send me pictures and keep me updated on how he was doing. I could not be happier, Maximus absolutely loves her. Thanks for everything Kelly!
Locomotive had a great time, Kelly was flexible with time, she kept other dog's food separate (Loco's on a special diet), and she kept him calm during the thunder!
Kelly is great! Chili has a ton of fun and is excited when she gets to go back to Kelly's house.
Kelly is the greatest. She was thoughtful, and caring. The house was immaculate. I could alwasy count on her.
Simba had a good time with Kelly. He returned home happy, healthy and playful as usual. Thank you Kelly!
Our dogs were in very good hands with Kelly. I was nervous about leaving them, particularly our younger, anxious dog, but in Kelly's professional hands he finally agreed to eat and settled in just fine. Being able to have the dogs cared for in a home environment while we were staying with my daughter at the hospital was a relief. Thanks Kelly.
We had a very good experience. We own a condo that we inherited from my mother that does not allow dogs. The condo is in Boca about 3 miles from Kelly. I did not want to leave my dog in Illinois so I checked into Dogvacay. To be honest I was quite nervous about the whole thing. I even had two other backup plans if it didn't work out. Well. Kelly and her mother Sandy were excellent. They were loving and extremely helpful. Keep in mind there will probably be other boarders. This was not a problem for my dog. I picked him up every day to go to dog parks and out to eat at wonderful outdoor cafés. My dog Levi was always excited to return to Kelly's and was in good spirits when I picked him up. What a great alternative to a cement kennel and no contact with other dogs or humans at night. Kelly made it possible for me to vacation with my dog. Dogvacay is normally used for people who want to leave their dog while they go off on vacation. My experience was fantastic. I recommend others do what I did so you can take your pooch with you.
Kelly is amazing. My dog has some special needs and she is very sensitive and caring. I would highly recommend her services. I feel very confident when I go away that she will take great care of him!
Kelly was awesome! This was my first time using DogVacay so I was a little wary but my experience was great. At our meet-and-greet Chase and I both loved her. She took great care of my baby and sent me photos and messages about how he was doing and definitely put me at ease. I will DEFINITELY make another reservation with her next time I have to go out of town. Chase and I both give 5 stars!!
Kelly is a very experienced host that loves animals! She was great and I would use her again. My dog was happy and well taken care of.:)
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