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Joe H.

6 Reviews
1 Repeat Guest
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  • 3 days notice required for bookings
  • Responds within 16 mins
  • Cancellation Policy:

Pet Requirements

  • 1-20 lbs
  • 20-40 lbs
  • 40-80 lbs
  • 80+ lbs
All Ages OK
Must Be Vaccinated

Joe's Resident Pets

Mixed Breed
2 yr 10 mo old

Joe's House

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Medium Yard
100% fenced
Pets allowed on furniture
Great for senior pets
Air-conditioned inside
Smoke-free home
Dog door access

About Joe

40 Years Experience Caring For Dogs
We do everything together!

NOTE - In the preferences I only demand that dogs have rabies vaccinations up to date, bordetella is optinal

Many of the day dogs and overnight dogs are regulars and that helps with one or two new guests coming in for the first time.

While I try to keep to only 3 dogs in my house I do add some of the day dogs to the group and we go on walks and to the various dog parks throughout the day.

The back yard is secure and available for them dogs anytime they want. The front yard is only for supervised visits.

We also go to one of the local sonoma dog parks in the morning and in the late afternoon.

The regulars enjoy the schedule!

Most of the time people come to meet us at one of the dog parks and I can get to know the owners and the dogs before they are left with me. If it is a dog i have not met before, we can spend 20 minutes gradually introducing your pet to the dogs that happen to be at my house. Some dogs are anxious for a day and night if it is the first time they are away, some don't mind at all and jump right in. With a new dog we skip the dog park that day and I am with the group. Sometimes I do have to go out and do errands!

The dogs get used to being with each other and makes it nicer for them to be part of a group.

I have rehabilitated quite a few dogs but that is a separate part of the doggie b and b. All dogs that stay with us should be used to other dogs, and not be aggressive towards people or other dogs.

Dogs that are not housebroken yet if they are 4 months and younger should not be anywhere near other dogs or dog parks due to PARVO virus. A sitter that comes to your house would be the safest way for you to go.

About the photos -

With the day dogs and the over night guests, my house gets fairly furry and messy - I do have a small housecleaning crew come in once or twice a month to go into all the rooms and clean the house! We usually go to the Glen Ellen house on thjose days. There are pictures of that place as well, the one tat looks neater! This too is designed for dogs to be staying there and is very secure.

Of course there is messy and then there is dirty. I keep the kitchen garbage can outside the gate and do poop patrol in the backyard twice a day.There are three water bowls that are replenished and changed daily.

There are dog beds in all the rooms, and a ramp that goes to a table that goes to my bed if there are dogs that would like to sleep with Brigitte te Dog ad I- the ramp is so they do not have to jump up or jump down.

If after you read a few of my reviews you can copy the Dog Treat recipe that I use from Bouchon Bakery just over the mountain in napa.

Brigitte and I look forward to your next visit!

Thank you,
Joe and Brigitte the Dog

Here are a few reviews from some of the regulars

Cherie Chooljian with Luna, and now with Bella and Jaco

I entrusted the care of my elderly dog Luna with Joe Holiday several times in the last two years of her life. In addition to treating her as if she were his own dog by letting her be in the house and the yard, he took especially good care in helping her, administering her medicine, and attending all of the special needs of a Samoyed with hip dysplasia and some doggie dementia.
I cannot think of a better place to have left my dog without worrying about her.
He knows dogs, knows how to handle them, and how to keep them well-behaved, even as he shows them attention.


Polly Barry-Taylor and Mario

I have known Joe Holiday for several years now. He takes care of my Chihuahua when I am out of town. My dog, Mario, is like my child, and I trust Joe completely with him. In fact, I never worry about Mario when I am away. Joe takes fantastic care of the animals who come to The Doggie Bed and Breakfast. He cooks for them, takes them to the dog park at least twice a day, and has a special touch with dogs. Truth-be-told, he probably takes better care of Mario than I do! Word is getting around that Joe is a great person to care for your dog. I have no doubt that his business will continue to grow, as he provides
an essential service to dog-owners in the community.


Judith May and Gabe

I would recommend you for the following reasons:

You have always made it clear that the dogs' safety is paramount.

It is obvious that you love and respect dogs.

You have an affinity for our pets that allows you to notice any untoward behavior or possible illness, discomfort.

The dogs love you.


Janet Volkman and Mercy and Moose

Joe, I would say: Joe has been a godsend for me, keeping my dogs for a day or a week when I'm away. My puppy loves him—I think she likes him more than me. i always feel the dogs are safe with him because he is so good and gentle with dogs, even with my poodle (R.I.P.) who bit him multiple times when she was old and senile and he had to give her meds with gloves on.


Peter Petroni and Rumple

I have never met another dog person as affectionate OR knowledgeable about health, safety, and love for dogs, than Joe. I have never used anyone else for Rumple, our Sharpei-Rotweiler mix. The only problem is she’s doesn’t want to leave his place when we get back from our trips.


Teresita Fernandez with Trixie

I can finally enjoy my vacations knowing my dog Trixie, a not so easy to handle Jack Russell terrier is under Joe's Holiday's care. Going on vacations used to be a stressful time for Trixie and myself. Now I leave with ease and confidence knowing she is good loving hands. It's a home away from home. If you are looking for someone that truly loves dogs and knows how to handle them, I couldn't recommended Joe more.I just hope he continues to provide services because I couldn't imagine placing my dog any place else where she would feel this comfortable.


Shannon And Jay with Ching

Joe, it has been around six years since you worked for us, doesn't seem possible after all the years you cared for our doggie family members. Even with that time passing, I think of you and our "boys" almost daily and am so glad to be following along on your continuing adventures. I could never adequately describe the superb care you provided our beloved Golden Retrievers. Perhaps they did that best with their enthusiasm and joy each time you came to pick them up for "a visit". Their sheer excitement at jumping into your truck awaiting departure gave us such comfort as we ventured off on our own explorations. I do not believe we could have or would have completed our Buenos Aries - Antarctica trip if they had been in the care of anyone but you. You exercised such caring in such a difficult situation. When we received the Vets' recommendations it broke our hearts and I think we wept for days. We were
comforted to know that you were there with Ching at the end.

This all sounds so sad, while your caring of our "boys" was only joyous for them, I'm sure. All the special care - home made treats, dog park adventures, daily outings, etc. You brought such peace and confidence to our extensive travel schedule. It would not have been possible without your unprecedented services



Forever Grateful
Shannon and Jay


Louis and Malcolm

Joe has been taking care of my dog Malcolm since Malcolm was a pup; he is now 8 years old. Mac and I met Joe about 8 years ago at Ernie Smith dog park, he was there with a group of dogs and it was obvious that the dogs loved being around Joe. Joe's love for dogs and their love for him is why I continue to contact Joe whenever I need quality care for Mac. His prices and his service cannot be beat.


Candy And Juni

I have trusted my dogs to Joe for years. Not only does he provide wonderful care but he loves his charges and treats them all like family. I am confident when I leave my dog with Joe that he will do whatever is necessary to ensure she is safe and happy. Junie can barely wait to get out of the car when I pull up in front of his house


Taylor Radek with Lucas

Before the Doggie B & B I always felt guilty boarding my dog, Lucas. I moved from Sonoma to Healdsburg a year ago and still much prefer Joe to any other option closer to me. Lucas absolutely loves going there and I always come home to a healthy, happy & sleepy dog.”


Adam Traum with Billie and Quagmire

Joe Holiday, and his Doggy Bed and Breakfast, has been a great help to our family. It is comforting to know that our animals are able to stay in a cage-free environment and knowing that they will be well cared for.


Dr. Paula with Mojo and Ripley

I am most happy to recommend you and the Doggie Bed and Breakfast without any reservations. Joe Holiday is an expert at handling, caring for and loving dogs. I treat my two standard poodles like they are my children, and before leaving them with the Doggie Bed & Breakfast, could not enjoy traveling because I would worry about my dogs. My two dogs love Joe, love doing daycare with him and love staying overnight with him. When I tell them they are going to see Joe, they rush to the door or to the car. Now I can travel without worry when my dogs stay with Joe. Sometimes I have the dogs do daycare with Joe just because they enjoy it so much, not because I need dog daycare. Joe is also very considerate of his human neighbors, and does not allow the dogs under his care to bark or misbehave.


Dan Messinger & Sioux Benson Messinger with PawPaw

For our beloved dog, Pawpaw, time spent at the former Sonoma Doggie Bed & Breakfast run by Joe Holiday, was a true vacation Pawpaw loved it! With 2 trips to the dog park per day, fun socialization with other dogs, and lots of good, loving attention, the Doggie B & B was by far the best doggone pet spot in town. In fact, when Pawpaw would escape (which Husky’s do), she’d run over to Joe’s now that’s true proof of what a wonderful atmosphere Joe Holiday created and lovingly managed.
Without reservation and in support of all fine animals everywhere, we highly recommend any pet program designed and managed by Joe Holiday.


bj droubi and Zelda
Dear Joe, I’m writing to express my appreciation to you for your loving care of my rescue dog, Zelda . . . Although she has many neuroses from her days with a previous problem owner, she always comes home in great spirits, and I attribute that to your superior care of her . . . Best wishes in your new venture, as I’m sure it will be a great success . . .


Kandi Weider and Louie

Louie has been staying with Joe & Bob for many years and has had a great time every time. I have been stuck in weekend traffic coming come and I know that with one phone call Louie will well taken care of.


Marina Abbott with Mackie

It is a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Joe Holiday, who has been providing excellent care for my dog for a year. He has consistently shown himself to be responsible, honest and helpful as a business person. In fact, I have entrusted Joe with a key to my home so that he could rescue my dog should there be a fire or other emergency situation. In addition, when I approached Joe last year for a donation to the County Animal Shelter fundraiser, Paws for Love, he was both enthusiastic and generous in his donation. (Which, sadly, I cannot say about all of the animal-related businesses I approached in the valley.) Having him in Glen Ellen would be a real addition to our little town and I wholeheartedly support him in his quest to obtain a business permit. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Candy and Bill with Cooper

Joe is a good friend and has been a terrific friend to Cooper. When we have a day off, usually once a week, Joe takes care of Cooper, as well as when we go out of town. He provides a safe, loving, unrestricted envirionment, The dogs are free to play and live in Joe and Brigitte's home as if it were theirs. Joe also provides the dogs with daily visits to the dog park to insure that their social needs are met..Cooper is always in good spirits after spending the day, or weekend with Joe, Brigitte, and all his furry friends. When Cooper is with Joe, we know he is loved and well cared for.


Karen with Racer

it is a HOLIDAY for your best friend when he/she stays with Joe. chauffeured trips to the dog park: games & fetch are often played. Joe is astute in accommodating any special needs whether it be food or physical. i have observed that dogs in his care feel like they are part of one big happy furry family. you can feel secure and trust that your best friend is getting the best care while you enjoy your vacation.


Mick and Robin with Sonnyboy

We have always called upon Joe to look out for our standard poodles, Max and Sonnyboy, whenever we have left town or needed a day off. Since our dogs mean so much to us, it has been a relief to know that they were in such good hands. Going on a trip is stressful enough, without having to worry about the care your dog will receive while you're gone. We KNOW that our pets will have the best care imaginable. Joe is so reliable and gentle with dogs that we always joke that when we return from our travels, our dogs don't want to come back home! Thanks again for all you have done for our boys!


Shannon with Rose

have a pit bull/border collie mix, Rose. Whenever my family and I go out of town, we call Joe to take care of her. I met Joe at the dog park, and was impressed by his handling of the many dogs he managed. I feel really confident leaving her with Joe, as she has the run of the house, gets to interact with other dogs and gets to visit the dog park regularly. Most importantly, when I drop her off there, she is very excited to see him! If she could speak, I'm sure she would say she loves to visit Joe. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for dog care in Sonoma Valley!


Linda with Zeus and Honey Bunny

Joe has a wonderful way with the dogs that come into his care. He's very perceptive to the needs of each individual pet and makes the time they spend with him fun, entertaining, and filled with love and care.


Brad and Jill with Marley

Would love to help out with a recommendation. My friend Jill and I frequently talk about how grateful we've been to have such a wonderful caring environment for our extra weird pups!



Joe is one of the most dog loving people I know in the Sonoma Valley.
He is totally dedicated to them and keeps all his agreements, being
completely responsible. This is his passion - the welfare and love of animals.


BJ with Remy
Joe is a "dog whisperer"; he 'speaks dog' and they listen. What I like best is that he sends video of my doggie happily playing with the others, calming my anxiety about being away from him.


Bill and Sylvia With Karhu

When Joe says "doggie BnB" he's not kidding. At "Uncle Joe's" our dog gets home made meals . . . well, I mean Joe personally opens the kibble bag or whatever and personally serves it up. But seriously folks he does make dog meals using his sous vide cooking methods - and great doggie snacks too!

Besides good chow, Joe takes his guests to a dog park every morning and every evening, and if they are very good while on these field trips, they get to sit on the couch when they get back and watch the food channel with Joe's co-host, Brigitte the circus dog. And, special treat: all the dogs share Uncle Joe's bedroom! We love Joe and are grateful for his attentive, loving care of our beloved family Lapphund.


Alice with Rocket and Moxie

I found Joe Holiday through a mutual friend. I wanted to be sure that the Doggie B & B was as good as it seemed, so I made a trip to visit with him and his dogs (a 1.5 hour trip from Berkeley) to see how he handled dogs, and how well they liked him.

It was exactly what we were looking for – someone who wasn’t high-strung and demanding of the dogs, who had a great rapport with them, and who was very safety-conscious where his charges were concerned.

We use Joe Holiday exclusively now for our girls – a Dalmatian and a Jack Russell Terrier. He has cared for our other dogs who have passed away, including our senior Dalmatian, who was getting old and weak – we had a family emergency and needed to fly to the east coast. Joe took wonderful care of her, even though she was dying of cancer, and needed much more attention than a healthy dog.

We have complete confidence in his care and protection of our dogs. I can’t imagine using anyone else.


Stacey with Leo

Joe is the best dog sitter! We always leave our dog, Leo, with him when we go on vacation and Leo never wants to come back home. Who can blame her though, she gets two trips to the dog park everyday and tons of wonderful dogs to live with. She gets to run freely in Joe's house and yard is never locked up in a kennel. Joe treats all the dogs he cares for as if they were his own and the best part they come back home better behaved than when you dropped then off. We appreciate Joe and his doggie b&b so much!


Paulette with Luc and Packer

My standard poodle, Luc, stayed with Joe once or twice a week for several years when I had a heavy work schedule. I don't know what we would have done without him. He went out of his way to work with my irregular schedule, often either picking Luc up or dropping him off at home. More importantly, Luc was happy and comfortable, and had a good time playing with the other dogs in Joe's care. Thank you again, Joe.



Hello my name is Scooter…
I love these things…
Treats, dog park, playing ball, furry friends, sleeping on the big bed, good food, taking a sun bath, going for walk and hanging out. So when my person Laurelee Roark is out of town and I still want to do these things?…I go to Joe’s…who I love with all my heart.



Cameron with Alice

Here is our review of you, finally!! "Joe is amazing! We feel so lucky to have found him. He is a true dog lover who treats each dog according to his/her unique personality. We appreciate how flexible he is and for a very reasonable rate. The best part, though, is seeing how ecstatic our dog, Alice, is when we drop her off with him!"


Bouchon Bakery Dog Treat Recipe

Makes approximately 40, depending on the size of your cookie cutter.


– 453 grams/1 pound sliced bacon, cut into 1-inch wide pieces
– 370 grams/13 ounces Chicken livers, cut into 1/2 inch pieces
– 130 grams/3/4 cup plus 1 tablespoon fine cornmeal (not self-rising)
– 450 grams/3 cups + 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
– 235 grams/1 cup chicken stock

for ketchup glaze

– 50 grams ketchup
– 13 grams egg whites


Preheat oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Over medium heat, cook bacon until done but not very crispy. Pour into a colander over a bowl and let drain. Return a small amount of bacon grease to your skillet and cook the livers for about five minutes, mashing them and turning them often. Put the bacon into a food processor and pulse until finely chopped, then add the livers and process until fully combined into a “pate” of sorts. Put the pate in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment and add the cornmeal and mix on medium speed. Turn the mixer down to low and slowly add the flour in until it turns into a sandy-looking mixture. Turn the mixer back up to medium and very slowly pour in the chicken stock and mix until the dough forms around the paddle. Pull the ball of dough out and place on the counter and roll it out to about a quarter-inch thickness. Note: Thomas Keller recommends using plastic wrap or parchment paper to roll out the dough on your counter (between two sheets).

Using a 2-inch or so dog bone shaped cookie cutter, cut out as many “cookies” as you can! The scraps re-rolled out really well.

Thomas Keller also recommended lining baking sheets with parchment papers or Silpats.

Anywho, put your cookies in the oven for 3 hours. Take them out and turn the oven down to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a pastry brush, glaze them with the ketchup/egg white mixture, then return them to the 200 degree oven for 20 minutes.
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Post-surgical pets
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  • Separation anxiety
  • Leash Pulling

Joe H.

6 Reviews
1 Repeat Guest
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  • 3 days notice required for bookings
  • Responds within 16 mins
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Services & Rates

Boarding Overnight At Joe's Home
$35 /night
  • Watches up to 3 dogs/night
  • Dogs may be unsupervised for no more than 1 hour/day
  • Dogs will have full access outside for potty breaks
  • 2 walks/day
  • Pets can sleep wherever they want
Daycare At Joe's Home
$20 /day
  • Watches up to 4 dogs/day
6 Reviews
My dog seemed to really enjoy his 2 night stay with Joe. There were 5 other dogs, but Joe seems to handle the group with calmness, and they all looked very happy. We will go again soon.
Joe made it simple to connect with each other both for drop off and pick-up. My dog was initially uncomfortable upon meeting the other dogs, but all went well, and Joe texted photos showing me a calm and contented dog. When I picked him up he was happily interacting with the other dogs, and obviously comfortable with Joe. I am already booking our next visit.
Joe was awesome! Responsed quickly, was easily accessible and you could tell he truly just loves dogs. I was in touch with him throughout the weekend, he updated a picture on dogvacay and also sent me a video of Bubba running at the dog park. Upon picking him up at the end of the trip he even gave me a Chuck it stick since he loves fetch so much. Would definitely recommend Joe to others and would use Joe again in the future.
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