Need a dog walker? We did the legwork.

Our screened dog walkers come to your home, giving your pet some outdoor exercise.

Is a dog walker right for your pet?
Basic biology dictates that an adult dog needs a bathroom break at least every 8 hours. Puppies and smaller dogs need to relieve themselves even more frequently. Some dogs just have small bladders. Even though some dogs physically might be okay with being left alone for 8 hours, they might start feeling some emotional stress or separation anxiety before that.
Hiring a dog walker gives your pet some human interaction and daily structure. As a pet parent, it also gives you some peace of mind knowing that someone is checking on your dog while you’re away.
There are health benefits, too. Exercise means your pet returns home tired and ready to sleep. A tired dog is less likely to get into trouble, snack on pillows or take out some frustrations on your favorite pair of shoes. In addition, regular walks help keep your pet at a healthy weight — which means less stress on joints and organs as a pet ages.
When it comes time to schedule a walk, tailor it to your pet’s needs. Have a discussion with the dog walker about the length of the walk, the pace and the route (avoiding dangers zones like constructions sites or unfriendly dogs). Let the dog walker know if you want an update on your dog’s “bathroom” activities and consider leaving a sheet to easily check off Number 1’s and 2’s. If post-walk treats are allowed, tell the walker and place them in a cupboard out of the dog’s reach.
Make it a safe walk. Provide a your dog with a securely fitting collar and/or harness. Keep a leash in an easy-to-spot place near the door. And don’t forget to leave plenty of poop bags. Everybody will appreciate that.

Why choose DogVacay?

We’re locals
Our local dog walkers live and work in your community.
Fully vetted dog walkers
Dog walkers are screened and have passed background checks.
You can meet your walker first
Free Meet-n-Greets are available to introduce your dog to walkers.

What people say about DogVacay Dog Walking

Vincent T L.
Los Angeles, CA
What a pleasant guy I truly appreciate David's attention to detail and my pups - two energetic German Shepherds that just turned three.
Leticia Z.
Clovis, NM
Sharon came by today while I was away and out of town. It was a pleasure to work with Sharon. She is extremely knowledgeable about dogs and really was a relief for me to know they were in good hands while I was away in Albuquerque.

I recommend Sharon because she communicates with me while she is in the home and she even sends pictures which warms the heart.

Sharon is a wonderful addition to my life! Thank you Sharon!!!!!! You are AWESOME.
Kathy G.
Fort Myers, FL
Brianna was wonderful. She spent most of the day with Zeus, walked him a few times and played with him. When we got home he was relaxed, not stressed out at all and happy to see us. Brianna was great and we plan to use her again very soon.

Brianna is also very sweet and charming and it was nice to know that someone so gentle and loving was caring for our dog.