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Also Known As
The Noble Guardian, The Lion Dog
Area of Origin
Breed Birthday
3000 B.C.
Breed Type
Personality Traits
Intelligent, Reserved, Independent, Gentle
Related Breeds
St. Bernard, Bernese Mountain Dog, Kuvasz, Newfoundland, Great Pyrenees
Best Breeds For
Homes with another large dog, but no kids. They do love to have a playmate around, so another dog that’s about their size is ideal.
They’re a breed that does best with an experienced dog-owner who has the patience for consistent training. They’re smart and learn very quickly, so housetraining comes easily for them.
They can grow as big as 160 pounds so they need all the space a home can offer. They need a large fenced-in area where they can exercise, too.

Breed Popularity

English Toy Spaniel
Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Tibetan Mastiff
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Top Tibetan Mastiff Name

Samson Bear
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History of Tibetan Mastiff


DNA evidence reveals that Mastiff-like dogs have been around for at least 5,000 years, long ago enough that Mastiffs might have travelled alongside the Greek and Roman armies and have accompanied both Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan on their travels. In Tibet, Mastiffs lived with shepherds, guarding their flocks, and with Buddhist monks in their monasteries. But, it wasn’t until the mid 1800s when the “large dog from Tibet” was imported to England as a gift to Queen Victoria. The first Mastiff didn’t make its way to the US until the 1950s. It was a gift, too. This time to President Eisenhower.
Facts about Tibetan Mastiff

Good To Know

Tibetan Mastiffs need to have variety in their walking routes—otherwise they might become territorial over their route.
Tibetan Mastiff health and care

Health & Care

Height: 24” to 26” at the shoulder
Weight: 75 to 160 pounds
Lifespan: 10 to 12 years
As with all dogs, some Tibetan Mastiffs face hip and elbow dysplasia, low thyroid, or seizure disorders.
Tibetan Mastiff personality


Tibetan Mastiffs have such a strong presence, it’s often said that they’re nearly human. They’re giant dogs—some as big as 160 pounds—that aren’t very active. Instead, they’re solemn, gentle, and extremely watchful, making them good family guard dogs. Some owners say their Mastiffs will get upset if their human family gets angry with one another, even when they’re rough housing or wrestling. Many owners trust their Mastiff’s judgement of character so much that if their Mastiff doesn’t warm to a new person, they investigate why, since they’ve found there’s a pretty good chance that their Mastiff is right.

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