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Also Known As
The Dignified Clown
Area of Origin
Breed Birthday
200 B.C.
Breed Type
Personality Traits
Playful, Loving, Mischievous
Related Breeds
Boston Terrier, Pekingese, Brussels Griffon
Best Breeds For
Anyone. They’re highly adaptable indoor dogs who love a quiet house as much as a busy one, a country ranch as much as a tiny studio.
Highly trainable. Pugs are curious and love to please. They’re also extremely responsive to food rewards!
Pugs are super adaptable and don’t need much activity. They love nothing more than being with their humans, so for a Pug, either an apartment or house will work.

Breed Popularity

American Staffordshire Terrier
Border Collie
Boston Terrier
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Top Pug Name

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History of Pug


Pugs have been bred in China for a long time, at least since around 200 B.C. during the Han dynasty. Sometime around 1600 A.D., when trade opened between China and Europe, the Pug made its way to Europe where it very quickly became well-loved—Marie Antoinette had a Pug and so did Napoleon’s wife, Josephine Bonaparte. Queen Victoria had a Pug, too. It wasn’t until after the Civil War, though, that Pugs made their way to the States.
Facts about Pug

Good To Know

A Pug’s first love is his family; his second love is food. Since Pugs have such a small frame, it’s easy for them to put on too much weight. To keep your Pug healthily under 18 pounds, work with your vet to create a feeding schedule and stay strong when those big eyes beg for table scraps.
Pug health and care

Health & Care

Height: 10” to 14” at the shoulder
Weight: 14 to 18 pounds
Lifespan: 13 to 15 years
Pugs are generally very healthy dogs. Their big eyes are prone to eye injuries (since they don’t have a long muzzle to protect them) and some Pugs may face hip dysplasia, patellar luxation (an issue with their kneecaps), or encephalitis.
Pug personality


Once the wrinkly, stocky Pug with its giant eyes, comical face, and lovable head tilt cuts its way into your heart, the love sticks forever. These sturdy dogs, one of the oldest lap dog breeds, definitely have a sense of humor. Though they aren’t dainty by any means, most Pugs will comically worm their way onto your lap and sit there blissfully all day long—even if that means your legs go numb or you can’t reach the keyboard! They’re true comedians at heart: happiest when they’re the center of attention, and downright heartsick when they feel ignored.

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