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Also Known As
The Little Dog Who Thinks He Can
Area of Origin
Norway, Germany, and Poland
Breed Birthday
18th Century
Breed Type
Personality Traits
Vivacious, Sprightly, Smart, Extroverted
Related Breeds
Norwegian Elkhound, Schipperke, German Spitz, American Eskimo Dog, Samoyed
Best Breeds For
Anyone without super small children, who might not be gentle enough for the Pom’s small frame. They aren’t very needy and make good companions.
Super easy to train. They’re especially good at learning tricks, but do need consistency to keep them well-disciplined.
Either. An evening walk, a few laps around the yard, or a little bit of playing around in the apartment will be enough to satisfy a Pomeranian’s exercise needs.

Breed Popularity

Australian Shepherd
American Staffordshire Terrier
Border Collie
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Top Pomeranian Name

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History of Pomeranian


Pomeranians used to be much bigger. They’re descendants of Icelandic sled dogs and were once as large as 30 pounds. Their name, Pomeranian, comes from a place in Germany and Poland along the Baltic Sea where they were bred down to the size they are today—Pomerania, which means “seacoast.” Though these days most Poms are only four to seven pounds, there are still some litters with larger Pomeranian puppies that grow up to be as large as 14 pounds, a throwback to the Pom’s larger sheep-herding and sled-pulling ancestors.
Facts about Pomeranian

Good To Know

They’re definitely small enough to sit on your lap, but most Poms are independent and curious, and not super cuddly. They prefer to walk around and explore on their own legs.
Pomeranian health and care

Health & Care

Height: 7” to 12” at the shoulder
Weight: 3 to 7 pounds
Lifespan: 14 to 16 years
The majority of Pomeranians are healthy dogs, though some may have issues with their back hips and knees. Keep your Pom’s back legs safe by making sure they don’t jump down from high spots, even a jump from the couch to the floor can be dangerous. Some Poms have alopecia, which causes them to lose their hair.
Pomeranian personality


Pomeranians are outgoing little puffballs who are extremely intelligent and love to hang out with their humans. It’s no wonder they’ve been companions to some of the world’s smartest and most creative thinkers, artists, and musicians. While Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, his Pomeranian sat on a satin pillow and watched him. When Mozart finished one of his arias, he dedicated it to his Pom, Pimperl. Chopin, inspired by his friend’s Pomeranian, wrote “Waltz of the Little Dogs”. Isaac Newton’s Pomeranian, Diamond, once chewed on the corners of his owner’s manuscripts.

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