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Also Known As
The Bat-Eared Bulldog
Area of Origin
Breed Birthday
Breed Type
Personality Traits
Playful, Smart, Adaptable, Free-Thinking
Related Breeds
Bulldog, Pug, Miniature Bull Terrier, Boston Terrier
Best Breeds For
Binge-watching your favorite show from the air conditioned couch. They’re also great for anyone who works from home and wants a little companion for their feet or lap.
They’re free-thinkers who enjoy training when it’s fun and playful and they’ve got something to motivate them—usually that something is food. Stay consistent and keep the rewards coming.
They’re indoor dogs who don’t need much space or exercise. A couple of quick walks when it’s cool out will keep them at a healthy weight and use up all their spare energy.

Breed Popularity

Bichon Frise
American Pit Bull Terrier
French Bulldog
Bull Terrier
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
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Top French Bulldog Name

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History of French Bulldog


The French Bulldog was first bred in England to be a toy-sized version of the English Bulldog. The tiny Bulldogs were especially popular among English lacemakers in Nottingham as a companion and as the factory’s in-house rat chaser. During the Industrial Revolution, many lacemakers moved to France and they naturally brought their beloved pups with them. The dogs became popular all over France and earned their name, the French Bulldog. Americans first saw the breed at Westminster in 1896 and quickly fell in love with the Frenchie, too. When Frenchies were first bred, some had rose ears that made them look exactly like miniature English Bulldogs, but the Americans preferred the Frenchies with bat ears. After a huge showcase and party at the Waldorf Astoria in 1898, the bat ears stuck and have become one of the signatures of the breed.
Facts about French Bulldog

Good To Know

They’re a quiet breed that rarely barks, but they will alert you when someone’s coming. They’re definitely not yappy, but are surprisingly good watch dogs. One important thing to keep in mind - French Bulldogs can’t swim. Their heads are too heavy, so if you’re hitting the water, pack a doggy life vest.
French Bulldog health and care

Health & Care

Height: 11” to 12” at the shoulder
Weight: 16 to 28 pounds
Lifespan: 11 to 14 years
Since Frenchies have a short nose and a small body they’re more likely to overheat when there’s a spike in temperature or humidity. Also, anesthesia is riskier for them and they’re more prone to having back pain from spinal issues like abnormal vertebrae or disc degeneration.
Grooming is minimal. Keep their coat shiny with a quick weekly brushing and of course the occasional bath, nail trim, ear check, and regular tooth brushing.
French Bulldog personality


They’ve been called bat-dogs, bat-pigs, and baby bulldogs. Their bat ears and muscular frames are cute as can be and their half-flat, half-domed heads are irresistibly pettable. They’re not too loud and don’t ask for much: a quick walk when it’s not too hot out and all your love. Give them that and your French Bulldog will love you with every bit of their tiny muscular body. It makes sense why they’re the beloved of pets of a ton of celebrities from Lady Gaga to Leo DiCaprio to Reese Witherspoon (who, it’s been said, occasionally dresses her Frenchie in pearls).

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