Wedding Party Dogs Who Nailed It

There’s a lot of work that goes into planning for a wedding. After the romantic proposal and the celebration of taking that next big step to spend the rest of your lives together, you’ll suddenly be flooded with seating arrangements, vendor selections, food tastings, and adventurous venue searches.

Though this can naturally bring about quite a bit of stress, you will be relieved to know that one thing that will surely be perfect is your dog’s performance in the wedding. No matter what job you give him, he’ll do it with absolute cuteness. We worked with our friends over at WeddingWire to bring you the icing on the multi-tiered cake, the best of the best. Take a lesson or two from these wedding party dogs who totally nailed the job of being the second (first being the bride and groom, of course!) best thing about the wedding.

Lesson One: Keep your eyes forward when walking down the aisle; do not be distracted by treats, unfamiliar smells, and that studly dog sitting in the first row.

Lesson Two: Always choose a bowtie over a necktie. It will boost your adorable factor, we guarantee it.

Lesson Three: Make sure to wear the most fashionably chic shoes, because many of those wedding photos are going to be at your dog’s eye level. 

Lesson Four: Have the best waterproof makeup on, because there’s going to be a lot of crying, kissing, nuzzling, and drooling.

Lesson Five: Always smile. You want the photographer to capture your best side all the time!

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Written by Caroline Park 


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