The Best Dogs in Weddings Ever


When it’s time to put the bling on the ring finger and commit to your chosen mate forever and ever, you want everyone who matters to be there to celebrate. Among the millions of weddings that take place every year, there are tons that involve dogs – the furry sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, and best friends of the bride and groom. As this is the most popular season to be wed here in the United States, we’ve decided to highlight the most adorable four-legged wedding party members we’ve ever seen!


1. The Groomsman: makes sure to lick groom’s tears of joy away and look ridiculously good-looking in a bow tie.


2. The Bridesmaid: makes sure all the attention is on the beautiful bride… even though the floppy ears may steal the show at times!


3. The Flower Girl: though it may be tempting to lick and sniff the flowers, focus on getting down the aisle without distractions!


4. The Ringbearer: don’t drop the ring, don’t drop the ring…

5. Father of the Bride: I ruff you, and no one will ever be good enough for you.


And then it all comes down to the finale — the kiss!

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Written by Caroline Park 


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