Take Your Dog to Work Day at the DogVacay Headquarters

Happy Take your Dog to Work Day!  In honor of this pup-tastic day, we want to introduce you to the adorable pups that run around our office. Bringing dogs to work can actually help lower stress, increase productivity and make the office a friendlier environment. It’s good for dogs too because they love nothing more than being by your side. So without further ado, let’s meet the dogs!

Maggie hard at work.

First, meet Maggie. Not only is she a sweetheart and DogVacay’s most frequent office pup, she’s also a service dog who has starred on the big screen and in television shows. She surfs, dances and can even give you a high five when you need a burst of encouragement.

Maggie and Wall-E palling around in the office.

Although Wall-E is a world-class doggy actor and can do tricks that most pups could only dream of, he’d much rather spend the day hanging out with his girlfriend Maggie at the office. These two are the best of friends and, when Wall-E’s dad is out of town touring with his band “She’s Got Revenge”, Wall-E takes a break from his rock star life to snuggle up next to Maggie.

Here’s Bernard. Bernard’s a country bumpkin currently playing city slicker in Downtown Los Angeles. He makes it to the office about once a week and spends his time sleeping in his owner’s lap. He’s got a face that could silence a room and a smile that could brighten the darkest rain cloud.

Rocky and Rambo

Now meet Rocky and Rambo. Despite their tough action hero names, these two goofy softies spend the day making the DogVacay team laugh. These rough and tumble brothers love getting a tummy rub between conference calls and a piece of pizza crust after office lunches.

(Tom Jones voice) She’s a Lady! Last but not least, we’ve got Lady, the office cutie pie.  When she’s not munching on veggies (she’s a bit of a foodie), this Yorkie mix loves gazing out the office window dreaming about her next trip to the Doggy Beach.  You may say she’s a dreamer, but she’s not the only one.

Did you know that many of our hosts bring their guest dogs to work with them? Learn how to become a host and find a furry friend to bring to the office!

What’s next? Can Bringing A Dog To Work Really Decrease Stress?

Written by Priscilla Liang


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