State of Pet Travel in the US 2013

Your long awaited cross-country trip has finally arrived! You’ve got flights booked to Austin, Colorado Springs and Chicago but who knows where you might end up? Your bags are all packed and you’re trying to find a way to jam the trunk of your SUV shut before heading to the airport. But what are you doing with Fluffy while you’re away? Board her? Bring her with you? Drop her off with family? At, we were curious.

With the help of an independent market research firm, Harris Interactive, we asked over 1,400 pet owners what they did with their pets when they traveled and the answers were quite surprising. Would you believe that 15% of pet owners have smuggled pets into hotels to bypass the hefty pet fees? Or that 48% of pet owners travel less because they can’t bear to be away from their pets? Check out our inaugural State of Pet Travel Survey infographic which features some surprising findings detailing how US pet owners travel with their furry loved ones.

Click here for the full survey press release.

Written by Priscilla Liang


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