How to Promote your Pack Leader URL

We couldn’t be more excited that you’re a Pack Leader. We developed the Pack Leader program so that our amazing hosts would have the tools they needed to market themselves. Now you’re equipped with your custom URL to help promote your home dog boarding business in your community and beyond. To sweeten the deal, we’ve decided to give you $20 every time a new customer signs up from your URL so it really is a win-win! Here are some great ways you can use these awesome tools  to drive more business to your profile and spread the word about your services. 

Not a Pack Leader just yet? Head to to create your own custom URL (!

1. Email your Pack Leader information to your friends and family

The best way to promote your DogVacay profile is by word of mouth. Send out your custom URL to your friends and family! Make sure your profile is their first resource for home dog boarding when they’re going out of town. They know you best and chances are they’ll trust you to care for their dog. Family and friends also make the best repeat clients and will very likely refer you to their friends.

2. Share your Pack Leader information on Social Media

If you’ve got a knack for social media, sharing your Pack Leader URL is a great way to let your friends know about your home dog boarding services. Many of you already use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to update your clients about how their dogs are doing while on Vacay. Now you can hone in on your social media skills to promote your Pack Leader information to get new clients. Post up your custom URL on Facebook and/or Twitter and let everyone know that they can receive a $10 credit just by signing up from your URL. On Twitter post your URL and use #hashtags like #dog #dogboarding and #petsitter. Hashtags are what Twitter uses to organize information; by using and targeting these #hashtags, you’ll be able to reach a more relevant audience. You can also promote your DogVacay profile on your personal Facebook and even create a business page that links out to your profile.

3. Create a Craigslist or Google Places listing

Everyday, people are looking for pet care services on sites like Craigslist and Google Places. By creating a listing or posting on these sites, you can promote your DogVacay profile page and offer new clients a great deal. Setting up a posting is quick and will allow you to market yourself to people who are in need your services. To create a Google Places account, please refer to our blog post with detailed instructions: Click here. To create a Craigslist listing, head to, find your city and begin posting. In your listings, make sure to include a detailed description of the services you offer and link them all out to your DogVacay custom URL.

4. Order business cards and flyers

One of the fantastic new tools we’d like to offer our Hosts is our business cards and flyers. The business cards prominently feature your name and DogVacay custom URL. The flyers feature some fantastic information to help new clients understand why they should choose home dog boarding options and lets them know they receive a $10 credit just by creating an account. For more information on how to order business cards and flyers, email or give us a call at (855) 364-8222.

5. Market your business with your business cards and flyers

If you’ve already ordered your business cards and flyers, you’re ready to go out into your community and really market yourself! Try some of these tips!

  • Head out to the local dog parks: If you strike up a conversation with a great dog owner who’s looking for doggy day care or boarding services, hand her your card. They’ll be able to head to your DogVacay custom URL and book with you immediately. Many dog parks also have community boards that you can post things up on. This would be a fantastic place to post both a few flyers and business cards to give you maximum visibility.
  • Attend community events: Whether it’s a doggy costume party or a weekly farmer’s market, keep your flyers and business cards handy when you attend. You never know when you could meet a potential client and you want to make sure they have a way to reach you.
  • Leave your flyers with local vets and pet stores: Check out some local pet stores and vet clinics near you. Many times, they will be happy to let you leave a few flyers or business cards in the appropriate areas or on their community boards
  • Be creative! We’re constantly impressed by the amazing things our hosts are coming up with!

At, we strongly believe that we can only be as amazing as our community of Hosts and dog lovers. We’re so excited that you’re really staying ahead of the pack as one of our Pack Leaders and we truly believe we have THE best Hosts. Keep on sharing the love and keep up the good work!

Written by Priscilla Liang


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