Here’s What Happened When We Took Our Dogs Glamping

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My dog, Remy, hates the car. He absolutely despises it. As soon as he hears the word, he starts shaking and crying. But we wanted to take a weekend to getaway with the pups which made a ride in the car inevitable. When we came upon The Log Getaway through Glamping with Pets, I fell in love with the idea of a weekend filled with crisp mountain air and determined the hour and a half car ride would be worth it. I was right. 

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Here at DogVacay, we understand the importance of family time and sometimes that means taking your pups on vacation with you. This particular vacation was a great opportunity to have Remy and his sister, Tonks, enjoy a weekend in the wilderness, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Since these two pups are quintessential Southern California dogs, being able to explore trails and waterfalls was quite the experience for them. Remy discovered that he is actually a dog and tore through the forest, sniffing everything and gallivanting around fallen trees and amazing photo opp locations.

While the pups enjoyed the wilderness, I got the chance to explore The Log Getaway. If you’re looking for the feel and vibe of a classic log cabin, but don’t want to go without the modern luxuries of wi-fi, a big screen TV, and a nice kitchen, then this is the place for you.

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It’s nestled away in Los Padres National Forest, which provides you with a serene location for stargazing, exploring, and enjoying the local country club’s many activities (just be sure to bring your own food – everything else is supplied). The town of Pine Mountain Club is just a few minutes away, which provides a few restaurants, a general store, and a coffee shop. I definitely enjoyed the amazing heat supplied by the gas fireplace (Los Angeles doesn’t get cold, so I wasn’t prepared for the chill of the mountain air) and all of the high-end appliances in the kitchen. We took full advantage of the grill and fired up some cheeseburgers with the sound of crickets all around – it was an amazing experience.

If you find yourself looking for a pup-friendly vacation, be sure to check out Glamping with Pets and The Log Getaway for the perfect Vacay. But don’t forget about your pup’s favorite Hosts for all of those other Vacays or business trips!

Here are more photos from our stay:

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