6 Tales of DogVacay Sitters Who Came to the Rescue During a Natural Disaster

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In 2012, the year DogVacay launched, Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast hard. When hundreds of thousands of people found themselves displaced along with their pets, DogVacay sitters in the region took action and opened up their homes. Today we wanted to share a few incredible stories from DogVacay sitters and guests who were affected by the storm. After seeing the outpouring of generosity from our hosts during this crisis, we knew we had to do something.

That’s why DogVacay is teaming up with American Humane Association’s Red Star Emergency Service to actively help displaced pets during future natural disasters. Read more about the new initiative here.

Jorge G.

“As you know, Hurricane Sandy hit NYC pretty hard and my host, Jorge G., was dog sitting my pup, Lola, the entire time. I was stranded in Seattle, unable to fly back to the city and was freaked out about what was going on—but I shouldn’t have been. Not only did Jorge stay at my apartment the extra days until I was able to come home, he stayed WITHOUT power, running water, or heat to take care of my dog. He also walked over 40 blocks to Lola’s vet to pick up her much-needed medicine since no one could deliver it! I am so grateful to Jorge for caring for Lola as if she was his own.” –Alli I., a DogVacay Guest in New York, NY

Annie L.

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“Chibi, a Brussels Griffon who at the time was five months old and on a Vacay with me, and I were among those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Her loving parents were supposed to come home on Monday, October 29 but because of the impending storm, they were delayed four full days. Chibi and I spent a wonderful candlelit night together that Monday. I was in constant contact with her parents over email, as cell service was choppy. The next morning, reality set in when my electricity, water, and heat were out. I turned to my friends who allowed us to stay with them in their dog-friendly hotel. Chibi had a great time and was able to adapt easily to her new surroundings. Her parents came to pick her up on Friday, and Chibi couldn’t have been happier. I don’t think she even knew the electricity went out or that there was a hurricane.” Annie L., a DogVacay sitter in New York, NY

Neil O.

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“We are so thankful for our host, Neil O. We left our two dogs, Bruno and Ruxpin, with Neil and shortly after we left for our trip, Hurricane Sandy hit. Neil was so quick to not only keep us updated about what was happening on the East Coast, but also in extending our reservation. He was very flexible and sent us numerous photo updates. We would definitely recommend him!” Jennifer P., a DogVacay Guest in Fort Lee, NJ

An N.

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Having been around dogs my entire life, I offered to foster dogs displaced by Hurricane Sandy. That is how Shadow, an American Pit Bull Terrier, came into my life and never left. Shadow also been on a long road to recovery since her overactive immune system attacked her spinal cord and left her paralyzed. She’s since made a full recovery and hosting on DogVacay has helped us pay off those bills and manage her follow up care.” –An N., a DogVacay Guest in New York, NY

Jennifer W.

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Jennifer W. was taking care of our two dogs, Creswell and Teddy, during Hurricane Sandy while my partner and I were stranded out of town. The stay stretched from the initial three days to an entire week. Jenny was amazing in taking care of our dogs and staying in communication with us throughout the week while the city was experiencing a historical natural disaster. We are so grateful for everything that she did and could not thank her enough!” Katie T., a DogVacay Guest in New York, NY

Russell P. 

Border Collie mix and mutt DogVacay

“When my dogsitter moved out of town, we were left looking for another option for our dogs.  Uli, the cattle dog can’t be around other dogs (besides our dog, Porter), so kenneling her was very challenging.  We found Russell, and we sure are glad we did.

When Hurricane Sandy hit and our flights got cancelled, he said, ‘No worries keep yourselves safe and don’t hurry back’. Then he drove out of his way to find the brand of dog food that we feed them and bought them a bag just in case we ended up getting stranded for longer than we thought! When we picked up the dogs I’m pretty sure that they didn’t want to go home with us because they were having so much fun.”Nicole L. a DogVacay Guest in Morrisville, PA

DogVacay is teaming up the American Humane Association’s Red Star Emergency Service to actively help displaced pets during natural disasters. Click the banner below learn more about how you can get involved.



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