The 7 Hottest New Dog Costume Trends You Need to See

Put away the hot dog and ghost costumes and make sure your dog is “in” on the newest costume trends. Come Halloween, dog costumes are going to descend upon your neighborhood and you have to make sure your pooch has the best get up on the cul-de-sac. If you’re still deciding what to dress your little four-legged ghoul in, you’re in luck! We’re going to run down the 7 hottest trends happening in dog costumes right now.

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1. Animals As Large as Their Attitude

There’s really nothing cuter than a tiny puppy dressed as an alligator or dinosaur. These slightly ironic costumes give little (and large) pooches a way to put the GRR back in GRRue-some. Although they’re not fooling anyone, your little Pug, Poodle or Beagle will feel invincible!

Photo by Alpha Lim

Photo by Istolethetv

2. Two-Legged Dog

The draw of these costumes is it makes your four-legged pooch look like a an adorable human. Whether you’re dressing them like wonder woman, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, or in a miniature version of your costume, these will have every biscuit-giving neighbor saying “Awwww”.

Photo by Mike McCune

Photo by Istolethetv

3. Super Heroes (and Villians)

We know that our dogs are our heroes and now, with these awesome super hero costumes, the whole neighborhood will know too! Give your dog a mask and a cape and give your little crime fighter the chance to fight the evil powers that be.


Via Wendy Wong

Via Victoria Wilson

4. Cutesy Crustacean

These bright red costumes will make your pooch stand out and the goofy lobster or crab claws will make just about any person chuckle. Bone-us: Find a costume with goggly eyes to double the humor.

Photo by David Lew

5. Funky Food

As fun as it is to dress your little daschund in a hot dog costume, how much better would it be to round up the neighborhood dogs and dress them like a McDonald’s Happy Meal? Or go a little more high brow and dress your fancy pooch as a piece of sashimi. No matter what you cook up, food costumes make your four-legged best friend look absolutely scrumptious. Remember, be creative with it and have fun!

Photo via Adgroom

Photo by Nanette Davis

6. Mythical Three-Headed Dog

Some of the most creative costumes we’ve seen thus far have been the the three-headed dogs. Whether papier-mache or plush, the three headed dog costumes are a show stopper and will have all the kids on your street screaming in fear and delight.

Via Greenpoint Gazette

Photo via PyramidHead

7. Two Dogs in One.. Or is it?

These saucy costumes will make your neighbors look twice and then look again. Any dog who walks into a party with this costume on is sure to get a few double takes and then a rousing round of applause for being so clever.


Whatever you decide to dress your dog in, we’re sure they’ll look adorable! Have a safe and happy Halloween with your pooch. Be sure to enter your pooch to win a $250 Petco gift card by entering our Photo Costume Contest. Submit a photo of your dog wearing awesome costume here and get your friends and family to vote. Contest ends 10/31/12.

Written by Priscilla Liang


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