The Benefits of Home Dog Boarding Through DogVacay

You’re finally taking that long awaited trip to Hawaii, but before you can leave for paradise, you have to push aside your guilt and take your pup to the kennel. As your car turns into the parking lot your usually happy-go-lucky dog’s demeanor completely changes. You feel awful but there are no other options, right? Thankfully, home dog boarding through DogVacay actually allows you to to find a responsible dog sitter in your area that will watch your pup in their home. Imagine your furry friend lounging on the couch all day in the welcoming home of a trusted pet sitter! Here are a few reasons why home dog boarding might be perfect for you and your dog.

Your dog is in a comfortable home and will be less anxious.

Being put in a cage isn’t fun for anyone and dogs may become scared, nervous, and over-stimulated. This means that when they comes home, they’ll be hyper, under-exercised and wound-up. Leaving your dog in the home of a fellow dog lover makes for a much smoother transition for your dog and will ensure that he remains calm and comfortable.

Your dog is with an experienced dog lover.

Our pet sitters are hand picked and must undergo an extensive vetting process. You can be assured that you’re leaving your dog with someone who not only knows how to offer great care for your dog but is also an avid dog lover who will treat your dog like their own.

You will receive updates about your dog so you’ll know they’re having a great time.

When you drop your dog off with a DogVacay Sitter, you can immediately rest easy knowing that she’s in a warm, inviting home. Pet sitters will send you photos of your little lazy Shih Tzu lounging on the couch or a video of your active pup getting exercised in a sprawling backyard.

Your dog gets individual attention.

At a kennel, your dog’s needs may be overlooked because they’re not receiving individualized care. With DogVacay, your pup won’t get lost in the shuffle. Home dog boarding ensures your pup gets individual care and attention from a trusted pet sitter. Your sitter can keep track of your dog’s diet, exercise, and demeanor. If for any reason they’re exhibiting strange behavior, you’ll be notified right away.

Your dog will get exercised and socialized.

After being cooped up in a cage for days on end with only an hour or two of free play, it’s no wonder that dogs get anxious after being boarded at the kennel. DogVacay Sitter will make sure your pup’s able to move around freely and get far more exercise. Also, if you have a senior dog that needs to take it slow or a puppy that needs to work out his energy, our hosts can accommodate that and be very tuned-in to your dog’s level of energy.

Your pet’s covered by Premium Pet Insurance.

All DogVacay reservations are covered by premium pet insurance, which means you can rest easy knowing your pup is in good hands. In the rare event that anything goes wrong, your dog is covered.

You’re getting the best price.

Sometimes a kennel can cost upwards of $80/night. Kennels can get very expensive, very quickly. Our trusted Hosts set their own rates that typically range from $25-50/night depending on your location.

Our 24/7 Customer Support Team is always here to help.

Rain or shine, our Customer Support Team is at the ready to help you with anything from last minute requests to cancellations. You can contact them at any time by phone, live-chat, or email.


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