Preparing Your Dog Boarding Host for Their Special Guest

There are certain things you can do to ensure that both your host and your dog have the best experience possible.

When you first talk to your home dog boarding host, tell them a little bit about your dog’s routine, such as how many times they eat per day and whether they prefer being walked or playing.  This will give your host a good idea of your dog’s temperament so that they can best figure out how to make your dog feel comfortable in their home environment.  You may also wish to tell your host about your dog’s sleeping and bathroom habits, as well as make plans for phone check-ins and photo updates.

When you arrive with your dog, make sure that you have their food, medications, and supplements clearly labeled.  Be sure to include relevant information such as how often and how much your dog is fed.  You may also wish to bring your dog’s own treats. If you have special instructions regarding your dog, such as special health concerns, be sure to write these out for your host as well. It is also important to leave emergency contact numbers.

We recommend leaving your own cell phone number or the number of where you are staying, as well as the name of a local contact (a close friend or family member that can be contacted in case of an emergency so that your pet has someone familiar nearby).  All of these measures will help your host to take the best care of your pet, which will give you peace of mind and make sure that both you and your dog have the best vacation possible.


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