The Benefits of Home Dog Boarding

You’re finally taking that long awaited trip to Hawaii, but before you can learn how to hula, you have to push aside your guilt and take Frou Frou, your 3 year old poodle, to a kennel. As your car turns into the parking lot, Frou Frou’s demeanor completely changes: normally happy-go-lucky, she suddenly seems anxious. You look into Frou Frou’s eyes and she’s seemingly begging you to just take her home. But you have a plane to catch and you think to yourself, there are no other options. Thankfully, there is a new alternative in town, home dog boarding on DogVacay, that actually allows you to to find a responsible dog sitter in your area at an unbeatable price. Imagine if little Frou Frou could be lounging on the couch all day in a welcoming home of a pet sitter instead of being stuck in a cold cage! DogVacay makes it simple to find a real home for your dog to stay in when you’re out of town. The experience ensures that:

Your dog is in a comfortable home and will be less anxious
Leaving your dog in the home of a fellow dog lover makes for a much smoother transition for your dog. Being put in a cage isn’t fun for anyone and having such a stark change in environment can raise stress and anxiety levels in your dog. When your dog is put in a cage, he may become scared, nervous and over-stimulated by the strange noises and environment. This typically means that when he comes home, he’ll be hyper, under-exercised and anxious. By boarding him in a real home, your dog will be able to move from one warm home environment to another which will ensure that he remains calm and comfortable.

Your dog is with an experienced dog lover
DogVacay Hosts are hand picked and must undergo our extensive 5-step vetting process. You can be assured that you’re leaving your dog with someone who not only knows how to offer great care for your dog but is also an avid dog lover who will treat your dog like their own. DogVacay dog boarding Hosts will be able to help your dog stick to his usual routine which will instantly make the dog feel more at home.

You will receive updates about your dog so you know they’re having a great time
When you bring your dog to a home boarder, you can immediately rest easy knowing that she’s in a warm, inviting home. The host can easily send you photos of your little lazy Shih Tzu lounging on the down pillows on their bed or a video of your active pup getting exercised in their sprawling backyard or dog park.

Your dog gets individual attention
At a kennel, many times the ratio is about 20 dogs to one human. This means that your dog’s needs may be overlooked because they’re not receiving individualized care. If there is an issue with your dog, it may not be attended to right away and you may not be notified until you arrive to pick him up. Don’t let your dog get lost in the shuffle. Home dog boarding allows for your dog to get individual care and attention from a trusted pet sitter. The host can keep track of your dog’s diet, exercise and behavior. If for any reason the dog is exhibiting strange behavior, the host can notify you right away via phone or text.

Your dog will get exercised and socialized
Many times, dogs come back from the kennel with anxiety and too much energy. After being cooped up in a cage for days on end with only an hour or two of free play, it’s no wonder that dogs get this way after being boarded at the kennel. When your dog is boarded in a real home, he’s able to move around freely and get exercised far more frequently. Many of our hosts take guest dogs for daily hikes to the nearby creek or for a run along the beach. Also, if you have a senior dog, that needs to take it slow, our hosts can accommodate that and be very tuned-in to your dog’s level of energy. Furthermore, if the host has their own dog, your dog will have friends to play with all day long. When a dog comes home from a stay, you can be sure he’ll be very tired and happy.

Your dog is insured
All DogVacay reservations are covered by  premium pet insurance, which means you can rest easy knowing your pup is in good hands. In the rare event that anything goes wrong, your dog is covered.

You’re getting the best price
Sometimes a kennel can cost upwards of $80/night. Kennels can get very expensive, very quickly. Our trusted hosts set their own rates that typically range from $15-50/night depending on your location.

24 Hour Concierge Service and Last Minute Booking Assistance offers an alternative to the traditional kennel experience and beyond that, we’re also happy to provide our customers with 24 hr support and are prepared to help our users with any last minute needs. We’ve found that 60% of our home dog boarding reservations are made within a few days of a big trip. In an effort to relieve any anxiety customers may have, we have a DogVacay Concierge team that specializes in helping with last minute dog boarding reservations. Guests or pet sitters can contact the DogVacay Concierge team at any time by phone or by live-chat. On the other end of the line, they’ll be greeted by one of our team members who will do everything they can to resolve the situation.

DogVacay allows you to find a real home to board your dog starting at $15/night. Whether you need dog boarding in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago or anywhere in between, our trusted and insured pet sitters in your area, we’re pawsitive you’ll find the perfect spot for Spot. Hosts range from professional pet sitters with ranch like environments to experienced dog lovers in cozy homes.

Written by Priscilla Liang & Caroline Park


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